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Left-Wing Activist Poses As Reporter At White House Press Briefings – Where’s MSM Outrage?

Accuracy in Media [1]

WASHINGTON — Accuracy in Media charged today that a liberal activist and associate of Ralph Nader has been obtaining access to White House press briefings while claiming to be a legitimate news reporter.

Russell Mokhiber, who sells a $795 a year newsletter that bashes corporations, attends the briefings to make obscure anti-Bush political points. Recently, for example, he asked spokesman Scott McClellan whether President Bush violated one of the Ten Commandments by invading Iraq. Mokhiber, who told AIM that he has never taken a journalism class in his life and was denied a permanent White House press pass, posts his ludicrous questions and answers on a far-left web site under the title “Scottie & Me.”

Like I said yesterday… it’s the message they’re trying to kill. The stated complaints against Gannon are just so much bilge.

This story will quietly slip away because teh SM really doesn’t care about it’s stated objections to Gannon.