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Looney Lautenberg

Frank Lautenberg impugns pro-lifers as child molesters:

(CNSNews.com [1]) – In expressing opposition to the House Republicans’ “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) said politicians should not interfere with his family’s health and well-being. He also had a message for the GOP, saying, “I won’t attempt to voice my views on your family and let my family alone. Don’t go near my daughters.”

Video at the link.

Believe me Frankie, if your daughter look anything like you, they are totally safe.

In reference to his daughter, Lautenberg said:

“I don’t want politicians making decisions for them when it comes to their health and well being,”

So as proud loyal and consistent supporter of Obama Care,. you don’t object to politicians and bureaucrats making decisions about other peoples’ daughters,  just yours.   Evidently your daughters must have been exempted.    Further, you don’t seem to object to your daughters making life of death decisions  about any potential of your unborn grandchildren.

[Lautenberg] was joined by other Democratic senators at a press conference held to “express their opposition to legislation being pushed by House Republicans this week that would endanger women’s health by severely limiting their access to affordable health care and reproductive health services.”

Listen up Frankie,  the Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is covered by a woman’s so-called right of privacy.    So your daughter’s pregnancy is her private choice.  It is her private responsibility.    The taxpayer has utterly no moral obligation to expend public funds to pay for the consequences of your daughter’s private decision.

“I won’t attempt to voice my views on your family and let my family alone,” he said.  “Don’t go near my daughters. If they want to make a choice, that’s up to them and it’s with the advice of a doctor and loving parents and a loving family. So we’ve got to strike down this outrageous assault on women’s rights.”

Frankie, you just don’t understand.   Your daughter decision what do with her pregnancy is her private choice and none of your damn business, even if she is a minor.   Quite acting like a conservative, but butt our your daughters’ private business.