Eric Florack on February 28th, 2007

Tonight’s Ramble is going to be short and sweet.

Well, short.

The reason is fairly simple; yesterday afternoon, I ended up making a hurry up trip to the hospital. My younger boy , Alex, was being transported there.  He was

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Eric Florack on February 28th, 2007

So Sharpton, civil rights activist, is descended from a slave owned by relatives of segregationist senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. Big deal. How about whether Sharpton is descended from Mandinka royalty in Mali or sheep herders in Gambia? Better

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davidl on February 28th, 2007

Mrs. ClintonIs Mrs. Clinton’s campaign issuing rubber checks?

“An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.” 

Simon Cameron

All those many endorsement checks and to what end.  Mrs Clinton’s problem is that her supporters will not

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davidl on February 28th, 2007

John McCain

The Morrises, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, attempt to explain John McCain’s campaign collapse.   The Morrrises attrit over seventeen hundred words in the process, and fail.  Don Surber does the job in but two words  — McCain-Feingold:

Americans do

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davidl on February 28th, 2007

snark2.jpgWhile the Libby jury deliberates, Clarice Feldman takes a break from the trial to take a shot at the liimosine class of watermelons

I’m trying to figure out why Norman Lear with a 26 car garage insists we cut

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davidl on February 27th, 2007


K.C. Johnson, Durham-in-Wonderland reported that last December the defense in the set off this provervial bomb shell

After his disastrous performance at the December 15 hearing—when he admitted that he and Mike Nifong had entered into an agreement to

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BAGHDAD, Iraq —AP- The Iraqi Cabinet approved a draft law Monday to manage the country’s vast oil industry and distribute its wealth among the population _ a major breakthrough in U.S. efforts to press the country’s Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish

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Eric Florack on February 27th, 2007

snark2.jpgCaught on the radio this morning, from a small town station I stumbled across:


“It took Brittany Spears to make KFed look like a good parent.”

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davidl on February 27th, 2007


Matthew Cox Army Times, reports on a hero:

Lt Col. Bruce Crandall

President Bush bestowed the Medal of Honor Monday on retired Lt. Col. Bruce Crandall in a White House ceremony.

In a recent interview, the honoree said he can’t stop thinking about

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davidl on February 27th, 2007

Pamela Anderson in Uggs

(H/T  photo: Age(AU)  

As a member of PETA, Pamela Anderson (pictured left wwaring Uggs) has protested the use of leather.  Now, the Daily Telegraph(AU) reports on Anderson’s, epifany:

The Hollywood pin-up credited with turning

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davidl on February 27th, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. ClintonWhile the Clintons are not reknowned for their honesty, I am willing to take Mrs. Clinton for her word, that she personally wants to to take all oil company profits.

That is what socialists do and that is

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Eric Florack on February 27th, 2007

When observing a slam of a leftist icon, a measure of how truthful that slam is, is how much the left screams about it.

Personally, I will take Al Gore more seriously when I see him actually driving one

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* I took the boys out for a rail photo run on Sunday… We quickly saw that nothing was moving… and quite by chance, stumbled onto why. The picture, here, is taken from one of our favorite sitting spots… and

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davidl on February 26th, 2007

It never fails to irritate me to see professsional reporters pontificate on subjects in which they are so bloody ignorant. 

This story has one reporter in a snit:

Victor Harris zoomed at 80 to 90 miles per hour in his

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Eric Florack on February 26th, 2007

You can always figure somebody’s priorities, by what they do and do not do.

A case in point would be last night’s Oscar awards.

peter.jpgHow is it that the academy managed to find time to award Al Gore for his

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