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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Terrorist – 1:  Obami – 0, Lisa Stark and Sarah Netter, ABC News [1]:

The Qatari diplomat who caused a midair security scare won’t face charges after claiming he was trying to light his shoes on fire when it appears he was simply smoking in the bathroom.

Federal officials said Mohammed al Modadi was on official business when he boarded United Airlines Flight 663 from Washington to Denver, giving him diplomatic immunity. A law firm spokesman told The Associated Press that al Modadi has been released and was headed back to Washington.

Another good reason to drive.

Lt. Colonel Allen West on the Democratic Party history of violence, from Palm Beach Post [2]:

The history of the Democratic party is steeped in intimidation. It was the Democratic Party that started the KKK to enforce Jim Crow segregation laws. It was the Democratic party that instituted lynching and other means of violence to preclude blacks from enjoying the Constitutional rights the Republican party established in the 13-15th Amendments and the early Civil Rights Legislation during the Reconstruction Era through the 1960s

Hat tip: Nice Deb [3].

Denial is a river in Searchlight, Greta Van Sustern, Fox News [4]:

SEN. HARRY REID, D-NEV, SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: Because the loud minority made a lot of noise. Now that the legislation passed, it is amazing how much different people attitude is. I mean traveling on an airplane people are so nice to me. We have people — it wasn’t that way before.

We have people coming, sending me notes in church. “I have a disabled daughter. Thank you very much for taking care of her.” People have changed. Even the Republicans have changed their tone.

I was in Salt Lake doing church business this past weekend, and it was interesting — the newspapers there and the conservative bastion of America, Utah, even the Republican leaders up there are saying we don’t want to change the things that are already in effect. What we want to improve some of the things that are going to happen later.

So everybody acknowledges with rare exception that what we did was terrific, and if there are some problems in out years we’ll be happy to look at them.

Yeah Dirty Harry, your bill was so terrific, you exempted yourself from it.

Hat tip:  Cassy Fiano [5].

Mrs. Clinton stuck on stupid, Mrs. B.J. Clinton, Guardian [6](UK):

Tomorrow the United States and Russia will sign the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty [7]Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [8] (NPT) – all nations have the right to seek the peaceful use of nuclear energy, but they all also have the responsibility to prevent nuclear proliferation, and those that do possess these weapons must work towards disarmament. (Start) in Prague, reducing the number of strategic nuclear warheads in our arsenals to levels not seen since the first decade of the nuclear age. This verifiable reduction by the world’s two largest nuclear powers reflects our commitment to the basic bargain of the

This agreement is just one of several concrete steps the United States is taking to make good on President Obama’s pledge to make America and the world safer by reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, proliferation and terrorism

The world was not magically safer in the last non-nuclear year, 1944, and Americans will not be safer if the United States had less nuclear weapons than the Islamic Republic of Iran.

For the halibut, video:

Hat tip: Little Miss Attila [9].