davidl on March 30th, 2014

Other than that fact the Head Start does not work, it is a shame the Strutting Delaware Blue Hen,  a/k/a Obama’s Life Insurance Policy. b/k/a Vice President Joe Biden is too old, and senile, have reaped any of the programs

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davidl on March 30th, 2014

Aside from golf and separate vacations, there is not much the Obama regime actually likes, and a free press is not like a separate vacation, from Daily Caller:

A reporter has been detained by Capitol Hill police for trying

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davidl on March 30th, 2014

Jeff Jacoby professes to be shocked to learn that a  UK, home one Johnathan Swift,  hospital was using dead babies to heat hospitals, from, Boston Globe:

Jonathan Swift was being satirical when he penned his “modest proposal” that destitute

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davidl on March 28th, 2014

The retards known as the Obama regime continue to give us imaginary solutions to imaginary problems:

(CNSNews.com) – Following several years of “constructive dialog” with the LGBT community, the U.S. Justice Department is now training law enforcement officers

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davidl on March 27th, 2014

Follow the money. Eric opined:

The conservative agenda needs to be properly explained and sold tominorities and single women

All well and good. However in addition to explaining the conservative agenda, the liberal agenda must be understood. Don’t think

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Eric Florack on March 26th, 2014

Some advice to the GOP leadership….

If you want to win elections, your strategy should not include what the Karl Roves of the world are telling you. I like Karl and respect him. But facts are facts. The advice coming

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davidl on March 26th, 2014

I have problems with farmers and problems with farmers from Iowa in particular. The cluster fark of using food stuffs for motor fuel, that is the ethanol mandate, was, and is, nothing more that a payoff to Iowa corn farmers.

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davidl on March 25th, 2014

Joani Ernst is running for Congress in Iowa.   Call her campaign humor cutting edge, video:

Hat tip: Drew M, Ace of Spades.

One candidate who managed to cut pork before being elected.

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davidl on March 24th, 2014

The King, Adolf Hitler, is dead, long live the King, Anthropogenic Global Warming.

First, Godwin’s law, From Wikipedia:

Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies)[1][2] is an Internet adage asserting that “As an online discussion grows longer, the

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davidl on March 24th, 2014

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak statement on ML flight 370, video:

Color me confused.

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I notice today over at Q&O, that Bruce McQuain has written an article as regards Europe’s gas problem. It’s a problem that we should have predicted a long time ago and done something about.  And I’ll tell you true, that

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davidl on March 21st, 2014

A parade of bossy bitches.

First from Breitbart, Mireille Miller-Young

The official report released by the UC Santa Barbara Police Department on the confrontation between Professor Mireille Miller-Young and a group of anti-abortion activists, provides new details to the

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davidl on March 20th, 2014

snark2.jpgSnark of the Day from Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom:

The Female Supremacists are Leftists and the “rape culture” meme is no more valid as the “gun culture” one. Actual rapists will not be deterred by demonstrations, college kangaroo courts, speech

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davidl on March 19th, 2014

From Ta-Nehisi Coates, Atlantic:

On Sunday, I took my son to see two movies at a French film festival that was in town. The local train was out. We walked over to Amsterdam to flag down a cab. The

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davidl on March 19th, 2014

The continuing saga of J. Forbes Kerry quest to save the World,  from Buzz Feed:

The Ugandan president committed to meeting with American “experts” on homosexuality to try to change his mind about the Anti-Homosexuality Act signed into law

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