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Daniel Pearl ‘refused to be Sedated Before His Throat Was Cut’

The Telegraph [1] reports:

“Horrifying new details of how Daniel Pearl, the murdered Wall Street Journal reporter, met his death have emerged from the interrogation of new suspects by Pakistani police.

Pearl, who was kidnapped in Karachi in January 2002, knew for several hours that he was about to be killed, but resisted repeated attempts to sedate him, police now believe.

He was fully aware of what was happening when the Arab extremists who took control during his final days cut his throat, according to information gleaned from Pakistani militants now in police custody.”

Does this put Abu Ghraib prison abuse reports in perspective for you? How many people at Abu Ghraib got their throats cut? How many were hanged from Bridges? How may were decapitated and dragged through the streets?

This will be the BIT topic for tonight.