Eric Florack on October 31st, 2007

We note with a nod of welcome and approval, the Conservative Grapevine, John Hawkins’ new venture. Looks like a great addition to my daily read… a great resource.

By the way, John, thanks for the linkage.  Let’s just say

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davidl on October 31st, 2007


Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat calls women wearing provocative clothing in publc “emotional abuse” of men.   Abuse me please.

Hat tip:  article,  Allah Pundit, Hot Air;  photo, Baby Phat.

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davidl on October 31st, 2007

Roy Pearson Jr. is unemployed and I am happy about it.   Keith L. Alexander, Washington Post

Roy Pearson Jr.Roy L. Pearson Jr., the administrative law judge who lost his $54 million lawsuit against a Northeast Washington dry cleaner, lost his job yesterday

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davidl on October 31st, 2007

Roger Simon, Poltico, has the background on Mrs. Clinton’s debate debacle in Phidelphiia:

PHILADELPHIA — We now know something that we did not know before: When Hillary Clinton has a bad night, she really has a bad night.


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In thinking on the events of last night, I’ve come to the conclusion that the left is really worried about Hillary Clinton winning the nomination. I mean, REALLY worried. The usual Hillary Clinton cheering sections, such a Ezra Klein,

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Eric Florack on October 31st, 2007

Boortz yesterday, picked up in mid-description…

It seems that this person focus right now is in helping this sector of our economy avoid unionization. Unions are, apparently, hot to organize senior living facilities. OK .. so there’s no surprise there

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Eric Florack on October 31st, 2007

Right Wing News, this morning, notices that the KOSsacks are not happy with Nancy Pelosi.

Has it occurred to any of these simian rejects, I wonder, that the reason she rates as low in the polling as she does is

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Eric Florack on October 31st, 2007

Now there was a voice.

Bloomberg – Robert Goulet, the singer whose rich baritone voice and classic tall, dark, dashing good looks made him a star on stage and television, has died. He was 73.

Goulet suffered from a rare

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Eric Florack on October 31st, 2007

The winner, last night was clearly Obama… unfortunately. His obviously scripted lines seemed to score well among the test rats in Frank Luntz’ cage, but I take this as a measurement of the quality of the voters, not of the

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davidl on October 31st, 2007

Crooks and Liars, posts New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer accusing CNN’s Lou Dobbs of spreading venom and hate.  Wow.  It is Spitzer who has divided the state and provooked demonstrations by illegals.

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Eric Florack on October 31st, 2007

Honorable mention at Rodney Dill’s OTB Caption Contest

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Eric Florack on October 30th, 2007

From the quips list:

I would put Glenn Greenwald calling anyone’s masculinity into question, on par with Greenwald’s Hero, Harry Reid, calling anyone “incompetent”, and for the same reason.

I should have put something in there about Dennis Kucinich, I

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Eric Florack on October 30th, 2007

McQ at Q&O:

Seems the only real case of voter disenfranchisement in ’04 may have been perpetrated by the Democrats:

Consumer advocate and 2004 independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader sued the Democratic Party on Tuesday, contending officials conspired to keep

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Eric Florack on October 30th, 2007

Look, let’s call this what it is:

Saying that Glen Greenwald is a drooling, lying, sock puppeting idiot, is not a political statement.  Provacative, perhaps, and arguably correct, but it’s not political.
And that goes for Greg

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Eric Florack on October 30th, 2007

You know,  there are a lot of pathetic sights in this world… and we’ve pointed a number of them out here. But I have to say that this one knows few equals. Even as a Bills fan, I can sympathize…

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