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About Mrs. Clinton’s Seat

Mrs. Clinton's seat and her Ass. [1]

I am tired of the media droning about Mrs Schlossberg  wanting Mrs. Clinton’s seat.   Here is picture of the Mrs. Clinton’s seat as well as her ass.    As for the seat Mrs. Clinton is filling in the Senate, that remains property of the People of New York, yours truly et al.

As to Mrs. Schlossberg, you can smell the panic emanating from Da Mayor, Micheal Blomberg, via Elizabeth Benjamin, Daily-News [2](NY):

“I’m not endorsing Caroline Kennedy,” Bloomberg said. “I’ve said again and again that the governor is lucky to have multiple candidates who are qualified to pick from. But in the case of Caroline Kennedy, I happen to have worked with her. She has worked in the New York City school system. She is intelligent, competant, knows as much about the issues, I think, as most people that run for senator or have been our senators in the past.”
“…The fact that she comes from a family with an illustrious history of service to this country, you certainly shouldn’t hold it against her,” the mayor continued. “She is known because of it. She has conducted her life, I think, in an exemplary manner. She should be judged, however, on her ability, and I think on that basis Caroline Kennedy will do just fine.”

“That doesn’t mean she’s the only one. It’s up to the governor, and I think the governor should make a decision reasonably quickly because this is just getting out of control and everybody’s focusing on the wrong things

Hat tip:  Jennifer Rubin, Commentary [3].

Da Mayor wants the  Blind Governor, David Paterson, to move quickly.   Yet how can Paterson move quickly to fill a vacancy that does not yet exist.   Mrs. Schlossberg’s path to the Senate is being blocked by Mrs. Clinton.   I suspect that BO told Mrs. Clinton not to formally oppose Mrs. Schlossberg, but while Mrs. Clinton can not formally oppose Mrs. Schlossbeg, she does have to cooperate by resigning from the Senate, like BO did.

From a legally blind  governor, to a figuratively blind media,  Andrea Mitchell defends Mrs. Schlossberg’s supposed qualifications [4] while she resists any suggestion that Mrs.  Schlossberg actually demonstrate her supposed qualifications.

To the ironic, Mitchell argument is that the United States Senate has become the equivalent of the House of Lords:

When Scarborough asked Andrea if Kennedy was conversant with the issues, Harold Ford Jr. jumped in to say that she shouldn’t be held to a higher standard than other senators.  Agreed Andrea: “how many hearings have you guys watched?  I mean, you’ve watched them every day.  You know it.”  Translation: the Senate is swimming with mediocrities—one more won’t hurt anything! 

BO hardly showed up.    Mean while Peter King,  mounted a defense of sorts, of Mrs Schlossberg:

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) made the rounds on Today and Morning Joe, where on the latter he made no bones about his interest in running for the Senate seat in 2010. He made an interesting revelation about Caroline’s much-vaunted work at an educational non-profit. She apparently toiled to the tune of an average of . . . one-to-two hours a week.

Not showing up is a habit for many senators, and it is a habit for which Mrs. Schlossberg has had plenty of practice.

In closing, heard a parody of Mrs. Schlossberg today on Rush, set to the tune of Sweet Caroline.