davidl on December 31st, 2011

What I hate about the end of the year,  is the endless best of lists.  However this is good   I don’t normally link posts which make me insanely jealous, but this might help or campaign to win in 2-12,   Then,

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davidl on December 31st, 2011

If being voluntarily associated  with a racist  is bad for one politician, it should not be good for another,  yet,, Roger Simon, PJ Media:

That inability to select even marginally acceptable (non-racist) employees and colleagues should, on the face

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davidl on December 31st, 2011


Well, the Occupy Wall Street movement, AKA Poopstock, sure is making a splash. Perhaps “splash” isn’t the best term, from the looks of things, they could all use a splash in a bathtub with a bar of soap. Reports on

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davidl on December 30th, 2011

From an hysterical and deluded Talking Points Memo:

Michele Bachmann Is In Love With The AR-15 Assault Rifle

Quite wrong moose breaths. An assault rifle is capable of fully automatic fire, from Wikipedia:

An assault rifle is a

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davidl on December 29th, 2011

Elizabeth Scalia, a/k/a  Anchoress has a few parting words for Speaker Tablecloth,  b/k/a Nancy Pelosi should she decide to leave Congress, link:

I hate to sound presumptuous, but Madam Speaker, on behalf of many, may I say let-not-your-heart-be-troubled

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davidl on December 28th, 2011

The worst attorney general in American history, the  reprobate Eric Holder, continues  to try to divert attention from Fast and Furious, from Tim Mak, Politico:

The number of officers killed in the line of duty jumped 13 percent in 2011

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davidl on December 27th, 2011

This is adding insult to injury, from, DMartyr Jawa Report:

An NC shop clerk took on an armed robber and knock him out cold with one punch. But to add insult to injury, the clerk put the would-be robber

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Sloatsburg,NY– I’m here after driving most of the day. A quick run from rochester to Bethlehem Pennsylvania, then over to Quakertown for a loadfew of paper towels. —

  • Voting rights:

    Over at questions and observations, Bruce McQuain in his usual

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davidl on December 25th, 2011

GoDaddy gets spanked by by the nerds,  from Tom Cheredar, Venture Beat:

Hosting and domain registrar company Go Daddy has lost more than 37,000 domains in the past two days due to the company’s wishy-washy stance on the Stop

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davidl on December 24th, 2011

Steven L. Taylor, Outside the Beltwy:

First, why get all bent out of shape over an initiative to encourage healthier eating (and this isn’t the first time this has come up)? It is not as if we are talking

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davidl on December 23rd, 2011

Eric’s local mall’s  doors opens at seven-thirty. At such a time, the mall is typically is only populated with mall walkers. The food court is open, but the stores are generally closed. Today, two Bitblog reporters, a/k/a breakfast patrons, reported

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Eric Florack on December 23rd, 2011

There is no moral imperative driving this message, tonight — no calls for a life of self sacrifice, no direct calls for intensive reflection this night, not even a real punch line of the story.  I will let you decide

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davidl on December 23rd, 2011

Whoopie Goldberg and the girls of the View are  heartbroken over the death of Kim Jung Il.   Goldberg admits that socialism has utterly failed everywhere it has been tried, but continues to hold out hope, via Karen, the Lonely Conservative

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davidl on December 22nd, 2011

Newt Gingrich just got another reason for the republican wing of the republican party to support him, gift wrapped courtesy of Mitt Romney and George (41) Bush, via Allah Pundit, Hot Air:

Choosing his words carefully, the former president

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davidl on December 22nd, 2011

About time!

From Betsy Rothstein, Fishbowl DC:

[Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.)] Sensenbrenner was overheard saying that after buying all their “crap” (his word) a woman approached him and praised first lady Michelle Obama.  He told the woman that

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