Eric Florack on June 30th, 2003

RICHARD SPERTZEL who was head of the biological-weapons section of Unscom from 1994-99, writes essentially; Of course Iraq had banned weapons, lots of them, and of course the UN wasn’t going to find them.

Despite the recent discovery of plans

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Eric Florack on June 30th, 2003

From the opinion Journal today:

Karl Rove must be jumping for joy. Apart from the Sharptonkucinichmoseleybraun also-rans, Dean is the best opponent the Republicans could possibly hope for. Can anyone imagine such an intemperate lefty winning a single “red” state?

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Eric Florack on June 30th, 2003

A reader in Florida just forwarded me a note, telling me about how Ann Coulter was being asked on “the View” if she had ever seen two women having sex.  Says our Annie: “Not since I saw Katie Couric interview

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Eric Florack on June 30th, 2003

Andrew Sullivan has it part-right…(He usually does have it at least part right)… when he speaks of Judge Scalia. He says, in part:

JUDICIAL TEMPERAMENT: It’s odd, isn’t it, that in Supreme Court debates, we always hear an enormous amount

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Eric Florack on June 30th, 2003

Mona Charen’s new column is up on JWR. It’s almost a perfect follow on to my comments of the other day regarding illegal immigration. It’s well written, and cuts right to the heart of the matter.

With California reporting it’s

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Eric Florack on June 30th, 2003

Neil Boortz and I have many disageements.  His take here, is one of them.

I understand that a lot of Americans are now upset that the recent Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas is going to open

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Eric Florack on June 29th, 2003

Someone on the Free Republic website notes that the Associated Press–weeks after misquoting Rick Santorum on the issue of sodomy–has also misquoted Antonin Scalia on the same issue.

From the AP story: “The court has taken sides in the culture

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Eric Florack on June 29th, 2003

From Usenet this morning.
I don’t know as I could say this better.


I haven’t written much about the ongoing brouhaha over whether President
Bush “lied” America into the war with Iraq.

The main reason for my silence is

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Eric Florack on June 28th, 2003

I’m afraid this kind of thing is getting to be more and more common.
The professor involved should be publicly shot, in my view.

As it is, the university issued a statement from Prof Wilkie apologising to Mr Duvshani and

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Eric Florack on June 28th, 2003

The papers picking up Dowd’s column are starting to speak up.
Here’s another.

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Eric Florack on June 28th, 2003

I think it pretty clear that he was, as I’ve stated repeatedly in my coumns.
This editorial gives indication others may have caught on to that idea, as well.

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Eric Florack on June 28th, 2003

The national DO NOT CALL list is growing… 635000 numbers on the first day. [DETAILS]
A nice idea, but was the government’s involvement needed, here? (Shrug) As such things go, I suppsoe the cost is smaller than most.

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Eric Florack on June 26th, 2003

The new Bit is up.

A rather extensive ripping apart of the recent race bias cases, as the teasers suggest.
I don’t question their goals, really… just the methods.

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Eric Florack on June 26th, 2003

Sad news has reached me here regarding the death of former South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond.

Sad, because it reached me by way of a liberal know-nothing, crowing about how ‘his racist ass was dead’.
All I could do was

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Eric Florack on June 26th, 2003


Rochester NY—- In 1964, we here in the US passed a far-reaching civil rights act, which reaffirmed that all men are
created equal, and are to be treated as such, regardless of the individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or

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