Eric Florack on August 31st, 2004

The Truth Laid Bear with the Pen of NZ Bear:

“The even worse news for Kerry is that despite the exceptional job his campaign has been doing at executing political hari-kari, the Bush team hasn’t even started to attack him

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Eric Florack on August 31st, 2004

DRUDGE is running a topline that says:

“Attack Attempt On MSNBC Chris Matthews… Live On Air… Street Set Outside Convention… Hooded protester jumps security line … Police move in immediatly… Guard Tackled… Bush/Cheney supporters gathered near show set at Herald

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Eric Florack on August 31st, 2004

Light blogging tonight…. the life of a Server Jockey… Got a server at a customer’s place about 30 miles away sending up smoke signals… literally. Gotta ride in on my white horse, and save the day, or try to. Dunno

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Eric Florack on August 31st, 2004

Belmont Club today, examines the plight of the French, who are trying to cut a diplomacy deal with the terrorists who have their two journalists hostage.  But what have the French to offer? Why nothing less than a compromise on

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Eric Florack on August 31st, 2004

The American Thinker reports on what Kerry is so proud of.

Perhaps we now understand why he never mentions it.

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Ann Althouse has some rather harsh words for many points of the convention last night… Most of which had nothing to do with the convention, and everything to do with the press.

The Solution, Ann, is to drop MSNBC, and

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Eric Florack on August 31st, 2004

The Drezners had a baby girl last night Which, one supposes, beats the hell out of giving birth to an adult.

Seriously; stop by and wish them well.

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Eric Florack on August 31st, 2004

Nothing formal here, justa few offhanded comments:

* Franken and Moore at the RNC? Yeah, they were both there, and both made the tube during the speeches.  This is akin to Limbaugh showing up to the Boston a few weeks

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Eric Florack on August 30th, 2004

Hmmm. Having some problems connecting to CQ.
I wonder if our champions of free speech are at it again?
Everything I see about the server at this moment appears either heavy traffic… (His hit numbers must be spinning off the

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Eric Florack on August 30th, 2004

Here’s the text of Rudolph Giuliani’s RNC Speech. This is AP’s feed. I may find a better one later.

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El Universal Online reports some interesting news.

Three years of exploration has enabled Pemex to map oilfields that the state-owned oil monopoly believes will more than double the nation’s known crude oil reserves.

Luis Ramírez Corzo, Pemex’s director for exploration,

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Eric Florack on August 30th, 2004

Minnesota Democrats Exposed has something the news media isn’t touching. Check it out.

They’re getting Desperate, gang. They smell blood in the water… they have for a long while. It’s only recently they’ve begun to understand that it’s their own.


Jay Bryant at Townhall points to an interview between All-Around idiot Bill Maher, and John O’Neil, the guy from the Swiftboaters.

Maher asks O’Neil during this interview… I don’t have the exact quote handy, but here’s the gist of it…if

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Eric Florack on August 30th, 2004

The Chicago Sun-Times this morning is reporting that the Navy has now gotten into the act rasing questions about Kerry’s medal collection…

….”according to a U.S. Navy spokesman, “Kerry’s record is incorrect. The Navy has never issued a ‘combat V’

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