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Nightly Ramble: It’s Torture, I Tell Ya… Double Standards,Clintons Lie Again, More.

  • That’s OK, [1]Jon. Tell ya what; Greenwald can claim I’m pro-torture, if he likes… because under some conditions I am. .. and for all the moralizing that’s been thrown at the issue, nobody’s ever come up with an even remotely lucid reason against it that can be used under all conditions, thereby negating the blanket ban on it that some, including yourself,  have called for… and particularly under the post 9/11conditions and arguments originally presented.  But somehow, I figure Meagan will hold her own. Greenwald has some smarts, but refuses to use them. That’s a malady Meagan doesn’t share.  As an example, take his statement that people “who advocate aggressive wars, such as the invasion of Iraq, are responsible for what naturally follows.” I say it’s people like Greenwald… the ‘capitulation at any cost’ crowd, who refuse to defend our country with every tool to hand, are responsible for the bloodshed that invariably follows.  We were attacked on 9/11 because they saw in us a chicken ripe for the plucking.  Too many years of kissing the backside of the enemy… and by their own declaration 15 years before, that’s what they are. And why did we do so?  To placate numbnuts like Greenwald, and keep the incompetent Clinton White House looking good in the press.
  • Boortz [2] makes an interesting point, one I nearly made yesterday:

    Interesting … Randi Rhodes calls for someone to assassinate George Bush and nothing happens. She calls Hillary Clinton a whore and she’s off Air America. Hmmmmmm

    Look, gang, what this boils down to is numbers of listeners. It’s OK on the left to send such attacks against Republicans… but to pick on Democrats in the same way, is verbotten. In a far left station ticking off Republicans is par for the course. But with a primary running as close to 50/50 as no matter, doing what she did amounts to pissing off about half your listenership… all of them leftist Democrats… something Err America can ill afford to do. Half their listenership being lost means it’d be down to what, seven people?

  • We are reminded today that the Clintons lie [3]. And yes, I think we need the reminder. That she holds office at all, is testiment to that need.
  • Captain Ed notes that there are some people who will do anything in educational pursuits [4].
  • Hey, Joe Klein [5]: You’re an IDIOT.

    Krauthammer swallows whole the Likudnik eschatology, filled with “apocalyptic” mullahs just itching to wipe Israel from the map

    Yeah, how dare Krauthammer judge their intentions [6]by what they actually SAY.

    Who says Iran has any intention of nuking Israel? If the mullahs dropped the big one, they would likely wipe out as many Muslims–including their Hizballah allies in southern Lebanon–as Jews.

    Only one problem with that, Buckwheat; They consider that a cheap exchange of life, at the cost. They would consider any Muslims killed to be among the Honored dead. They didn’t seem all that concerned about killing Muslims on 9/11 and since, did they? Like I said… you’re an IDIOT. Side note to Time: Your buddy Joe needs a replacement, rather badly. Try brains, this time. Sorry, Gang, I have no kinder words for this guy. OK, I’ll try. He makes a nice doorstop. How incredibly lifelike.  There… How’s that?

  • Yon is worth reading [7], today.

    The Iraqi central government is unsatisfactory at best. But the grass-roots political progress of the past year has been extraordinary – and is directly measurable in the drop in casualties.This leads us to the most out-of-date aspect of the Senate debate: the argument about the pace of troop withdrawals. Precisely because we have made so much political progress in the past year, rather than talking about force reduction, Congress should be figuring ways and means to increase troop levels. For all our successes, we still do not have enough troops. This makes the fight longer and more lethal for the troops who are fighting. To give one example, I just returned this week from Nineveh province, where I have spent probably eight months between 2005 to 2008, and it is clear that we remain stretched very thin from the Syrian border and through Mosul. Vast swaths of Nineveh are patrolled mostly by occasional overflights.

    We know now that we can pull off a successful counterinsurgency in Iraq. We know that we are working with an increasingly willing citizenry. But counterinsurgency, like community policing, requires lots of boots on the ground. You can’t do it from inside a jet or a tank.

    Over the past 15 months, we have proved that we can win this war. We stand now at the moment of truth. Victory – and a democracy in the Arab world – is within our grasp. But it could yet slip away if our leaders remain transfixed by the war we almost lost, rather than focusing on the war we are winning today.

    Or, by those within our own government who didn’t want us winning in the first place, and have been working against it. . I’ll address these this coming weekend. Watch for it.

  • Finally, Beck notes something [8]I was planning on writing to for this Ramble, and I think he does it better;

    “In his first major policy decision on the environment, Gov. David A. Paterson on Thursday blocked the nation’s first floating liquefied natural gas plant, which had been proposed for Long Island Sound. Moving ahead on the $700 million plant, he said, would put a large section of the Sound off limits to boaters and would not guarantee low-cost gas for Long Island.’One of my goals as governor is to protect Long Island Sound,’ Mr. Paterson said at Sunken Meadow State Park, on Long Island. “Shame on us if we can’t develop a responsible energy policy without sacrificing one of our greatest natural and economic resources.'”
    (New York Times)

    Thank you, Governor Paterson.

    His big idea?

    “Mr. Paterson said the region could find other, more responsible ways to ensure sufficient energy supplies and he outlined a series of initial steps to meet growing energy demand. They include a new state energy plan and a $1 billion, 10-year program by the Long Island Power Authority to increase efficiency and to reduce energy consumption on Long Island.”

    Take the matter to bureaubot committee with outlandish sums, and plot more Endarkenment. Nevermind getting out of the way of producing. Of all things: that’s the one that’s right out.

    Which is exactly… and I mean EXACLTY why I have been so heavy on energy issues of late where Democrats, energy, and the environment is concerned. Both here [9], and elsewhere [10]. Shying away from the one thing that will actually solve the problem; IE increased domestic production… both drilling and refining… will invariably get sacrificed by these morons. Every. Single. Time.  Isn’t it time to ask the question why we continue to elect Democrats to any office at all?

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