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Breakfast Scramble (Friday)

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
The Obama method
, by Victor Davis Hanson, Pajamas Media [1]:

[Barack] Obama, who was always himself given something (take your pick—Harvard admission, Harvard Law Review billet, Chicago Law School tenure offer, Noble Peace Prize, etc.) without requisite achievement, is thus stunned that the economy is not a malleable law school dean whom he can hope and change into compliance.

Trying to pass Dumbo off as intelligent, Michael Goodwin, in the New York Pos [2]t, tries to depict Barack Obama as if he were intelligent:

There you have it. The signature policy he produced is “good,” despite being unpopular, despite driving up costs and taxes, despite hindering job growth, and despite forcing companies to drop coverage or seek exemptions. Any more “good” like that and the USA will be down for the count.

Ah, quibble, quibble. Facts be damned, the guy believes what he believes.

He’s a smart man and skillful politician who can certainly read election results. So, in theory at least, he knows exactly how the nation feels.

Can Mr. Goodwin explain this, if  as Barack Obama alleges his signature Obama Care is so damn good, and as Goodwin alleges, Obama is so damn smart, why can’t Obama explain the benefits of Obama Care?  The fact is the more Obama explains Obama Care, the less people like it.