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Lindsay Graham’s Line in the Sand.

Who knew Senator Lindsay Graham had a spine.  Besides myself, for one J.J. Sefton, Ace of Spades [1]:

But perhaps the man of the hour, who like so many people in times of crisis somehow rises to the occasion and rides in from out of nowhere to save the day was Senator Lindsay Graham. Over the years that I have commented here and especially since becoming a co-blogger, I have attacked and ridiculed him mercilessly. And his record shows he deserved it. But his rousing defense of Brett Kavanaugh, which was in fact in the form of an unrelenting broadside at the Democrats on the committee, the media and the unseen forces behind this last second smear was real. He said things that needed to be said and in a way that underscored what is really at stake here:

It is Texas legend the William Travis drew line in the sand at the Alamo.  Maybe, maybe not.  However Senator Graham certain did draw his line in the sand, video:

Republican senators can either cross the line, or die as something other than a republican.