Eric Florack on September 30th, 2023

So the reports are in, Dianne Feinstein has died.

It probably won’t stop her from voting.


What did I tell you? Word is Dianne Feinstein vote “yea” yesterday on the Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act…. After she had died.

MSN appears to be engaged in actual news gathering. A bit surprising, but here we go:

Dr. Anthony Fauci was secretly “escorted” to CIA headquarters where he attempted to “influence” the outcome of the agency’s investigations into the origins of COVID-19 during the pandemic, the Republican chairman of the House coronavirus panel alleges

It also appears that the House covid-19 committee… (Did we even know there was such a thing?)… Is hot on the trail.

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Eric Florack on September 26th, 2023

Glen Reynolds has noticed a trend, and writes about it in the New York Post:

…it’s interesting to see Gates softening his tone; it feels as if climate outrage has passed its sell-by date. Oh, sure, there are still kooks in Europe gluing themselves to roadways and the occasional nut throwing oil on famous works of art, but it’s all started to seem rather forced.

When you see a shift in a social trend like this, it’s almost always happening for the same reason: The people behind it have figured out it’s doing the left more harm than good. It’s of a piece with the sudden de-emphasis of ESG (environmental, social, governance) as a tool of corporate management.
As Glen points out in his piece, there is no climate crisis, never has been and people around the world have begun to recognize that. Perhaps more importantly, they’ve begun to recognize the damage that pursuit of this fantasy is doing to the economies of the world. The enviro left has overplayed its hand rather dramatically and people around the world have begun to see this.

That recognition is going to affect the next few election cycles at least.

Read this one through twice.

Evidently the new progressive virtue signal is grousing about those who are grousing about rioters breaking windows and pulling people from cars for their overdue beatings.

Because white privilege. Seriously. Though it’s phrased as “the System works for you, so you can’t judge!”

Except that I can. To wit: If you’re mobbing around vandalizing and looting you’re a vandal and a thief. And if you’re a white, bespeckled progressive apologist for such behavior, you’re a condescending asshole who thinks it *progress* to treat entire groups of autonomous humans granted the blessing of free will as vessels for some ridiculous materialist historicism.

These people aren’t pets, and luxuriating over your own white guilt isn’t noble. In fact, it’s self-serving, arrogant, and ostentatious.

You sympathy is rote. It’s canned. It’s abstract and fundamentally dishonest. Because were it not, you’d be celebrating those who use their free will and personal integrity to turn away from the wilding mobs, not giving faux-sociological cover to those who join them.

You’re social Calvinists. To you, grace is pre-ordained — only instead of God granting it, it’s skin color or location that decides it. Which only cheapens the accomplishments of those who work hard to climb out of poverty or rise above racialism. It’s ugly fatalism disguised as intellectualism.

But hey. Clap each other on the back and pretend you’re making a difference as entire neighborhoods burn. Then retire to your book clubs and your lily white coterie.

I’ll send you a cookie.

Eric Florack on September 25th, 2023
Years ago the Democrats had the KKK as their military wing, to burn churches, houses, women and children business and generally raise hell with established society.

Later on, they got the civil Rights movement to do that for them. That’s how we came by a permanent lower class in the cities…. they got black people to burn down their own neighborhoods in the ill-defined name of “civil rights”, an action from which many neighborhoods took decades to recover from. But at least it had the advantage of turning lots of money over for the race pimp industry. The Jesse Jackson’s, the Al Sharpton’s and so on.

Having made that recovery, the Democrats have evolved, and now they have BLM to do that for them.

You see, the Democrats discovered a long time ago that you’ll never make an enemy in the short-term out of somebody whom you encouraged to point the finger of blame at somebody else for all their troubles.

And what would the Democrats get out of this? Power. They are absolutely desperate for it.

It saddens me that we have to keep relearning this lesson.

Eric Florack on September 24th, 2023

Hater: I can’t wait to get Donald Trump out of office.

Me: Why?

Hater: Why?!?! Don’t tell me you don’t think he colluded with Russia!

Me: According to Robert Mueller’s exhaustive, multi-million dollar investigation, there was no evidence of that. But there was evidence that the Obama administration spied on him and his campaign using the FBI.

Hater: Well, he said he’d repeal and replace Obamacare. What happened to that?

Me: Well, he removed the tax penalty which removes the mandate. Congress now just has to move with it’s replacement. He can’t do it by Executive Order. You do know Obama had very little to do with the writing of the ACA, right?

Hater: Well, he said he’d build a wall and Mexico was gonna pay for it. Haha. What happened to that?

Me: They’ve built over 260 miles of new wall so far and he’s renegotiated NAFTA costing Mexico billions of dollars that were given to them by Bill Clinton through the returning of jobs in America.

Hater: Well, that’s not them paying for it!

Me: BILLIONS. Did you think he literally meant Mexico was gonna write a check with “Wall” in the memo?

Hater: Well, he’s buddy buddy with Putin and Kim Jung Un.

Me: Getting along with your adversaries is not a bad thing. Or would you prefer he antagonize them? BTW, when was the last “test missile” North Korea sent Japan’s way?

Hater: Well, he doesn’t like the military! He called the dead soldiers “losers!”

Me: You’re referring to a report made from “anonymous sources” when over nine people who were with the President that have gone on record saying that it wasn’t true? That doesn’t send up any red flags for you?

He’s brought our Vets home and taken great strides, and put a lot of money into fixing the VA, ask any veteran you know. Funny way to treat people you think are “losers,” don’t you think?

Hater: Well, he got impeached for God’s sake!

Me: Yes, impeached by a partisan House and subsequently acquitted as there was no evidence that the President did anything wrong (no quid pro quo) in his communication with the President of Ukraine. BTW, you know Joe Biden actually admitted on national television to doing that exact thing while he was in office as VP though, right?

Hater: Well he handled COVID horribly!

Me: What would’ve you done differently?

Hater: He didn’t close the borders in time!

Me: He announce travel restrictions on 1/31 and was called xenophobic for doing so, all the while Nancy Pelosi and Bill Deblasio were walking in Chinatown telling everyone to come on down, the water is fine.

Hater: Well, he refused to wear a mask.

Me: Here’s a picture of him wearing a mask.

Hater: Well, that was too far after!

Me: After what? He had two of his experts on national TV every day giving updates and telling everyone to wear a mask?

Hater: Well, he said everything will be fine and this will end!

Me: Did you want him to run around screaming that the sky was falling?

Hater: Well, listen to the way he talks! He’s nasty! He’s not how I want my President to sound.

Me: Ahhh. NOW we’re getting somewhere. You don’t like his personality. And everything you’ve mentioned up until now is because you don’t like his personality.

So for you it seems personal and not about the job he’s done.

So listen, if you want a President who will tell you whatever you want to hear, flip- flopping on every issue, not getting anything done his entire time while in office, but who sounds like a nice guy (even though he seems seriously impaired), then Joe Biden is definitely your man.

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Eric Florack on September 23rd, 2023
So, now we see Bob Menendez has been indicted again.

Look, we’ve known for many years now the guy is among the dirtiest in politics. The DOJ has known it too. I will remind you he’s been brought up on corruption issues previously, and skated on the strength of a hung jury….. one jury member. There have been whispers for many years now, about Menendez and his activities.

Something has changed, however.  The speed with which the lamestream media has jumped on this story is astonishing, particularly in light of the way they’ve not paid any attention to the corruption that has always been the New Jersey Senator. Take for example, the DNC house organ, otherwise known as the New York Times:

In a 39-page indictment, federal prosecutors on Friday accused Robert Menendez, the powerful New Jersey senator and Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of accepting bribes that included a luxury car, expensive exercise machines, mortgage payments, bars of gold bullion and more than $500,000 in cash.

In exchange for the bribes, Mr. Menendez wielded his power to increase U.S. assistance to Egypt and do favors for New Jersey businessmen, prosecutors said.

The indictment also names Mr. Menendez’s wife, Nadine Menendez, and three businessmen: Fred Daibes, a prominent New Jersey builder; Wael Hana, the founder of a halal meat certification company with headquarters in New Jersey; and Jose Uribe, a former insurance agent from Union City, N.J., who worked in the trucking industry.

All five defendants have been charged with conspiracy to commit bribery and conspiracy to commit honest services fraud. The senator and his wife were also charged with conspiracy to commit extortion under the color of official right, meaning that they leveraged Mr. Menendez’s role as a U.S. senator to force someone to give them something of value.

So the Times is finally doing it’s job?  And universally, the prominent Democrats… such as the least honest guy in Washington, Adam Schiff, are all making horrified noises about Menendez’ corruption…. with not a one defending him, as they have been doing Biden. The question to my mind remains though, Why now, and to what end?

It has become axiomatic in the last decade or so that when the media is suddenly pushing a story, you need to look at the story they’re trying to distract you from.  My read is that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Let’s put a finer edge on this: There’s been an awful lot of talk lately about a two-tier Justice system. The big orange circle is on the AG’s back over it. Of course the references are to Joe Biden and the Biden crime family.

The history of such matters speaks loudly, here. The Democrats have always been willing to axe one of their own at need, for example when the embarrassment level got too high. That way lies Jim Trafficant, and if you like, Gary Hart. Obviously the need to protect Biden and company from their own illegality is of a high priority for the Democrats just now.

Could this giving up of Menendez, be an effort to fight that image, give up some low hanging fruit and let Biden skip? I’d bet on it.

Eric Florack on September 20th, 2023
I have made no secret of my admiration over the years for Paul Harvey what he gave to this nation, what he gave to my former profession my forever avocation.

It’s been years since I heard this and upon hearing in my media thought was to share it with you because the message it contains more powerful now than it was when it was reported.

The program runs for about a half hour.

Once you’ve heard it, I hope that you will take the time to share it with your friends and your family. Much depends on this message being received

Eric Florack on September 20th, 2023
Can you guess why?

After years and years of being told about how racist we are because we want the border closed, it seems the moment that the left gets some skin in the game, things change rather dramatically:. The Daily Wire reports:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other New York Democrats were shouted down during a press conference on Friday while speaking to constituents about the flood of illegal aliens that have hit the streets of New York City. “Close the border!” protesters shouted at the officials. “Close the border! Close the border!”

Other protesters became so aggressive in their confrontation with lawmakers that security personnel had to move them back.

Frankly, I find it difficult to summon any sympathy for this situation. In fact, the chief response here is dry amusement.

They were willing to inflict this situation on Texas and Florida and every other red state. Red States responded by shipping these illegals to self- proclaimed “sanctuaries”, and the result is what we see here.

They literally voted for this. The question is, will the consequences of what they voted for be enough to get them to reverse course, and not vote Democrat next time.

Eric Florack on September 17th, 2023
The height of conceit is believing that we can control nature… That we can damage it or protect it.

The height of idiocy is believing that government is a cure for anything

That’s your “Green New Deal”thought for the day.

Eric Florack on September 17th, 2023
Well the Democrats tried, but failed.

I will guarantee you there’s a sense of panic settling in on the White House right now.

Eric Florack on September 12th, 2023
9/11 is an occasion to reflect on the monsters that seek to destroy America – from within and without