Eric Florack on October 28th, 2021

Everyone should take the time to read this. Slowly, and patiently, because it’s very important.

From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. A Grand Jury had been impaneled. Governments from around the world had donated to the “Charity”.

Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those “Donations” to the Clinton Foundation were declared. Now you would think that an honest investigator would be able to figure this out.

Look who took over this investigation in 2005, none other than James Comey. Coincidence? Guess who was transferred into the Internal Revenue Service to run the Tax Exemption Branch of the IRS? None other than, Lois Lerner. Isn’t that interesting?
But this is all just a series of strange coincidences, right? Guess who ran the Tax Division inside the Department of Justice from 2001 to 2005? None other than the Assistant Attorney General of the United States, Rod Rosenstein.

Guess who was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during this time frame? Another coincidence (just an anomaly in statistics and chances), but it was Robert Mueller.
What do all four casting characters have in common? They all were briefed and/or were front-line investigators into the Clinton Foundation Investigation.

Another coincidence, right?

Fast forward to 2009. James Comey leaves the Justice Department to go and cash-in at Lockheed Martin. Hillary Clinton is running the State Department, official government business, on her own personal email server. The Uranium One “issue” comes to the attention of Hillary. Like all good public servants do, supposedly looking out for America’s best interest, she decides to support the decision and approve the sale of 20% of US Uranium to no other than, the Russians. Now, you would think that this is a fairly straight up deal, except it wasn’t. America got absolutely nothing out of it.

However, prior to the sales approval, none other than Bill Clinton goes to Moscow, gets paid $500,000 for
a one hour speech; then meets with Vladimir Putin at his home for a few hours. Ok, no big deal right? Well, not so fast, the FBI had a mole inside the money laundering and bribery scheme.

Robert Mueller was the FBI Director during this time frame. He even delivered a Uranium Sample to Moscow in 2009. Who was handling that case within the Justice Department out of the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland? None other than, Rod Rosenstein.

And what happened to the informant?

The Department of Justice placed a gag order on him and threatened to lock him up if he spoke out about it.
How does 20% of the most strategic asset of the United States of America end up in Russian hands when the FBI has an informant, a mole providing inside information to the FBI on the criminal enterprise?

Very soon after; the sale was approved. $145 million dollars in “donations” made their way into the Clinton Foundation from entities directly connected to the Uranium One deal. Guess who was still at the Internal Revenue Service working the Charitable Division? None other than, Lois Lerner.

Ok, that’s all just another series of coincidences, nothing to see here, right?

Let’s fast forward to 2015. Due to a series of tragic events in Benghazi and after the 9 “investigations” the House, Senate and at State Department, Trey Gowdy who was running the 10th investigation as Chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi discovers that Hillary ran the State Department on an unclassified, unauthorized, outlaw personal email server. He also discovered that none of
those emails had been turned over when she departed her “Public Service” as Secretary of State which was required by law. He also discovered that there was Top Secret information contained within her personally archived email.

Sparing you the State Departments cover up, the nostrums they floated, the delay tactics that were employed and the outright lies that were spewed forth from the necks of the Kerry State Department, we shall leave it with this, they did everything humanly possible to cover for Hillary.
Now this is amazing, guess who became FBI Director in 2013? None other than James Comey, who secured 17 no bid contracts for his employer
(Lockheed Martin) with the State Department and was rewarded with a $6 million dollar thank you present
when he departed his employer?

Amazing how all those no-bids just went right through at the State Department. Now he is the FBI Director in charge of the “Clinton Email Investigation” after of course his FBI Investigates the Lois Lerner “Matter” at the Internal Revenue Service and he exonerates her. Nope, couldn’t find any crimes there.

In April 2016, James Comey drafts an exoneration letter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, meanwhile the DOJ is handing out immunity deals like candy.They didn’t even convene a Grand Jury! Like a lightning bolt of statistical impossibility, like a miracle from God himself, like the true “Gangsta” Comey is, James steps out into the cameras of an awaiting press conference on July 5th of 2016, and exonerates Hillary from any wrongdoing.

Do you see the pattern?

It goes on and on, Rosenstein becomes Assistant Attorney General, Comey gets fired based upon a letter by Rosenstein, Comey leaks government information to the press, Mueller is assigned to the Russian Investigation sham by Rosenstein to provide cover for decades of malfeasance within the FBI and DOJ and the story continues.
FISA abuse, political espionage pick a crime, any crime, chances are this group and a few others did it:
All the same players.

All compromised and conflicted.

All working fervently to NOT go to jail themselves.

All connected in one way or another to the Clinton’s.

They are like battery acid; they corrode and corrupt everything they touch. How many lives have these two destroyed?

As of this writing, the Clinton Foundation, in its 20+ years of operation of being the largest International Charity Fraud in the history of mankind, has never been audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

Let us not forget that Comey’s brother works for DLA Piper, the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.
The person that is the common denominator to all the crimes above and still doing her evil escape legal maneuvers at the top of the 3 Letter USA Agencies? Yes, that would be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Let’s learn a little about Mrs. Lisa H. Barsoomian’s background. Lisa H. Barsoomian, an Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law, is a protégé of James Comey and Robert Mueller. Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998.

Lawrence also represented;
Robert Mueller three times,
James Comey five times,
Barack Obama 45 times,
Kathleen Sebelius 56 times,
Bill Clinton 40 times,
and Hillary Clinton 17 times.
Between 1998 and 2017, Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least five times.

You may be saying to yourself, who cares about the work history of this Barsoomian woman? Apparently, someone does, because someone out there cares so much that they’ve “purged” all Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg vs. Clinton in 1998 and its appeal in 1999 from the DC District and Appeals Court
dockets. Someone out there cares so much that even the internet has been “purged” of all information pertaining to Barsoomian.

Historically, this indicates that the individual is a protected CIA operative. Additionally, Lisa Barsoomian has specialized in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the intelligence community. Although, Barsoomian has been involved in hundreds of cases representing the DC Office of the US Attorney, her email address is [email protected] The NIH stands for National Institutes of Health.

This is a tactic routinely used by the CIA to protect an operative by using another government organization to shield their activities. It’s a cover, so big deal right?

What does one more attorney with ties to the US intelligence community really matter?

It deals with Trump and his recent tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, the border wall, DACA, everything coming out of California, the Uni-party unrelenting opposition to President Trump, the Clapper leaks, the Comey leaks, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal and subsequent 14 month nap with occasional forays into the marijuana legalization mix and last but not least Mueller’s never-ending investigation into collusion between the
Trump team and the Russians.

Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention? Because she is Assistant Attorney General Rod
Rosenstein’s wife.

All of this leads us to today.

Notice again the reference to the NIH. Now remember I’ve mentioned several times over the last few months Anthony Fauci breathlessly predicting that Donald Trump was going to face a pandemic.

Put the pieces together folks. Do you begin to understand what we’re up against here?

Did you see what was happening in Congress yesterday? Probably not, because the mainstream media hasn’t touched this… Nor, I suspect, will they.

One Arizona man who appeared prominently in videos from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — but has never been charged — returned to prominence this week when those videos were replayed in Congress.

A video of Queen Creek resident Ray Epps was shown by U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky during a House oversight hearing where lawmakers questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland about the attack on the Capitol.

Massie used the video as occasion to ask Garland not just about Epps, but about the belief that federal agents were present and agitating people before the riot.

One video shows Epps telling people on Jan. 5 they need to go into the U.S. Capitol. Other video shows him directing them on Jan. 6 toward the historic building.

Massie showed video and images of Epps during the hearing, then asked Garland, “as far as we can find, this individual has not been charged with anything. You said this is one of the most sweeping investigations in history.”

Garland responded that the U.S. Department of Justice does not comment on pending investigations, especially particular scenes or individuals.

Massie persisted.

“Can you tell us — without talking about particular incidents or particular videos — how many agents or assets of the federal government were present on January 6? Whether they agitated to go into the Capitol and if any of them did?

“I’m not going to comment on an investigation that’s ongoing,” Garland responded.

Massie later accused Garland in a tweet of withholding evidence from Congress by not answering how many federal agents were in the crowd.

I’ve been telling you guys right along that this was a false flag operation, saying yesterday:

I am firmly convinced that what the Democrats constantly call an insurrection on January 6th, was in fact a false flag operation designed so the Democrats had a bully pulpit to preach at us from, and to minimize the reaction of the American people against their radical agenda

The evidence indicating exactly that, including the evasions and the obvious lies coming from the principles continues to mount.

Eric Florack on October 26th, 2021

I will stand behind Alec Baldwin. But, never, ever, in front of him.

Speaking of that creep, maybe you guys don’t remember this, but I do. When Dick Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner and longtime friend, Alec Baldwin was on Twitter 15 minutes later screaming about how Cheney should be arrested. The implications here should be clear to anybody with a pulse.

If, as the Democrats like the claim, this supposed infrastructure bill isn’t going to cost us anything, why are they trying to raise the debt ceiling?

I am firmly convinced that what the Democrats constantly call an insurrection on January 6th, was in fact a false flag operation designed so the Democrats had a fully pulpit to preach at us from, and to minimize the reaction of the American people against their radical agenda.

Chris Wallace praising Peppermint Patty is all I need to know about Chris Wallace.

I won’t even get into it here, but you need to investigate the rest of what Anthony Fauci’s been doing with American tax dollars. Do a cross reference on beagles and you’ll find it.

Let me just say that the silence of PETA on these matters tells me all I need to know about the value of PETA.

So it took something on the order of 24 hours for all kinds of vicious anti-gun stuff to show up from Alec Baldwin… Stuff that was written before he shot his director and cinematographer

Joe and Jane average citizen dug in and found1 all kinds of vicious anti-gun stuff that Alec Baldwin is posted online. Not all that hard, he’s been offering up that garbage for years now. As an example:

Back in 2017, Baldwin excoriated a police officer for shooting a violent suspect.

“I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone,” Baldwin tweeted along with the Los Angeles Times’ coverage of the shooting.

However, the officer was exonerated of any wrongdoing.

Of course, that’s just one example of hundreds and hardly the most egregious. In any event, I suppose he found the answer to his question.

You know, maybe, just maybe… Baldwin should have spent some time in an NRA gun safety course, instead of spending so much of his time being an idiot.

You see, I am convinced that if he actually had any knowledge of guns, I mean actual knowledge, the incident on the set of “Rust”wouldn’t have taken place.

The question must be asked, will Alec Baldwin apologize for all the crap he dished out over guns over the years? Will he withdraw his comments? Will he say they were wrong?

I doubt it.

Eric Florack on October 21st, 2021

Does anybody remember Katie Hill?

Two years ago next week, deep in the mists of time before the Chinese virus, a California congresswoman named Katie Hill was forced to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives because she got caught banging her staffers. Ever since, Hill has tried to frame herself as a champion for women, claiming her resignation was a reaction to “revenge porn.” She says her ex-husband leaked nude pictures of her, including one where she’s brushing the hair of one of her female staffers. And she claims she resigned because she didn’t want the scandal to be a distraction from impeaching Trump, which makes even less sense in hindsight than it did at the time. No, she resigned because Nancy Pelosi quietly made her resign.

Thanks to the always worthwhile Jim Treacher who came up with this one.

But it gets better. The woman is now having a child with the reporter that was sent to cover the story. No, I’m not kidding.

To recap: An ex-congresswoman was forced to resign because of her sexual relationships with her staffers, and now she’s having a baby with one of the reporters who was assigned to cover the story.

And these are the people that are trying to run our lives? Well give them credit for this at least. In the spirit of global warming they all arrived in one car.

Eric Florack on October 20th, 2021

From elsewhere …

REALITY CHECK: At a neighborhood BBQ I was talking to a neighbor, a BC Hydro Executive. I asked him how that renewable thing was doing. He laughed, then got serious “If you really intend to adopt electric vehicles, you have to face certain realities.”

“For example, a home charging system for a Tesla requires 75 amp service. The average house is equipped with 100 amp service. On our small street (approximately 25 homes), the electrical infrastructure would be unable to carry more than three houses with a single Tesla each. For even half the homes to have electric vehicles, the system would be wildly over-loaded. This is the elephant in the room with electric vehicles. Our residential infrastructure cannot bear the load.”

So, as our genius elected officials promote this nonsense, not only are we being urged to buy these things and replace our reliable, cheap generating systems with expensive new windmills and solar cells, but we will also have to renovate our entire delivery system! This later “investment” will not be revealed until we’re so far down this deadend road that it will be presented with an ‘OOPS…!’ and a shrug.

Eric test drove the Chevy Volt at the invitation of General Motors and he writes, “For four days in a row, the fully charged battery lasted only 25 miles before the Volt switched to the reserve gasoline engine.” Eric calculated the car got 30 mpg including the 25 miles it ran on the battery. So, the range including the 9-gallon gas tank and the 16 kwh battery is approximately 270 miles.

It will take you 4.5 hours to drive 270 miles at 60 mph. Then add 10 hours to charge the battery and you have a total trip time of 14.5 hours. In a typical road trip, your average speed (including charging time) would be 20 mph.

According to General Motors, the Volt battery holds 16 kwh of electricity. It takes a full 10 hours to charge a drained battery. The cost for the electricity to charge the Volt is never mentioned, so I looked up what I pay for electricity.

I pay approximately (it varies with amount used and the seasons) $1.16 per kwh. 16 kwh x $1.16 per kwh = $18.56 to charge the battery. $18.56 per charge divided by 25 miles = $0.74 per mile to operate the Volt using the battery. Compare this to a similar size car with a gasoline engine that gets only 32 mpg. $3.19 per gallon divided by 32 Mpg = $0.10 per mile.

The gasoline powered car costs about $25,000 while the Volt costs $46,000 plus. So, the Government wants us to pay twice as much for a car, that costs more than seven times as much to run and takes three times longer to drive across the country.


Eric Florack on October 19th, 2021

A collection of thoughts as I go through today;

It has always amazed me that the biggest sales pitch the Democrats have is that the American people are too stupid to buy their defective product.

That attitude that the Democrats have forever possessed, about how the American people are stupid , was most recently explain to us in graphic detail by Peppermint Patty, the propaganda minister who suggested the American people are not watching prices and couldn’t care less about inflation essentially.

Oh… speaking of Peppermint Patty, she came up with a line the other day about how federal law supersede state law? Apparently she’s never actually read the constitution, specifically the 10th amendment. I’m telling you, folks, if the Democrats ever manage to put together a constitutional convention the 10th amendment is the first thing that they will remove, so that they no longer have to ignore it.

The reason Colin Kaepernick is not getting a job in the NFL is the same reason that we don’t hire quadriplegics as firemen.

Neither one possesses the skill set required for the job. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t feel sorry for him if I were you. He’s made more money by playing the victim then he ever would have made playing football. Of course, there’s a reason for that. He’s better suited to playing the victim than he ever was playing football.

I note the passing of Colin Powell yesterday.

I suppose the biggest memory I have of the man is that every four years Powell, the man the press gleefully called a “lifelong Republican”…. Pretty much the same way they did the useless John McCain…. endorsed the Democrat party candidate.

Every single cycle.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza made me smile yesterday by saying that the Colin Powell Republican doesn’t exist in the Republican party anymore. What he fails to understand is… that’s a good thing, something to be celebrated..

I’ll explain that this way…The difference between the Democrats and the establishment Republicans is that the Democrats are far less dangerous. At least they’re not pretending to be Republicans. There is a difference you see between being dangerous and being treacherous.

Eric Florack on October 14th, 2021

Notice please that the Biden administration’s immediate response to empty store shelves his focused on getting goods imported from China off the cargo ships.

An American president would view things a little differently. Let the Chinese garbage rot on the ships. The priority should be the empty grocery store shelves. Let them eat cake is not going to be a satisfactory answer. But at least the way he’s going about it now satisfies Biden’s overlords in Beijing.

Which in turn will keep Hunter Biden into a generous supply of cocaine and prostitutes for a while longer.

Eric Florack on October 13th, 2021

I casually observe that whatever else the incident at the nation’s capital on January 6th was, it was decidedly not a protest against good government.

I made mention yesterday, of the BLM and antifa rioting in various cities around the country over the last 5 years or so, and that they all mysteriously disappeared the moment the Democrats supposedly won the election.

Notice, please, that the Democrats uniformly suborned those riots, supporting them with if nothing else, their silence. Observe, however, one unique feature of those riots which very few people talk about. They didn’t threaten Democrat party power as did the protesters in DC.

The grandstanding and holier than thou preaching from the Democrats over the DC riots is made a joke when you consider their silence over violence in other cities to which DC pales in comparison.

Their power wasn’t threatened by Antifa and by BLM, and so there was absolutely zero in the way of Democrats calling for massive arrests, months of investigations, and show hearings on Capitol Hill, as there was for the protests on January 6th.

Even a casual observation of each series of events will reveal that the difference between them and the reason for the different reaction to the riots in Milwaukee, say, and the riots in DC is that the riots in Milwaukee didn’t threaten Democrat party power. In fact, the argument could be easily made that unlike the events in DC the riots in Milwaukee furthered Democrat party power.

Still think you’re not being manipulated, America?

So the Democrats come away winners in an election by whatever means they managed it, and all the organized protests by BLM etc., stop.

It would be an unreasoning person indeed that wouldn’t connect the dots here. Obviously, the people who organized those events (whoever they might be)…_# got what they wanted. But what specific actions by the Democrats have made the lives of the rioters better?

You see, I’m looking at this from the standpoint of who benefits as a result of those riots. If we make the assumption that the organizers of those riots got what they wanted and that’s why we don’t have any more riots, what exactly did they get to placate them so? Where are the loud songs of praise coming from BLM on the Swift and decisive actions taken by the Democrats to satisfy their concerns? Have you seen any? I haven’t. I doubt you will.

You see, blm, and the other associated groups have always had somewhat of a murky leadership. They’ve always tried to paint a picture in the press about how it’s a grassroots movement, but those who have watched BLM in action no very well that they are far too organized for that, or were up until such time as the Democrats won the election.

And, yes, I am suggesting that the Democrat party and it’s backers are directly responsible for all the violence over the last several years in places like Milwaukee, for example. And that leaves aside the Longer term and less organized violence in places like Chicago New York and Los Angeles which is a separate matter altogether.

I am suggesting that the reason that the violence from BLM went away was because the organizers of that violence, the Democrat party, got what they wanted. Once they were done with the tool they used in obtaining what they wanted, they dropped it, because it could be no further use to them.

There is something of a precedent to this, that goes back to the days of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, who when asked about his stalwart support of Bill Clinton despite their differences, said words to the effect “He got us what we wanted. He won.”

The bottom line here, dear reader, is that it’s always been about power. It has never been about improving the lives of the voters regardless of what their skin color is. It has always been about pure unadulterated raw power.

I can’t help but wonder how many of BLM supporters actually recognize that, and if they do how it is they manage to sleep at night.

Eric Florack on October 11th, 2021

The story from The Hill is becoming disturbing…

China’s military said Monday it has carried out beach landing and assault drills near Taiwan “in recent days” amid rising tensions with the island.

A Chinese military newspaper reported that the troops in the drills were “divided into multiple waves to grab the beach and perform combat tasks at different stages,” according to Reuters.

Taiwan has recently complained of increased pressure from Beijing to accept Chinese rule in the democratic country.

That’s pressure that we’ve all seen lately.

China is now threatening to take Taiwan over by force should they decide to declare independence, which is a move they’ve been hinting at for years. They’ve been pumping out impressive press releases about how big their military is and so on for the last decade. And certainly they have more in uniform than anyone else in the region.

Thing is, that they have not made good on that threat, however is to my mind a solid indication that their position is not as strong as they’d have us believe. Put simply if China thought for a minute they could get away with it they would have done it a long time ago.

I see the US is training the Taiwanese military in ways to counter invasion forces. I see also that the US has war game operations going with Japan right now. Japan, for its part, is in the process of converting at least two of its former battleships into baby carriers.

The likelihood of Japan putting up much of a fight over Taiwan is a question mark in my mind. First of all, they don’t have much of an Air Force or naval tradition for the last 60 years. I think we can take as an indication how seriously the Japanese take this to shake themselves out of their post World war II fear about engaging in war again. This is only slightly boosted by the malice of the Japanese against the Chinese over several points between them since World war II.

I fear that anything Japan is going to come up with is going to be too little too late, regardless of whatever support they would be getting from the US.

As to the US itself responding to that, no. I just don’t see it particularly with the current administration. The US is at this point the weakest it has been since the end of World war II, with an even weaker leader. Assuming China invades, the Biden administration will stamp their feet, they will issue declarations through the UN, and that will be the end of it. The US just got through losing Afghanistan at the hands of Joe Biden, and Biden’s ability to respond properly to such a situation is at best questionable now. Particularly given China’s hand in Afghanistan. This particular point figures large in anything that China is doing right now. Consider, China waited until Joe Biden was firmly in Wisconsin the White House before it started turning up the heat on Taiwan. Now why do you suppose that is?

All this is not to say that Taiwan is helpless to the invasion threat. The rumor has been going on for years now that Taiwan has nuclear capability and has been keeping it pretty much on the hush much the same as for example Israel as over the years. It’s been suggested that if they drop a couple of those on the Three gorges dam, it not only knock several gigawatts of electrical generation capacity offline but it would basically put Shanghai underwater. After being under continuous threat for as long as Taiwan has I can’t imagine that they haven’t come up with that one on their own. At the same time however I can’t imagine the China doesn’t have intelligence confirming that nuclear capability.

Do I think anything is going to happen in the immediate sense? Probably not. This is probably just a large PR campaign on the part of China. Using a saber in battle requires drawing it. Rattling that saber, does not. I suspect the China understands now is a bad time to be actually making a move on Taiwan. China simply wants to keep their claim on Taiwan in the public eye because they think it advantages them going forward.

davidl on October 10th, 2021

Notice how certain congresscritters pine for a healthcare system just like, when Castro got sick, he went to Spain. She Squad should be happy. Congress enjoys health treatment denied citizens, from Sundance:

According to Dr Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, and verified by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), 100 to 200 congressional reps and/or staff and families who contracted COVID-19 were treated with the Front Line Ivermectin protocol.

This successful treatment is happening at the same time many congressional representatives are playing politics in favor of the vaccine; downplaying the effective anti-viral treatment and therapeutic approach with Ivermectin; and taking action to block regular American citizens from seeking similar treatment with Ivermectin.
Congress can seek treatment with a medication they simultaneously deny to others?
Congress can seek treatment with a medication they simultaneously deny to others?

Note, the easy access to a safe and effective drug like Ivermectin explains why many healthcare professionals are refusing subject themselves to the Delaware Dimwit’s jab.

It is unstated if Ivermectin was taken as a therapeutic, prophylactic or both. If thormer, it suggests that every infected member of Congress took the Ivermectin treament.

Eric Florack on October 8th, 2021

I never thought I’d have to explain this, but several people have sent me private messages asking why I feel that the FBI should be disbanded and eliminated.

Buckle up, kids.

If we look at the actions of the FBI, …at least the ones that we see in the media these days,, it becomes pretty clear that the FBI has become nothing more than the enforcement arm of the Democrat party. A political tool.

Examples of this are numerous, even in recent history. This was never made more clear than when Merrick Garland the other day insisted that the FBI should be investigating parents who question critical race theory being taught in schools.

(Side note, I am delighted that Garland did not end up on the supreme Court. That would have I’m out into a disaster for this nation.)

All too often the FBI has ended up being used in this fashion, as a political enforcement arm of the Democrat party…. Essentially silencing opposition to the Democrats.

Either that misuse of the FBI must end or the FBI itself must end. Since there is no way for the former to happen, (particularly since both houses of Congress and the White House are under Democrat control,) the latter must.

Before you start tuning up let me get my story finished.

i will say this as fairly as I can because I believe the subject deserves that kind of honesty.

I don’t deny that the FBI has over the years done many good things and has helped to maintain our American way of life in many instances.

The FBI has many dedicated people working within it to those goals and I applaud them. Then again, it must be fairly stated that Hitler made the trains run on time. Granted, that’s an extreme parallel but that it is a parallel makes the point stick very deeply.

The problem is, as I have suggested in these spaces many times… wherever there is a centralization of power, there is corruption.

Those good actions, that dedicated work is betrayed by that corruption and the stated goals of the FBI are betrayed with them.

When a governmental agency no longer serves the purposes of the American people as in this case, it is time for that government agency to be ended.

So it is with the FBI.

Eric Florack on October 7th, 2021

Why is it we are not seeing large numbers of covid-19 deaths among the Amish?

Facebook has spent the last couple of months telling us how they celebrate journalism, and yet when it shows up, go well out of their way to discredit it. Why?

I’m old enough to remember when the Democrats were saying we shouldn’t be trusting the covid-19 vaccine. Now, suddenly, they want to make it mandatory? Why? What’s changed in these few short months?

Why is Dr Anthony Fauci not stinking up a jail cell at this very moment? How many deaths has he caused with this nonsense? It was his department that funded the Wuhan lab and their supposed research. The lack of Justice in these matters is yet another reason why we should not trust government. In the end, it is he and his people that are directly responsible for the number of covid-19 deaths, for the economic disruptions,, all of it. Had all because orange man bad. Time for Dr Fauci to be frog-marched off to the nearest vertical bar hotel for the remainder of his existence on the planet.

Eric Florack on October 7th, 2021

When Democrats come out in favor of a covid-19 p ID card, you know that their objection to strenuous voter ID requirements are about their ability to cheat in elections.

As worrisome as that is, however, you know what gives me hope? The ‘F___ Joe Biden” chanting that has gone viral,


Think about who goes to college games. Think about who goes to professional sports games.

Think about who goes to NASCAR events. In every case we’re talking about Young, professional, highly educated people in whose hands lies the future of this country. That point is amply evident in the videos that have been making their way around social media until such time as the stasi running the place takes them down. There is a fair amount of evidence other than the videos we’ve seen of these events but I must say that they are probably the best indication that we have, the most solid, of the problems that the Democrat party is going to have for the foreseeable future in selling its policies to the American people.

All that’s left to ensure our future is to make sure we don’t see a reoccurrence of the massive vote fraud that occurred in our most recent election. I more than grant that this is a large issue, but I still believe it’s manageable.