I find myself increasingly disillusioned with the chances of the GOP getting a working majority going and winning the White House in 2 years time.

40 years ago give or take, I watched as the GOP establishment spent an awful lot of time money and effort to disassociate itself from the legacy of Ronald Reagan and the lessons that he taught. My perception is that that history is repeating itself in this cycle.

The establishment of the party has never quite figured out that there was a serious reason why the GOP voter, the rank and file sat on their hands for Romney and McCain, and why they completely rejected Jeb Bush.

At this point my perception is they’re going to try to set us up with another establishment critter in 2 years which of history is in a judge is a guaranteed loss.


Eric Florack on December 1st, 2022

I had occasion to be in a restaurant where “The View” was on the other day and I have a few observations from that disheartening experience.

Joy Behar is evidence that placenta CAN survive outside the womb.

I’m convinced that the only reason that anyone would hang around Whoopi Goldberg anymore is that she’s large enough to have her own gravity field.

It’s totally beyond me how anyone thinks that watching these ponderous poultry flap their lips is of any interest, beyond the laxative effect.

Perhaps with the leadership change at Disney, some changes could be made.

Eric Florack on November 28th, 2022

We couldn’t see this one coming.
Yeah, right.

From The Economist this morning, but notably in very few American mainstream outlets:

FROM URUMQI in the north-west to Shanghai in the east, demonstrations and protests have rocked China in recent days. They have varied in size, tenor and composition, but all have been united by one theme: demands for an end to the harsh lockdowns and arbitrary controls of the country’s “zero-covid” campaign. Taken together, they represent a broad-based and diverse bellow of frustration of a sort very rarely heard in China. Though not all protests are explicitly political, they are an unmistakable rebuke for President Xi Jinping, hailed by state media as “commander in chief of the people’s war against covid”.

Just how bad is it?

Many people are increasingly fed up with that war. The latest trigger came on November 24th, when a fire at an apartment block in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang region, killed at least ten people and injured nine others. Local residents claimed that doorways and fire exits in the building were sealed to control covid.

It’s remarkable that the American press hasn’t been covering this nearly as much as the story warrants.

Eric Florack on November 21st, 2022
I firmly believe that the ideal GOP ticket for 2024 would be Trump – DeSantis.

Yes I’m aware there’s animosity at the moment between the two, but I’m going to give you several ideas to think about.

Author Mark Twain once observed that if you take a stray dog in and make him prosperous, he won’t bite you. This, he observed, is the principal difference between men and dogs.

The difference between a starving dog and Governor DeSantis is that DeSantis will bite you after you make him prosperous, as Donald Trump has been recently finding out.

So there is no mistaking my thought here, I will tell you flat out that I think the actions of Governor DeSantis as regards Donald Trump opportunistic and ungrateful, and frankly I have difficulty putting any degree of trust in such an individual. I suspect and will suppose that I am far from alone in this. The governor wouldn’t even be in that position absent Trump’s involvement and backing.

National elections, particularly the contentious ones as 2024 Doubtless will be, are a crucible in which we burn away candidates who are not qualified. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Teamed up, those two could do great things together but to make that happen the governor needs to get over himself and realize that neither he nor Trump can bring about the policies on a national scale that both he and Trump … And the voters…want.

The governor has two years to mend some fences to make this happen, and frankly I wonder if he has the integrity to do it.

If the governor decides that he can’t bring himself to do that, not only will he fail in the 2024 election but so will the GOP. And believe me, the Democrats are salivating with that thought… Because they know there is nobody else that the GOP establishment is going to push through the primary process who will get any better response from the rank and file voters than Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and John McCain got.

The message for the governor and for the GOP establishment is precisely the same message: embrace Trump, or fail. There are no other options.

So in the end, that raid on Trump’s house was nothing more than a political exercise.

As I originally told you.

Nobody should be surprised that the mainstream media sat on the story until after the midterms.

Eric Florack on November 16th, 2022
  • Despite their claims to the contrary, the people that are pointing fingers at Donald Trump for the less the ideal outcome of election day were never Trumpers to begin with. These are people that have never gotten over Jeb Bush being rejected by the rank and file GOP voter. In other words, this was an attack waiting for an excuse.
  • The time has come for the GOP rank and file the seriously asked whether or not Governor DeSantis is merely the latest iteration of the GOP establishment critter.
  • The data point constantly mentioned by the pool takers is that 75 some odd percent of the voters believed the country was going in the wrong direction. Trouble is, they apparently never bothered asking what the voters thought was the right direction. Or, if they did, they never bothered telling us the answer.
  • The changing state by state population Dynamics play a good deal larger in this election then anybody figured on. To exemplify this, I’ve got a thought for you, and it’s not fully formed yet but you’ll see where I’m going I think.
    Florida is taking in on the order of 850 to 900 people a day the last I knew. The statistics that we have available suggest that they are mostly coming from deep blue States like New York Pennsylvania and Michigan.

    With that in mind let’s look closely at the Lee Zelden campaign. He actually ran quite a good campaign. He hit every county in the state, and did all the hard work that you would expect from a good candidate.

    He lost by something like five points. It seems reasonable to suggest the reason for that loss is that the people who would have voted for him moved to Florida.

    Now do you understand the comments from the Democrats like Cuomo, saying that if you’re a pro-life conservative you have no place in New York?

And so now we have Josh Hawley saying that this most recent election was a funeral for the GOP.

Actually, no… The funeral for the establishment GOP happened a long time ago Josh. You just weren’t smart enough to pick up on it. The rank and file utterly rejected what the establishment GOP offered up and instead dominated and elected Donald Trump.

That rebellion started a long time ago, before Trump was even a blip on the political radar. Remember when the GOP voters sat on their hands when the establishment tried to force John McCain, Mitt Romney and most recently Jeb Bush down our throats?

The Establishment has been mightily trying to overcome that ever since that has failed.

The fact the matter is that the rank and file GOP voter is far more conservative than anything that either the Democrats or the establishment GOP has coughed up in 50 years, with two exceptions:

Ronald Reagan
Donald Trump

Both of whom I note with annoyance the GOP establishment has spent millions of dollars, and lost many elections trying to separate themselves from. In other words, The Establishment still hasn’t gotten the message.

We should all be paying more attention to the Gateway Pundit. They’ve been all over this FTX collapse.

We have information that the tens of billions of dollars going to Ukraine were actually laundered back to the US to corrupt Democrats and elites using FTX cryptocurrency. Now the money is gone and FTX is bankrupt.

As I’ve been saying, it’s no accident that this FTX crash occurred within hours of the election. Once it was understood that the Democrats were going to lose the house and it’s investigative powers and those Powers would end up in the hands of republicans, it became necessary for FTX to self- immolate. If you want to prevent people from understanding what was going on inside of a building, can you imagine a better way of doing it then burning the building to the ground?

As it stands right now, the Democrat party is up to its armpits in the largest financial and political scandal in American history, and the mainstream news media is just barely scratching the story, and then only occasionally.

Eric Florack on November 10th, 2022
It’s time for the “blame Trump” crowd to ask themselves very seriously, is their new hero, DeSantis, merely the latest version of an establishment GOP critter?

The establishment GOP… the Mitch McConnell Mitt Romney John McCain wing of the party, spent 45 years trying to crap all over Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

I suggest we are seeing history repeat itself as the GOP establishment desperately tries to protect itself by disassociating itself with the biggest success they’ve had since the Gipper.

Eric Florack on November 9th, 2022
There are still a number of races that haven’t been called yet as I write this but it seems clear that there are a number of things to take away from last night. The signs we are getting from the early returns are at least confusing. They speak to a pattern which does not mesh well with what we were getting from the polling data.

Which of course means either the polling data was wrong or the vote has been tampered with. Those two are not mutually exclusive but there’s no other possible conclusions to draw. I won’t speculate on either one of those possibilities until I get it clearer picture what’s going on. That said, there are several points which are clear:

Among them, it that the Joe Biden promise of “uniting America” has been proven to be the LIE it always was. Like it or not, America is still as divided as it has ever been, perhaps. more so.

If I read the signs from the individual voting districts correctly, it would appear that where Democrats have carried the day it was in the large heavily populated cities. No surprise, this is something I’ve noted in previous elections.

Taking that observation to step further, I note that where Democrats won governorships their states are dominated by the largest cities in the nation. Example, New York City and Detroit.

Outside of those two examples however Republican governors did pretty well.  I have also observed in previous election results postings that group think is far easier to produce and maintain in such places. The takeaway here is, that hasn’t changed.

There is a fair amount of evidence that there were significant violations of election law yesterday, for example in Pennsylvania where illegal electioneering for Shapiro and for Fetterman was caught on video. You can bet that nothing will be done about it.

Suspiciously, Maricopa county Arizona and Essex county New jersey, we’re saddled with machines that couldn’t count the votes. I say suspiciously because both of these areas are known to produce high numbers of Republican voters. Nothing to see here, citizen, going on about your lives. Far from being the only places where such things happened, but the most glaring.

Then there’s the muddled message being sent by the GOP establishment which still hasn’t gotten over the idea that the GOP rank and file has utterly rejected that go along to get along attitude of the establishment elite.

The message to that GOP establishment is you either stand behind Trump or you lose. The trouble there is they don’t mind losing so long as an actual conservative doesn’t win, as I observed in the past. Remember these are the people that spent 45 years trying to disassociate themselves from Ronald Reagan.

Far better off had Trump arranged for the removal of the establishment types from within the upper echelons of the party as priority one, back in 2016.

Put more succinctly, if we could get the establishment GOP out of the way the Democrats wouldn’t be nearly the problem that they are electorally speaking.

I’m still digesting the data and I have no doubt I will have more to say.

Eric Florack on November 8th, 2022
Once these midterm elections go by there will be a short period of price spikes. Those price spikes are what would have happened and if the Democrats haven’t been trying to buy your votes by cutting gasoline taxes by draining the strategic petroleum reserve. What’s the Democrats lose their grip on power, all that’s will be off. All their attempts at mitigation of the price spikes that they caused will disappear, because they have no reason to remove the suffering of the American people

In fact, it will be to their advantage they will believe to blame that suffering on the newly elected Republican Congress.

Prices will come back down but not till at least mid January after the new Congress is had an opportunity to deal with the idiotic policies we’ve been running under for the last couple of years.

Lunch, also, in all of this for the usual finger pointing during those price spikes. The Democrats are going to be trying to blame everybody but themselves for what we’re going to be dealing with or two.

You will know very well what I’m talking about when you see it.

Interesting read at Legal Insurrection this morning.

With all signs pointing to a red wave in next week’s midterm elections, Democrats are already in the process of stomping their feet and beginning the finger-pointing ahead of the anticipated losses that some political experts predict could be of pretty epic proportions. For instance, some Democratic strategists have suggested that the real problem in some key House races is not the Democrat nominees themselves but the state’s governors, who the strategists say are “dragging down the rest of the ballot”.

Over the last two years, the focus has unquestionably been Democrat party policy as represented by the Biden administration. Certainly, there are governors such as New York and California which have become targets, but on the whole the focus has been on the national front.

Consider: In those two years, the Democrats have had nothing blocking their agenda. They have the White House and both houses of Congress as well as a willing stenographer in the mainstream media. This is not a case of Democrat party philosophies and policies being imperfectly implemented, or being blocked.

Rather, this is a case of those policies and philosophies being perfectly implemented. Those policies and philosophies are themselves flawed and are therefore the core problem.

You’ll never see Democrats mentioning that. They have never understood, (or, perhaps more accurately, have never allowed themselves to understand) that it is their policies that are their biggest liability.

This time around will be no different. It’s a lot easier for them to blame individuals within the party, and political strategy than it is to blame the philosophical basis of the party.

It’s to the point now where even the Democrat party rank and file in large numbers understand this, and are reacting accordingly. As I’ve often said, there is nothing that can create GOP voters faster and more permanently than Democrat policy.

And by the way, the primary season on the Democrat side for 2024 I predict will be extremely nasty. Desperation will do that to you.

Eric Florack on November 5th, 2022
From American Greatness:

Better yet, as Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles noted, our best response to this trash—beyond Hell, no—is military tribunals for all the little fascists who demanded lockdowns, public and private vaccine mandates, the firing of cops and firemen, ruthless mask mandates, and even the firing of active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines for refusing the vaccine. So much for “supporting the troops”! All the while, let’s not forget, the little fascists sincerely hoped everyone questioning all of the above would just die already. So no, I’m not for “COVID amnesty.” Those responsible should be happy with life in jail and the loss of pensions and benefits.

Indeed. We need to prevent such things from ever happening again, and serious jail time for the culprits is the only way to do that. We can start, but certainly not end our efforts with one Anthony Fauci.

As the article points out, the was no excuse whatever for what they did to us.

As for being in the dark, that’s because said freaks chose to remain there so they could let their inner fascist run wild. Within weeks, well-credentialed science and health specialists were warning about the unreliable science behind masks, forced lockdowns in senior care facilities, and the potential long-term harm masking and isolation would cause to young people. All of these objections were met with threats, professional derision, and cancellation by the people who are now calling for absolution.

Shall we mention the deaths still happening, as a result of the little power rush these brown shirts had, as we see more evidence of the jab causing otherwise inexplicable deaths among otherwise healthy young folks?  As I said previously, the legacy of these animals will forever be mother’s father’s and grandparents dying… Alone… In a nursing home, cut off from their families and friends by these cretins, while they publicly ignored the draconian measures imposed on us mere peasants.

As I said last April:

For a little over a year and a half, the last months of my mother’s life, we were not allowed to visit her… This wasn’t just a situation of putting stress on myself and my brother and my sister, this put a larger stress on my mom. I am firmly convinced that she died as much from loneliness as from the other medical problems that she suffered from at age 98.

As a result of that, and being perfectly blunt with you, I want Anthony Fauci’s head on a platter, along with the head of anyone else responsible for the illegal research which led to so many being negatively affected, often to their deaths.

Angry? You’re damn right I’m angry.

Look, we can argue all day long about whether or not the lockdowns were appropriate. We can argue all day long about whether or not the government’s reaction to the spread of covid-19 was the correct one to take. Personally, I believe the governmental response was totally inappropriate, directed as it was by people who had no clue what they were dealing with.

However, all of that ignores the larger question of responsibility and culpability for the creation of the virus in the first place. A good deal of that lack was caused by the people who were responsible for the virus being created and spread, being charged with directing the worldwide response to it. They were so busy trying to cover their own backsides, that a correct response to the virus became an impossibility.

Depending on the people who caused the problem, and are more interested in covering their backsides than solving the problem is probably not the best path to a solution, as a rule.

Well, they succeeded in covering their own backsides… That being their priority… in that we have never seen any criminal prosecutions as a result of the millions of deaths caused by this gain of function research that Fauci signed off on.

But more than just the folks who died are involved here… there needs to be Justice levied for the amount of stress placed on people around the world because of those illegal actions. The survivors you see, need Justice too.

The call for Amnesty from these criminals is totally predictable, and should be totally ignored as we investigate and prosecute them.

Every last one of them.

I believe that the responsibility for starting that ball rolling falls to the soon to be elected Republican Congress…. And I wonder if they will have the stones to perform that task

Eric Florack on November 3rd, 2022

Details at the Ace of Spades HQ

Hell if you’ll remember back in 2019, when he got canned from Fox News…

(Yes I’m aware that the leadership at Fox LED on that he has to be let out of his contract. First of all, I think that’s a line of garbage.. that was the image that they wanted to leave, I will guarantee you that it was part of his exit deal, but secondly it seemed to me at the time and to many others that Fox was quite eager to see his back as he walked out the door… I’m telling you he got canned, or was about to be if he didn’t leave… And the reason was is viewership numbers were in the toilet.) To say the very least he was very one-sided and usually against the majority of the American people. As it turns out that probably wasn’t the best approach to generate popularity for his shows. Example:

Anyway I said (rather sarcastically) back in 2019, that I expected him to be giving continuous updates on MSNBC that they expect to have evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump team “any day now” . Turned out that prediction wasn’t far wrong. And my friends, that’s precisely why he’s gone now.

Even CNBC has finally had enough.

And yes, there’s some speculation on this point, but I can’t help but wonder if this dismissal doesn’t have something to do with the bloodbath that the people he’s been defending for the last several years are about to undergo at the ballot box.