Eric Florack on May 31st, 2005

I wrote a bit some years ago, and have reposted it here occasionally, that dove right in to examination of the weird warnings we as consumers are provided by the various companes… and their lawyers.

Here’s one a reader sent

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Austin Bay reminds me of a story I saw over the weekend, with a link to the Telegraph:

Two men claiming to be World War II Japanese soldiers have been found hiding on a Philippine island.

Japan is sending embassy

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Eric Florack on May 31st, 2005

ABC News: Who Is W. Mark Felt?

Well, for one thing, he claims to have been “Deep Throat”.

He was also the number 2 man in the FBI during the 70’s. Which means, dear reader, that the FBI had a

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Eric Florack on May 31st, 2005

Cathy’s Worldpoints out that Oliver stone was arrested for DWI over the weekend, and brings up a recent encounter with StonedStone.

Look let’s be honest, this is no shock at all from this clown.

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Eric Florack on May 31st, 2005

Little Green Footballs points up reports from Yala, in southern Thailand. Apparently the citizens there are fleeing the so-called city of peace… because of the “Religion of peace”

Doctor Implication, call your office.

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Eric Florack on May 31st, 2005

I took a large bit of backside off of Orson Scott Card a few weeks wgo becase frankly he deserved it.

In this week’s column, he’s equally deserving of praise:

Personally, I think there should be legal consequences for editors

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Eric Florack on May 31st, 2005

John from Power Line in what has GOTTA be the line of the month:

Well, you know a painting is offensive when the guy who painted the Pope with swastikas thinks it's over the line.

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Eric Florack on May 31st, 2005

Outside The Beltway (Along with everyone else) notes the French voters and their rejection of the EU Constitution.

Personally, I’m curious; I see an awful lot of dancing around the causes underlying this rejection.  Is this a rejection of Chirac?

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Eric Florack on May 29th, 2005

From Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

Hi friends, I thought you all would like to see the real figures from Down Under.  It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new

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Eric Florack on May 28th, 2005

(Editor's note: This was posted here a couple years ago. Every time this thing's been posted for the honor of our troops... both current and past.... it's gotten quite a rise out of the readers. I offer it again here,

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Eric Florack on May 27th, 2005

Fox is saying tonight:

LOS ANGELES — Eddie Albert, the actor best known as the constantly befuddled city slicker-turned-farmer in television's "Green Acres," has died. He was 99.

Well, he had a LOT of Movies under the belt, too, and

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Eric Florack on May 27th, 2005

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. health regulators on Friday said they have received more than 40 reports of a type of blindness in men taking impotence drugs, mostly involving Pfizer Inc.'s Viagra.

Details at

I’m usually one to pee on

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Eric Florack on May 27th, 2005

Power Line says the recent poll of the Clinton News Network being touted by the lefties this afternoon about Hillary Clinton’s possible voters in ’06, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I agree; The numbers don’t add up to

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Eric Florack on May 27th, 2005

Lockjar, over at Lockjaw’s Lair could use some kind thoughts pointed his way.

Early this afternoon, my 10 year old son fell off the playground equipment at school. He apparently did a classic bellyflop onto the ground. Afterward, he complained

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Eric Florack on May 27th, 2005

Cory Doctorow has lost a freind.

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