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Ground Zero Mosque Vs Koran Burning: There’s Insensitive And Then There’s More

I won’t try to speak for the guy in Florida arranging for the very public burning of the Koran.

Nor, by the same token, will I attempt to speak for the  foreign-funded groups attempting to put a Mosque at or near Ground Zero.

Nor, in fact will I try to defend either. They stand or fail on their own merits. But I think we need to examine the public reaction of the various groups, here to get a handle on the import of these events.

Is there any constitutional reason for there not to be a Mosque at Ground Zero?

Of course not.

Any more than there’s a constitutional reason we shouldn’t be burning a Koran.

Both acts are insensitive in the extreme, however, and there’s the rub, I think.  But is insensitivity criminal? Not particularly.

But now, think: Would burning, say, a Bible, be causing nearly the ruckus that the burning of the Koran is today?  I daresay it wouldn’t even be a blip on the news/pundit  radar . Since when is the left at all interested in the sensitivities of Religious Americans? They as a rule tend to eschew such.

So, there’s another factor involved here that nobody’s talked much about. And that is that we are seeing the left in this country building up a favored group. At issue, you see, in both cases,.. the Koran Burning, and the Ground Zero Mosue, is the involvement of the favored group, whose sensitivities and cultural trends apparently far outweigh those of Americans of the Judeo-Christian ethos.

I suggest that when we promote everyone else’s culture at the expense of our own, we will eventually have no culture of our own. That would seem to fit right in with the left’s dislike of traditional American culture.

In the end what we have here is the left, as usual, embracing everything that is not Traditionally American…. and working towards it’s destruction. Does anyone really think the Ground Zero Mosque is being built as a gesture of healing? zOr is it rather a thumb in the eye of Traditional Americanism?