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Hong Kong And Comparisons

In going through my notes of the last several days I am once again struck by the symbolism being used by the Hong Kong protesters. Singing OUR national anthem, waving the American flag.

There are several points that arise from this. The first and most obvious, is where they are getting the American flags from… the answer is that a quite large percentage of American flags are made in Hong Kong these days.

Second and perhaps more telling, is the juxtaposition the American left who has for the last number of decades has been extolling the virtues of socialism and the division of America it’s flag, it’s Constitution, it’s national anthem, and for that matter, its nationality, versus the protesters in Hong Kong extolling the American flag, singing the national anthem, extolling the virtues of individual freedom and rejecting the socialism that the American left has been pushing.

This rather stark and telling contrast is paralleled by another… Illegals on our southern border having arrived from Venezuela who have been flatly informing ICE officials that living in detention centers on our southern border is infinitely preferable to living in Venezuela given the conditions there which of course are a product of the socialism put into play there years ago.

Understandably, these are points the leftist media here in the states has not been pursuing with anywhere near the same vigor that they pursued every nuance of the Russia collusion scam. Such coverage would be counterproductive to their primary goal. Indeed, such coverage would be totally destructive to their primary goal, which has, as has been discussed many times is the advancement of the political goals of the worldwide left which Hong Kong finds itself desperately trying to escape, while the Chinese government is desperately trying to keep them under heel. [1] (I’ll get into my suspicions of Twitter complicity at another time.)

It is clear that these protesters in Hong Kong view America as did Ronald Reagan who described it as the last best Hope For freedom in the world.

If only we can get the Democrat Party to understand that, half as well as the people of Venezuela and Hong Kong.