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Morning Scramble W/ Ham

Yesterday, I wrote about the New York State chapter of the NAG’s being pissed at Senator Oldsmobile.   I suppose giving a misogynic drunk a free pass on Chappaquiddick [1] didn’t give the NAG’s the loyalty they thought their due.  The NAG’s thought they owned Senator Oldsmobile.

The NAG- NY tirade does not seem to be playing too well among feminists,   Here a typical one:

NOW’s Hissy Fit
Oh my dear Emily, I just read that NOW letter about how Ted Kennedy has supposedly betrayed all women everywhere by endorsing Barack Obama-and I have not seen that many exclamation marks since I read Donna Hanover’s book about how great it is being the ex-Mrs. Rudy Guiliani.

Melinda Henneberger, Slate [2].

One of my peeves against the NAG’s is that while they claim to speak for all women, they don’t even speak for all gender feminists, much less all feminists.    Not only are the NAG-NY’s  in left field, they appear to all by themselves.   One hysterical cry too many?

On a parting note, I just love Gina Cobb’s take [3]:

So now it’s sexist to support Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton? 

Or is it only sexist to support Barack Obama if one has been sexist in the past, like Ted Kennedy?  My head is hurting.

And what’s with this overwrought rhetoric?:  “And now the greatest betrayal! We are repaid with his abandonment!”  It sounds like something out of The Young and the Restless.

Keith OlbermannI missed it, then who doesn’t miss Keith Olbermann?   The Worst Commentator on Cable, named Mary Katherine Ham as his “Worst Person in the World.”   For her part, Mary Katherine is honored [4].

According to a couple incoming e-mails, I was Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” tonight. I am, of course,  honored to be joining such good conservative company in the vast cast of hopelessly evil pink Republican elephants haunting Olby’s imagination. I am even more honored to have beaten out such tough competition in Glenn Beck and Karl Rove for the top spot. Imagine that. More “worst” than the Architect himself???

I predict that Olbermann will learn how Mike Huckabee felt when he was foolish enough to take on Rush Limbaugh.