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Did Nancy Pelosi Know What Was in the Mueller Report Before It Was Released?

Ponder this quick stab from inside an article from Austin Bay [1]

Yet on July 13, 2017 then-House Minority Leader — now Speaker — Nancy Pelosi claimed “this week we saw cold hard evidence” that the Trump family colluded with Russia to assault American democracy.” Replay the video. Treason against America was her implied but carefully unspoken damnation.

Ah, but this month — days before Mueller informed DOJ that Trump did not commit a crime — Pelosi whimpered that Trump’s “just not worth” impeaching.

That’s more than a retreat. In retrospect, Pelosi’s outlandish 2017 rhetoric promoted a corrosive falsehood so beyond partisan political sparring it became odious narrative warfare damaging U.S. political integrity and institutional stability.

Now, Austin was barking up a slightly different tree than what I’m pointing out here, and I would urge you to go and read his article in total to get his angle on this.

That being said however, it strikes me that even before the Mueller report was even released we saw Nancy Pelosi backing off of it, faster than someone who’s just discovered what Rocky Mountain oysters are.

Nancy Pelosi

The question is, why? How would she know to do that?

While it’s true that the Democrats other than Pelosi and then playing the expectation minimization game for several days, her sudden turn around must have been selected G- forces on her that no mere human could withstand.

So it comes down to this:

She would know that she had to do that, only by one of two ways;

# She received inside information on the report from one of Mueller’s team of Democrats.

# She knew long ago that the report was going to produce nothing.

Either way doesn’t look very good for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, Pelosi in particular. She knew she had to back down because she’d overplayed her hand. Seems to be crucial to understand the answer to the question; “Where did she get that information?”