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The Ramble for 12-12-11

Indianapolis, Indiana--.. As this is written, I am in Indianapolis for the third week in a row.  They’ve got me picking up new trailers out here and ferrying them back to Rochester… an effort to upgrade the entire fleet of trailers that we have.  These that I’ve been bringing back are pretty good shape and will make a nice addition.  Last week ran a little over 3000 miles, the week before that ran a little under 3000 miles.  In the trucking business, if you’re a single driver as opposed to a team driver, 3000 miles is as good as you usually get during the week.  Normally I get around 2500.  Since I get paid by the mile, you can pretty much figure out why I’m happy about the additional miles.

On Friday of last week I finally got the hotspot working on my mobile phone, which basically is how I tie to the Internet through my laptop.  You can understand that I felt kind of cut off by this malfunction.  It’s good to have it back.

  • John Corzine, et al:I’ve already mentioned his case in passing, but it deserves a little more in the way of examination.Most of you know that he testified before Congress the other day. It was far from a pleasant meeting. Corzine whines when pressed, that he doesn’t know where the money went.The bottom line is I think he’s a liar. I’m sure the guy knows full well where the money went, and is covering for the regime. How do I know this? Look closely at who profited by it. Yep. George Soros. [1]Soros has made a rather substantial profit on $2 billion worth of Italian debt. It’s my suggestion that Corzine took his direction from Soros, and got left holding the bag. There are very few will want to say that, particularly among the Democrats. Yes, many of the little people , smaller investors, retirees and so on, lost everything. But what does that matter to the likes of Soros? And, for that matter, to Corzine, or any Democrat?Think, now; Have you ever noticed that when Democrats get caught stealing it’s a tragedy for the thief, and not for the victims? At least, that’s how the press likes to play on it. We always told about how leftists have the best of intentions. But it never seems to work out that way, does it?

    But, now, when Bernie Madoff does the same thing, that tone more closely resembles that of an inquisition. The whole thing is blamed on private enterprise, “the rich” and so on and so on, ad nauseam.The only difference that I can detect between the two individuals is that the prosecution of Corzine would cause large PR problems for the left and its agenda.It’s a little difficult, after all, to suggest that you’re the champion of the “little guy” if the general perception is that you’re out to screw the little guy, as liberals have repeatedly done for 75 years and more.

    Whereas, the prosecution of Madoff, plays directly into the hands of the left and its agenda. So what it is, is this; that until such time as there is a massive change in the power structures of Washington… i.e.; the removal of the Democrats from power, Corzine will never be prosecuted, and Madoff will continue to be crucified in the press and by Washington politicians.

    Now, mind, this is not being offered as a defense of Madoff. The guy has a total slime ball, and deserves what he gets. But Corzine deserves no less harsh treatment, and because he’s a well known Liberal, he will never get it, so long as Democrats have any say in the matter.

    What amazes me that anyone is still surprised by all of this. We keep electing big government Democrats and then wonder why they keep doing the same kind of crime against the people… It’s because they’re given the power to do so. It makes approximately as much sense as setting your dream home up on a live volcano in Hawaii, and then wondering why you have lava in the living room.

  • The Race is the Republicans’ to lose:CBS is now reporting [2]that 54% of those polled say that Obama doesn’t deserve reelection. Certainly, CBS is far from a bastion of conservative thought. If there was a way to tilt these numbers, believe me, they would be. In fact, the numbers are probably far far worse than is indicated. So in the minds of the American people Ob’ doesnt deserve the office that he now has. The question is, will anybody else deserve it more?  There is however a certain logic that applies here, that many people are discounting.  They also tended to discount it back and Jimmy Carter’s day.  That being the prevailing notion that just about anyone would be better than what we had.  That’s pretty much our situation now.  A goodly number of centrists back in the day, pulled the lever for Ronald Reagan on the idea that he couldn’t possibly be worse than Jimmy Carter.  Of course, a better choice couldn’t have been made.  Wrong reason, right outcome. Let’s remember, people, the GOP establishment wasn’t too happy about Ronald Reagan, either.  Remember the 76 convention, people.  The fact is, any one of the current republican candidates could not only win, but they will do a better job than Obama has.  The central point there is that it’s not too high a bar to jump over.  The question, however, is who will do the best of the jobs. With that as the measurement, Romney is definitely out. Indeed, Romney to my mind makes thw whole “I’ll vote for anyone over Obama” thing harder to defend, assuming Romney is in fact nominated. Beyond that, as far as I can see it’s an open field yet.
  • The Debate:I have to tell you, that Romney is seeming to me rather desperate. He’s well behind in Iowa. His performance out there isn’t helping matters.  He doesn’t seem to understand why. He’s gotten self set for the final round, but he hasn’t figured out a plant to get through the primaries yet. He seems to be operating under the misconception that he is the choice. He is not. And Iowa proves it. [3]
  • Invented people. Newt Gingrich is absolutely correct when he suggests the Palestinians are an invented people [4].  And I don’t give my hot crap who saying that annoys.  The fact of the matter is that the only reason the rest of the Islamic world is pursuing the matter as they are is because it can be used to which against the great devil, the United States.  The sad part is, we let them.   Meanwhile, Romney is now on record as saying that Islam is not a violent faith [5].   I will point out that Mohammed was a warlord.  He led his followers into battle as they conquered the Middle East and North Africa.  To my mind that pretty much sums it up.  Islam is without question a fundamentally violent cult.  And I’ll ask the same question here as I asked of W… are you simply trying to impress the folks in Dearborn?   If anyone needed confirmation that Romney is disconnected from reality [6], they need it no longer. It is a fact that the religion of Islam does in its holy book support lying to an infidel.  So, how are we to know if the supposedly “moderate” Islamists are sincere?   This is downright scary stuff coming from somebody who wants to occupy the White House, as I suggested with W.   Gingrich has this correctly, and Romney is delusional. It’s been ten years since the 9/11 attacks.  If he isn’t figure this stuff out by now, he not only does not deserve to be in the White House, but he needs serious watching.  Supervision.
  • Really?Bruce says: [7]

    Ezra Klein: A larger welfare state might mean a smaller deficit. Honestly, that’s his premise.  You can read it here [8].  He bases his argument mostly in health care costs.  Obviously where he tries to go with it is toward a single payer system.  But he uses Germany as the model [9].  Anyone, does Germany have a single payer system?  No, it has a public health insurance program that covers 88% of the population.

    Well,I’ve said it often enough… Klein is probably the most dishonest blogger on the web. This is merely another example. The guy’s going to do anything, say anything, to support the agenda. That doesn’t mean what he says has any relationship whatsoever with reality. It should be no surprise that there is a large degree of similarity between the lack of honesty that Klein exhibits and that which (insert your favorite leftist, here ) exhibits.

  • Iran: Something,  apparently, happened at the Iranian nuclear facility [10]. This suggestion is currently, that it was an explosion.  But nobody’s quite sure.  Including a rainy and officials, if we’re to take their conflicting reports on the matter.   Meanwhile, it is perhaps a little known fact that the largest Iranian embassy in the world is in Venezuela.  And Obama tells us this is progress. Sleep well, tonight.