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Nightly Ramble Friday

Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read on the web….  The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble.


  • THE ESTABLISHMENT STRIKES BACK: I see the Washington Examiner making reference [2] to an article over at The Politico :

    Politico’s Mike Allen and Kenneth Vogel have an interesting story today on an effort that has been in the works for about a year in which an all-star list of Establishment Republican operatives are seeking to duplicate what the Democrats did in the past decade in order to regain congressional majorities and put somebody in the White House.

    “The network, which doesn’t have a name, attempts to replicate the Democracy Alliance, an umbrella group — founded in 2005 and funded by George Soros and other billionaires — and to borrow tactics from liberal groups established to help Democrats regain power after eight years of the Bush administration.

    “Two organizers of the Republican groups even made pilgrimages earlier this year to pick the brain of John Podesta, the former Clinton White House chief of staff who, in 2003, founded the Center for American Progress and was a major proponent of Democrats developing the kind of infrastructure pioneered by Republicans.”

    What they fail, apparently, to understand here is that the reason the GOP got voted out is because the issues and concerns being brought to the fore by the tea party folks were being ignored. So instead of getting behind the tea party movement, it appears that the establishment GOP… that part of the party which was flatly rejected by conservatives, will continue to march in its own direction, and completely ignore the tea party ears, which in my view are the core voter of the Republican party.  And yes, I would include democrats in that statement who vote republican.  More or less, Reaganites.

    “The operating assumption of Rove, Gillespie and the other organizers is that despite the historical dominance of Republican fund-raising and organizing, the GOP has been outmaneuvered by Democrats and their allies in recent years, and it is time to strike back.

    The assumption being made here is spectacularly, earthshakingly stupid, on a level I can’t get my arms around. These people really believe that Democrats who out- maneuvered Republicans on the political stage were the reason the GOP lost… and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the concerns being raised by the tea party? Amazing.   I suspect what we’re going to see offered by the GOP is simply more of the same lukewarm liberalism , and if that’s the case you can forget about taking over Congress and the White House again in any large plurality. The American voter simply isn’t going to buy it. Dan Riehl seems to be on the same page: [3]

    Now, thanks to Rove and Gillespie, what’s more likely to happen is a well funded, top down establishment and consultant driven effort very likely to find itself in strong opposition to the Right-side grassroots that has been out here doing the hard work for years.

    Just plain stupid. Frankly, I would’ve expected Karl Rove. The man’s good at what he does, but I wonder if his calculations on this matter don’t suffer from a lack of the ability to perceive what our conservative principles versus what are conservative politicking.


    As the parent of autistic kids, I think I’ve earned the right to ask what the blink IS causing it, then?