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Down the Rabbit Hole with Clarice

It used be universally held that a national leader’s primary goal was to act in his nation’s best interest.   Not so anymore, from Clarice Feldman, American Thinker [1]:

It’s all Alice in Wonderland stuff, isn’t it?  Democrats and anti-Trumpers think it’s perfectly fine for European leaders to put their own national interests first while criticizing the president for promoting and defending ours while calling out our allies’ hypocrisy.  For them, it’s fine for the special counsel to waste time and money by indicting foreign nationals, over whom he lacks jurisdiction, for hacking unsecured communications made in violation of national security regulations, while he’s never going after the perpetrators here, including Hillary Clinton, who made such hacking possible and likely.

If the dolt’s of National Review think it is important to maintain NATO to protect Europe, why don’t they all profess that it is important for our so-called European allies to contribute their own share to their own self-defenss?