Eric Florack on February 26th, 2022

Tucker Carlson gets this one exactly right. We’ve seen it all too often before. Protect the bureaucracy at the expense of the country.

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In many ways Canada is the canary in the coal mine for these United States. Listen carefully to what these people are saying.

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Over at Hot Air, they notice a change coming over the Southern California Democrats.

As Hot Air says… Beginning to lose the trust?

That trust started going away when the American people saw Democrats basically supporting the BLM riots

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Eric Florack on February 23rd, 2022
For many generations now, these United States has been the stalwart voice of democracy individualism and freedom.

Within the last year we have watched a shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan, an acquiescence to China and to Russia, and the fiscal policy

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Eric Florack on February 22nd, 2022
who is responsible for the situation our country finds itself in? From Steve Cruiser this morning, with a quick answer to that question:

We heard so much from the lefties about what Putin could get away with while Trump was

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Eric Florack on February 22nd, 2022

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Eric Florack on February 19th, 2022
Sometimes, life gets in the way of remembering anniversaries of various events. I am sad to admit to you that the one year anniversary of the passing of Rush Limbaugh almost got by me, and would have, too, absent the

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Eric Florack on February 19th, 2022
From Jim treacher this morning:

Imagine for a moment that a young man wearing a MAGA hat walked into the campaign headquarters of a mayoral candidate in an American city, pulled out a gun, and started shooting. Imagine that he

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Eric Florack on February 17th, 2022
From Sister Toldjah from her berth at Red State we see the most recent example of the left and their hypocrisy on race:

But there’s a huge difference between legitimate scrutiny of a member of the court versus leaning into

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Eric Florack on February 16th, 2022
Wouldn’t it be interesting that the same people that hacked into give fun to go servers over the last few days were the same people that hacked into White House servers and Trump campaign servers trying to establish a connection

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Eric Florack on February 16th, 2022
* The main difference between the establishment GOP and the denizens of the Democrat party is that the Democrats aren’t pretending to be Republicans or motivated by conservative principle.

* It’s easy enough to say that the disaster that is

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Eric Florack on February 16th, 2022
From of all places, Variety:

Allison Gollust, the chief marketing officer at CNN, has resigned from the network following corporate parent WarnerMedia’s investigation into “issues associated with Chris Cuomo and former Governor Andrew Cuomo,” according to a memo from

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“The people who deliver the food have more power than the people who consume the food. People like that angry Harvard Prof. are waking up to that. It should give you hope as we confront deep ‘woke’ societal rot”, says

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This just in, but no surprise to anybody who’s been following Durham’s investigation…

(Link corrected)

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Eric Florack on February 13th, 2022

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