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Nightly Ramble: The Truck Stop Edition

Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere… The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble

ramble-tstop [1]This is the Truck Stop Edition

  • The Fairness Doctrine in Acton:  Seems Crazy Uncle Hugo has decided to shut down the last TV station that questioned his authorty [2]. Ah, fairness. 
  • Do you Copy, MoDo? Actually, I’m quite willing to give MoDo the benefit of the doubt on this one [3].  My guess is she is of the same habit as I… When I do these Rambles, for example, I do have a tendency to  paste clips of various places, into the body of the post, usually with links to remind me where they’re from, and to generate links from for the final product. I can see how an editing error can occur given that method. But I do find it fascinating to note she’s using Marshall as an idea source. He’s not exactly an unbiased source, after all.   For all of the woman’s supposed greatness in journalism, it appears she’s using the echo chambers of JournOList as ideation fodder.  And what were we just talking about, this morning? [4] 
  • Competence Gap? I’m not so sure I’m as ready as Jen Rubin is [5]to call Obama’s performance as President thusfar, a demonstrated incompetency.  She makes great points, but I suggest there may be something else besides  incompetency at work, here. When we make judgements about someone’s competency at a paricular task, we’re operating from an agreed upon task. Jennifer, good American that she is, makes the assumption that avoiding the consequences of the federal government spending trillions it doesn’t have to be part of the presdiential job description. She assumes that spurring the economy is part of the presidential job description.  She also assumes an America fairly safe from the actions of terrorists to be part of the job description.  Most would make such assumptions.  But, now think; Is it possible that these things are not a part of the description, from Obama’s view, and that of the people like George Soros, who funded  his presidential run? Seems to me the job description needs to be agreed on before we make any judgements about his competence within that task. To the point; Shuould we not be looking at the idea that these seeming incompetencies, may well be intentional?
  • Soak the Rich: As an example: Is Obama’s “Soak the rich” mentality  incompetency at work? Or is it an intentional move to eliminate the rich, and the economy that we’re capable of because of their efforts? The WSJ seems to think so [6].
  • Moron:  Any further proof needed that Alec Baldisn is a moron? I don’t think so, but here you go, anyway. [7]
  • Speaking of Morons…  we may as well include Joe Biden [8].  Trouble is, this thing’s getting serious.  [9]  I’m somewhat more willing to accept Biden as being a walking incompetency.  Think about it, he was chosen to make Obama look good by comparison.
  •  Gee, what could go wrong? Go Wong? Go Worng?  Go Gonw? You may have heard of  this  Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009 [10]. Or, perhaps  not. The stated purpose of the bill sounds good, until you consider the recent report on who it is this administration considers to be terrorists.  Vets, and conservatives, for example. See the note at the top of the page as regards the ‘Fairness Doctrine”.  Go back to your lives, citizens. Nothing to see here.
  • Pinkish Hue:  Reynolds makes the suggestion [11]that the interruption of Obama’s speech at Notre Dame over the weekend, was kinda like a Code Pink attack.  An interesting notion in light of my recent  piece at Pajamas Media [12]. Taking the gloves off, indeed.
  • Speaking of PJM:   The response to that article has been to say the least, loud.   As I say in the comments there, I had an idea it would be. Indeed, the comments there send a louder message than my peice did, I think.
  • Sorry, Ed:  Ed Rasimus, with whom I usually find agreement responds to that PJM posting [13]:

    I get where they are coming from. But, the basic concept is wrong.Being like the other guys in terms of spin, sound-bites and puerile name-calling won’t attract the electorate as well as being principled, logical, rational, sane and constructive. When the damage of the current policy proposals starts mounting, the masses are going to seek explanation and alternatives.

    Ed, Buddy, you’re missing the point of the article.  It needs to be taken in context with the article of two weeks before. [14] Also, look closely at the last two quotes at the top of page one.  And ask Billy Beck about the negative value of compromise.  I’ll remind you that Bush was a centrist… a coalition candidate. So, too, John McCain.  That’s why Obama is in the WHite House just now. Explain to me what conservatives win, what the country wins, based on our experiences with those two, if we try running that same play again.

  • Shake, Baby Shake:  Another 4.7 quake in LA this morning [15]. Nothing major, damage wise, far as I know.