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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Jackson, Eric rambled [1] quite a bit about the late Michael Jackson.   Much too much to quote.

First some perspective.   Did I tell you I hate Jonah Goldberg.  Nobody should be able to write his well at one thirty in the morning.    Goldberg finds the media reaction to Jackson passing overdone, via National Review: [2]

Generally speaking, I’m a believer in the rule that we should not speak ill of the dead. Or at least we should wait a decent interval before doing so (if we never spoke ill of the dead, history would be meaningless). But, I must say I find the media’s instinctive rush to sanctify Michael Jackson disgusting.

Unlike Eric who made a career out spinning platters,  almost all of Jackson’s career came after I tuned out  pop music.   Sometime in the ”Seventies I simply quit listening to it.    My take on Jackson is cultural, and not musical.     Jackson’s life was described as “beyond bizarre.”     The man was an immense talent.   He made millions, but died a pauper.

I would not  wish Jackson’s life on my worst enemy.    The problem is what we as a society are all too willing to overlook deficiencies in moral character of celebrities.    I imagine that the American Bar Association will be wearing black arm bands in memory of their now departed walking ATM machine.

Michael Jackson icon of the revolution,  this video is amazing.    It goes to show that while Jackson was a very small man, he was bigger than life as a music talent.   Jackson has become the voice of the Iranian revolution, go to the video:


Hat tip:  Gateway Pundit [3].

Dirty Harry admits to being incompetent:

(CNSNews.com [4]) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D- Nev.) …confessed at his Thursday news briefing that he did not have “a lot of time” to read the 1,071-page stimulus bill before voting on it in February.

He was unapologetic, however, about the way Congress rushed that bill through before it could be reviewed by senators and the public, and declined to commit to giving senators and the public at least a week to read the final version of health-care reform bill before calling a vote on it.

So if Dirty Harry is not even reading the bills he presents for passage, who is?    Who is running the Senate?  It is not Dirty Harry.

Reminder to Dirty Harry, Porkulus was a monumental failure.   Having rushed a failed stimulus package through the Senate,  Dirty Harry wants to do the same with both health-care and “cap and tax.”

It would be better to read legislation before it is voted on, and Mrs. Pelosi is no better.

Does homosexual sodomy lead to insanity, Gary Bauer, Human Events [5]:

This week, when [Perez] Hilton used a “gay slur” against Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am’s manager, who had just slugged Hilton, it was Hilton, not the manager, who was compelled to apologize. At first, Hilton refused to do so. But he quickly found his voice after feeling the pressure from homosexual activist groups like the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), which condemned Hilton’s use of “vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community.”

Hurray for Obey, via Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit [6]     About time somebody put an end to these ridiculous taxpayer funded, “Monuments to Me.”

Geraghty’s Law on steroids,Jim Geraghty, National Review [7]

Barack Obama Is a Big Fat Liar

Obama spent $44 million attacking McCain for an idea that Obama no longer opposes.

I have to disagree just a wee bit with Geraghty calling Obama a big fat liar.   Obama is not fat.