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I’ve not commented at all on the USSC property rights ruling of yesterday, because frankly, with job and home events, I’ve not had time to read the thing. Boortz, this morning has as good a discussion as I’ve seen thusfar about the property rights ruling from the USSC yesterday. I share his discomfort with the ruling based on what I know of it.

That said, I tend to doubt this will be the last word on this subject from the court. Reaction to USSC rulings on both sides of the isle tends to project worst case scenarios in arguing against or for such rulings, and so it’s not out of line to suspect this is the same situation. I also gather that the justices who voted with the majority weren’t too pleased about it; apparently some entaglement of the local and or state laws, and the limits on the 5th amendment.

Though, I suppose I’ll have a better view of that over the weekend when I get a chance to read the thing.

Consider the similarities between this situation in New London, and the situation of the 60’s and Urban renewal under the Johnson administration.