I've noted with some degree of wry humor, all the glowing reports (pun
intended) about the good that radar can do.  Clive Dawson, for example:

<>What about other uses for unattended radar?  I know of several residential
neighborhoods that use huge(!) speed bumps (the kind would rip out your
suspension at anything over 15 mph but are a pain at any speed) to enforce
speed limits.  I can imagine a system in which radar could raise physical
devices which would make speeding noticeable (1-inch bumps), unpleasant (4-inch
bumps), or impossible (parking-lot-style spikes?! ;-), thus allowing a smooth
ride for vehicles within the speed limit.<<

Consider, however: Simply running through a radar trap exposes the driver and
passengers to more X-band radiation than OSHA law allows.

Consider: Cops in one state (I forget which) refuse now to use the radar `guns'
after being diagnosed as having cancer as a direct result of using the devices.

Seems perhaps another way to achive the goals is in order.

I can't allow the foregoing to go out without adding that I've always thought
speed radar had far less to do with public safety than with making money for
the state.