davidl on April 19th, 2021

It has come to this, a late night comic, who will never be mistaken for Johnny Carson, to wit one Bill Maher is giving better medical advise the Dr. Anthony “the Fraud” Fauci”, from Red State:

To continue this fear-mongering nonsense about mask-wearing and social distancing is effectively an anti-vaxxer message. That makes Fauci’s ridiculously unscientific rhetoric dangerous at this point, specifically for those in older age demographics that are actually highly vulnerable to the virus. When people are told nothing changes with the vaccine, they aren’t going to go wait hours in line to get the shot.

From Hot Air.

Eric Florack on April 19th, 2021

From the New York Post this morning:

President Biden is finally calling the chaos at the southern border what it is — a crisis.

The startling rhetorical turnabout came Saturday in an off-the-cuff conversation with reporters in Wilmington, Del., as Biden tried to defend his Friday flip-flop on refugee admissions.

“We’re going to increase the number [of refugees allowed into the country],” Biden said as he headed home after playing the first golf game of his presidency. “The problem was that the refugee part was working on the crisis that ended up on the border with young people.”

He’s still misidentifying the problem of course. Correctly identifying the problem would put the blame for the mess directly on the shoulders of himself and Kamala Harris. And, you can’t have that.

Clearly, however, Biden was operating without a script and that’s the most dangerous thing for his own agenda that he could possibly do.

I can’t get over the feeling that Joe Biden finally getting around to admitting that what we have at the border is a crisis, (his words not mine), was merely a slip of the tongue. That said, I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to be before he finally gets around to admitting that that crisis was created by Democratic party policies, and specifically, is policies…his bowing to the extreme left.

In fairness to Biden, it’s becoming increasingly untenable for the White House to keep denying that there is in fact a crisis there, but one gets the impression it’s handlers are going to be annoyed with him for having drifted off the script again.

And where in the world is the vice president? Wasn’t she supposed to be in charge of taking care of the problem down there? It’s clear that the Democrats don’t have a clue as to what to do about the problem that they’ve created, and that the reason Harris hasn’t shown up on the border as she will be immediately expected to be fixing the problem.

She’ll never do it, she doesn’t know how… none of the Democrats do, in fact. Their preconceived notions, their one- worldism stands in the way of all logic.

The biggest problem the Democrats face with this right now is the same problem that they’re facing across the board. They can’t blame president Trump for it any longer. They broke this, they own it, and they know it, and they simply have no clue as to how to deal with it.

From Spiked

No decent human being could disagree with the assertion that the lives of black people matter – and if they don’t currently, then they should. But to agree with the claims made by protesters, activists and campaigners marching under the banner of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a different question entirely.

Do you agree that US police forces are committing a ‘genocide’ of black Americans? And, if you do think this is happening, do you agree that actions that go beyond peaceful protest are justified in addressing this? Is it enough not to be racist, or must society be reorganised to be actively ‘anti-racist’?

In other words, forget about equality, because some animals are more equal than others. And if you don’t sign on for that, you’re a racist. At least, that’s what Black lives Matter” is trying to sell.

But more egregious then them actually trying to sell this garbage, corporate America has signed on for it and that’s where we start running into problems.

BLM has been embraced by big businesses of practically every sector. Last summer, companies fell over each other to advertise their BLM-friendliness. Whether it was McDonald’s changing its name temporarily on social media to ‘Amplifying Black Voices’ or the CEO of JPMorgan Chase ‘taking the knee’ in front of an open bank vault, BLM and big business became best buddies.

A look into the history of the German Weimar Republic will reveal some downright frightening similarities. Similar also, are the history of Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, China, and more recently, Venezuela.

Big business you see, recognizes intuitively that the rioters are putting money in their pockets, so long as they tow the socio-political line. So who cares if black-owned small businesses by the dozens are being burned out by these rioters? Big business is making money because they’re pretending they care.

And as we’ve all seen by now BLM leadership is making money hand over fist on this as well. Just one example of where all that money is going…

As protests broke out across the country in the name of Black Lives Matter, the group’s co-founder went on a real estate buying binge, snagging four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone, according to property records.

Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37, also eyed property in the Bahamas at an ultra-exclusive resort where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods both have homes, The Post has learned. Luxury apartments and townhouses at the beachfront Albany resort outside Nassau are priced between $5 million and $20 million, according to a local agent.

It is truly frightening how often we have to relearn this lesson.

Eric Florack on April 13th, 2021

Let’s look closely at the press conference in Minneapolis by way of The Federalist:

During a press conference on Monday, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon sparred with the press after a reporter tried to stop him from calling the destruction and violence outside of Minneapolis on Sunday a riot.

“Just so everybody is clear, I was front and center at the protest, at the riot,” Gannon said.

Before he could continue the press conference, Gannon faced disputes from multiple reporters who took issue with his use of the word “riot” and demanded that he stop using it.

“It was not a riot,” one reporter shot back.

“There was no riot,” another reporter warned, joined by other members of the press who said, “don’t do that.”

Gannon quickly shut down the allegation from the media by explaining that multiple officers were “putting themselves in harm’s way” as objects rained down on them.

Fox News filed a similar and somewhat more detailed report

None of the rest of the mainstream media even touched on the subject.

Funny how the press wasn’t pressuring the authorities not to call the protests in DC a riot.

But in this case there can’t possibly have been a riot because there’s a Democrat in the white house. Those things simply don’t happen when Democrats are in power.

Do you see the problem yet?

Eric Florack on April 13th, 2021

I’m watching, as is the rest of the nation, the events in Minneapolis. For example BLM threatening to tax the police and come kill their families. Ladies and gentlemen this is what Joe Clueless calls “mostly peaceful”.

Can you imagine if any other race was guilty of such things, that they wouldn’t be in jail right now? And need I point out that more white people are shot by the police than any other race? So then, why is it that when white folks get shot nobody riots? It hardly makes a mention in the mainstream media.

There was a police officer shot in Austin the other day. Did you know about it?

Go ahead and tell me about “white privilege” again.

As to the specific incident in Minneapolis that started this most recent spate of rioting, unlike the rioters the Democrats and their lackeys in the news media, I’m going to sit back and wait for the other shoe to drop. Perhaps you’ve noticed the same trend I have, wherein once the facts start coming out, the situation is not what they would have us believe.

Tony Perkins says:

The 2021 baseball season isn’t even a week old, and it’s already over for some fans. Why? Because, as Andrew McCarthy so efficiently put it: the Left ruins everything. Sports, entertainment, toys, snack cakes, you name it. Their wokeness is a cancer, and it’s taking every enjoyable, unifying, non-political piece of American life and destroying it. In Georgia, their crusade against the state’s election law is built on a house of lies. And for once, GOP leaders aren’t letting them get away with it.

If Major League Baseball wants to alienate half of the country and pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta over a law that makes our elections safer, let them, Governor Brian Kemp (R) argued. It will only show the rest of the country who they are: cowards who cave to “fear, political opportunism, and liberal lies.” In this moment, he told Americans, we need to make a decision about what we’re going to tolerate as a people. If we don’t, “facts and truth won’t matter.” The far-Left will come for “every aspect of your life,” and there won’t be a single patch of everyday America when they’re done. As for me and my administration, he warned, “I will not back down. Georgians will not be bullied. We will continue to stand up for secure, accessible, fair elections.”

This is precisely what I was talking about years ago, when I suggested that the American people are desperate for a conservative willing to fight for what they believe, to go to the mat every single time, just like the Democrats do because that’s the only way that we’re going to win these battles.

If we are to judge on this instance, I would say that Brian Kemp is going to be playing very large come 2024.

As for Major League baseball, they could shut down the entire operation tomorrow and I would rejoice over it. It has become a platform for anti-americanism and I’m getting damned sick of it.

davidl on April 5th, 2021

Many politicians, mostly liberal, make a big deal about being Christian. Such is their right.  However I note that their words and deeds all too often fail to reflect their professed beliefs, from Townhall:

Sen. Raphael Warnock, who once served as senior pastor at the Atlanta church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached, deleted a tweet on Easter Sunday after critics blasted him as a “heretic.[…]
Warnock claimed people are able to “save” themselves through good works.
“The meaning of Easter is more transcendent than the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

At least Warnock seems to associate Jesus Christ with Easter. Alas the would be reverend does not seem to associate Jesus with being a Christian.

Then we have the faux President, the dimwit from Delaware who seems to deny Jesus Christ has any connection with Easter.

Reax MSN:

Commenters on social media criticized the president for not saying Jesus’s name during his message. The couple did, however, say a variation of the word “vaccine” four times and “virus” twice

Can press secretary Jen P-Sack tell me again that Slow Joe is such a devoted Catholic.

Eric Florack on April 4th, 2021

# If you’re complaining about the cost of fuel and with it the cost of everything else, and you’re looking for a cause of the problem? I would strongly advise you to check out the Biden -Harris bumper sticker on your Prius. You will find that it has sucked all the credibility out of your complaint.

# When people get used to special treatment, actual equal treatment seems like discrimination. And no, those aren’t my words. Those are the words of Dr Thomas Sowell.

# Ponder the implications of this.


Pol Pot.

None of these did their own killing, for the most part. Normal people committed those atrocities for them.

# Maybe the MLB can move its All-Star Game to Beijing.

# Joe Biden flat out lied about Georgia’s election law, a law which should be in all 50 states. By that standard, and by the standard applied to president Trump, why isn’t Joe Biden banned from social media?

# So Bill Gates is considering the idea of blocking some of the sun’s rays to keep us from warming the planet too much. And yet he’s telling us that we should be going to solar power. How does that work?

# I noticed that Democrats are not campaigning for all minorities to get IDs. I mean, if not being able to obtain an ID is a problem, let’s solve that problem, instead of complaining that requiring an ID is worse than Jim Crow.

# Past that I would suggest that voting should be as easy as buying a gun. And that’s giving quite a bit in the compromise, since a vote is by far more deadly, as we are now seeing following the November election.

Eric Florack on April 3rd, 2021

A few thoughts that have occurred to me over the last several days.

# The Democrats are wetting their pants over Russia again, for the simple reason that China is wetting their pants over Russia. If the Democrats are doing something, check out who’s holding the leash. You’re going to find China there every time.

# Fauci is now saying that there is a varient of covid-19 out in the wild that evades testing. So let’s make sure I’ve got this right. I may be sick with a virus that has no symptoms cannot be detected and this is why he wants us all to be wearing masks? I guess the question of how stupid he thinks the American people are, has been answered.

# So the guy that was responsible for the death of the capital cop in a knife attack as well as a lot of damage and who also died in the attack the other day… his name was Noah Green. He was a Nation of Islam supporter.

Which in turn, explains why we haven’t been seeing the news media going 24/7 on this stuff anymore. The narrative fell apart on them. Seems only a day ago we were being told that this was an act of white supremacy that could have been stopped if we’d only passed common Sense gun reform. It wasn’t a white guy, it wasn’t a gun, oops. Dead silence.

I mentioned yesterday that Naomi Wolf had finally reached the international “enough” line.

Now, it seems, Washington Post is starting to follow suit;

“What I’m worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick. It’s sick … deciding that you’re going to end voting at five o’clock when working people are just getting off work.”

But… Among other things the Post says:

On Election Day in Georgia, polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and if you are in line by 7 p.m., you are allowed to cast your ballot. Nothing in the new law changes those rules.

There’s certainly is a level of desperation in the Democrats pursuit of removing every barrier to vote fraud. The real objection of course is it the Democrats won’t be able to cheat their way into office. And the old saying applies here, that the flack is always the heaviest over the target.

Which in turn, is precisely why the Democrats are pushing the unconstitutional idea of federalizing elections.

But the thing is,when the lies get so bad and so desperate from the Democrats on these matters, that even traditionally Democrat channels like the Washington Post start fact checking them, you know it’s a big F’ing deal, just steal one of Biden’s phrases.

And look, I suppose that the Democrats can just write this one off as more Joe Biden’s well known disconnected idiocy, and that would certainly be an easy sell. The trouble is, I don’t think that he would be coming up with this stuff if it wasn’t being fed to him.

Eric Florack on April 1st, 2021

Victoria Taft reports that liberal writer Naomi wolf is about to get denounced:

.Wolf, who started a tech site that she says is meant to bring the right and left together, says the passport would divide people between haves and have nots: those who have had the COVID shot and those who have not. In her words, it “is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”

She has spent the last year or two supposedly trying to bring left and right together but frankly her biggest problem is always been a lack of credibility on the right and, if anything, a grudging acceptance on the left which just evaporated. You know very well what happens to people who step outside of the accepted mantra.

I’d like to say that she’s learned, apparently a little too late, that ending human Liberty is what the left has always been about, else, that being kicked out of the club will enlighten her on these matters, but frankly I doubt she’s got that much in the way of gray matter. She’s a fair writer, but one quality she lacks is the ability to think things all the way through as evidenced by what she has written over the years.

That she understands that what we’re heading for with this proposal of Biden’s is virus Gestapo is an improvement, but only a marginal one that comes far too late for her.

She’s finally seen a glimmer of Truth… Though not all of it… and will be ostracized for her pains and in the end she won’t have a stinking clue as to why.

I foresee more of the left coming to the conclusion that what they’re seeing from their current leadership is not what they had in mind at all, and having reached the international enough line, begin to speak openly against what they’ve worked so long for.

Sadly, Siberia and many parts of China as well as Cuba Cambodia and Vietnam and Korea are littered with the graves of people who came to those conclusions too late

Eric Florack on March 30th, 2021

For the benefit of those who don’t understand the reference there was a cartoon strip called Pogo years ago, drawn by the brilliant Walt Kelly.

My Australian friend, Arthur Chrenkoff, at The Daily Chrenk, perhaps unwittingly, brings Pogo to life;

The West is falling not because barbarians have breached the gates; our own people have degenerated into barbarism and are tearing down the civilisation from within – while continuing to enjoy its benefits.

Go and read the whole thing.

Eric Florack on March 30th, 2021

The Conservative Treehouse this morning…

Apparently the far-left have a need to reignite COVID weaponized fear. With more states dropping mask mandates and opening up their restrictions, the JoeBama administration is facing a crisis of spontaneous self-reliance breaking out. They really need the COVID fear to continue their control over all facets of society.

It’s likely they need to funnel more money into their allied corporate funders and the COVID fear is a necessary component therein. The globalist vaccination passport agenda also needs a dangerous virus in order to facilitate the control program. If states are open, masks dropped, restrictions removed and COVID is not deadly, it will be a lot harder to sell the registration program underpinning the vaccination passport agenda.

Likely so.

and the thing is it’s going to be very hard to sell these enforcement actions when the states that have opened up their states remove the mask Band-Aids and so on are seeing a significant drop in the transmission of the disease. Obviously the answer to their problem to their mindlessness is to increase fear.

This isn’t about saving lives, this is about politics.

I will say this again:

If it’s a good idea it doesn’t need governmental enforcement to make it happen.

Since those States removing covid-19 related restrictions are seeing a rather dramatic drop in the infection rates, one wonders why the fear needs to be ramped up? It’s certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the science.

Eric Florack on March 30th, 2021

We’ve had some problems the last few days with the site, which would not accept postings for reasons that we don’t fully understand yet.

That said at the moment it’s working so keep a close eye on us.

Eric Florack on March 19th, 2021

How do you explain Democrats?