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The Sanford Standard

Man bite dog, and I link to Barbara Walter    Jenny Sanford on her husband chronic infidelity, from Brad Larosa and Lauren Sher, ABC News [1]:

“It’s been a crazy year. … Certainly his actions hurt me, and they caused consequences for me, but they don’t in any way take away my own self-esteem. They reflect poorly on him,” she said, in an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters.

While I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, Mrs. Sandard’s husbands peccadillos seemed like small potatoes, by politcal standards.   That Mr. Sanford was linked to one girl friend, was never accused of rape, and did not try to put his girl friend on the payroll.

In contrast, B.J. Clinton has had more girls friends than anybody can count, but Mrs. Clinnton steadfastly defended her cad of husband.   So republican women simply have higher standards?