Eric Florack on November 28th, 2022

We couldn’t see this one coming.
Yeah, right.

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From The Economist this morning, but notably in very few American mainstream outlets:

FROM URUMQI in the north-west to Shanghai in the east, demonstrations and protests have rocked China in recent days. They have varied in size, tenor and composition,

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Eric Florack on November 21st, 2022
I firmly believe that the ideal GOP ticket for 2024 would be Trump – DeSantis.

Yes I’m aware there’s animosity at the moment between the two, but I’m going to give you several ideas to think about.

Author Mark Twain

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So in the end, that raid on Trump’s house was nothing more than a political exercise.

As I originally told you.

Nobody should be surprised that the mainstream media sat on the story until after the midterms.

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Eric Florack on November 16th, 2022
  • Despite their claims to the contrary, the people that are pointing fingers at Donald Trump for the less the ideal outcome of election day were never Trumpers to begin with. These are people that have never gotten over Jeb Bush

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And so now we have Josh Hawley saying that this most recent election was a funeral for the GOP.

Actually, no… The funeral for the establishment GOP happened a long time ago Josh. You just weren’t smart enough to pick

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We should all be paying more attention to the Gateway Pundit. They’ve been all over this FTX collapse.

We have information that the tens of billions of dollars going to Ukraine were actually laundered back to the US to corrupt

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Eric Florack on November 10th, 2022
It’s time for the “blame Trump” crowd to ask themselves very seriously, is their new hero, DeSantis, merely the latest version of an establishment GOP critter?

The establishment GOP… the Mitch McConnell Mitt Romney John McCain wing of the party,

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Eric Florack on November 9th, 2022
There are still a number of races that haven’t been called yet as I write this but it seems clear that there are a number of things to take away from last night. The signs we are getting from the

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Eric Florack on November 8th, 2022
Once these midterm elections go by there will be a short period of price spikes. Those price spikes are what would have happened and if the Democrats haven’t been trying to buy your votes by cutting gasoline taxes by draining

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Interesting read at Legal Insurrection this morning.

With all signs pointing to a red wave in next week’s midterm elections, Democrats are already in the process of stomping their feet and beginning the finger-pointing ahead of the anticipated losses that

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Eric Florack on November 5th, 2022
From American Greatness:

Better yet, as Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles noted, our best response to this trash—beyond Hell, no—is military tribunals for all the little fascists who demanded lockdowns, public and private vaccine mandates, the firing of cops and

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Eric Florack on November 3rd, 2022

Details at the Ace of Spades HQ

Hell if you’ll remember back in 2019, when he got canned from Fox News…

(Yes I’m aware that the leadership at Fox LED on that he has to be let out of his

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Eric Florack on November 2nd, 2022
How many of these mainstream media hoaxes did you fall for?

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Eric Florack on November 1st, 2022

Jeff Goldstein compiles what we have on this business thus far:

Here’s what we know: an itinerant and often homeless pedophilic illegal alien drug abuser and sometimes male prostitute with a litany of prior felonies and an extensive history of

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