davidl on November 29th, 2021

The Empire State dumped the groping, murdering Governor Fredo(Andy Cuomo) and install the state’s Lt. Governor, Kathy Just in time for Christmas! New York’s governor Freda, nee Kathy Hochul who

declared a state of emergency for the Empire State after the news that the Omicron variant appeared in South Africa, even though there are no cases of it reported in New York State.

Fredo may have been a retard and sexual predator.  For Freda’s part, she may not be a sexual predator, but her policies just as stupid.  Governor Freda has partially just down hospitals in response to yet another Chinese Flu variant, yet to make aappearance and by sober reports very mild

With governors like Fredo and now Freda, who needs the Winnie the Poo Flu?

Eric Florack on November 29th, 2021

Hey, Democrats…

The strategic oil reserve is intended to keep the military in business when all else fails. It’s not supposed to be used to bolster your disastrous pool numbers, because you’re trying to save the polar bears.

When you snuck into the White house, you had in your hands and energy independent nation, a nation which was actually exporting oil. Your policies changed all that.

Don’t be telling us that your policies are intended to be green unless you’re willing to idiotically suggest that Arab oil pollutes less than American oil.


Brad Thompson has an interesting article up over at Substack that you should probably read.

On September 28, Terry McAuliffe shocked voters in Virginia and around the country when he said in a gubernatorial debate with his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Virginia voters understood immediately the meaning of McAuliffe’s statement. The aspiring repeat Governor seemed to be saying that parents do not and should not have a “right” to determine what their children are taught in school, which means that America’s Education Establishment (i.e., the state and federal departments of education, teachers’ unions, teacher-training institutions, school board associations, textbook and curriculum companies) has the “right” to determine the content of your child’s mind.

The moment was clarifying. In an instant, all of the particular education issues that Americans have been debating for the last few years (e.g., mask mandates, online learning, Common Core, CRT, transgenderism, pronouns, bathroom policies, and pedophilic pornography, etc.) became secondary to a more fundamental question: Who should determine the cognitive content of America’s children, parents or government officials? More to the point, the question is: Do parents have an unalienable right to determine how, in what, and by whom their children will be educated, or should the government have that right?

It’s no secret what happened in Virginia as a result of that question being put forward, as such. It’s also no secret Terry McAuliffe has always been in the pocket of the Clintons. You may remember Hillary Clinton telling us about the education of children belongs to the village?

The result of all of this at least in the short term was that Terry McAuliffe got sent packing. I wouldn’t worry about him. He’ll be on CNN before the end of the year.

But here’s the thing; When government gets its hands on something, everything about that thing becomes political. Example, when government runs healthcare, every healthcare decision becomes political. So it is with education. As soon as we turned the education of our young over to the government, the exclusion of parents from that process was inevitable. And since the educational system is lorded over these days by the radical left, it’s not hard to determine which way the curricula would increasingly lean.

Already it’s to the point where we have high school graduates who can’t read their own diplomas but they know all about global warming and they know all about how racist this country is. In fact it’s been that way for decades now, more prevalently in the big cities where the leftists hold increased sway. Such has been the effect of the government running our educational system.

The American Left (aided and abetted by some conservatives) believes that the government, not parents, should determine the content of a child’s mind—their ideas, their principles, and their values. A few weeks after McAuliffe’s tone-deaf faux pas, two authors writing in The Washington Post summed up the Left’s position in the title of their op-ed: “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.” Parents should have neither the right nor the authority, according to the Post’s writers, to determine the ideas taught to their children. This task should be left to the “experts”—to the experts of the Education Establishment. The authors go on to claim that “education should prepare young people to think for themselves, even if that runs counter to the wishes of their parents.” The question never addressed by the authors, however, is what happens when young people want to think for themselves and learn about ideas different from those taught by the government?!?! This option is, of course, strictly verboten.

I take exception to Thompson calling some of these people conservative. They are not. They might be Republican but that’s another matter.

And remember I mentioned government-run health care? Watch this:

Writing at Politico, three professors of medicine denounced what they called “The Dangerous Legal Illusion of ‘Parental rights’.” The authors announced that “When it comes to society’s interest in protecting children, the legal precedent is unambiguous: The rights of parents come second.” But the question is, if parents’ rights come second when it comes to protecting or educating their children, then whose rights come first? And the authors’ answer is obvious: society’s rights, the government’s rights, the rights of the public-policy experts trump those of parents.

I have been saying it for years now, the worst mistake we ever made as a country, a culture, a people, was to turn the education of our young over to the government. That statement has never been more obviously true than it is right now.

I’ve been asking for the last couple of weeks what the Hot tar and feather torch and Pitchfork moment is going to be for the American people. One can hope that Terry McAuliffe being handed his backside in a sling over his comments is an indicator on all of this. But that’s still an open question.

It’s interesting. I’m old enough to remember events 30 years ago when we had a group of people coming up through the educational system who told us that we should question authority without hesitation. Now that these same people are in authority, particularly in the educational system and I point directly to places like Harvard UC Berkeley, the NEA, for example, we are told that anyone who questions that authority needs to be silenced, and they certainly should have no right to determine what their children are taught. In short the inmates are running the asylum these days. The results are eminently predictable.

We had best hope that the vote in Virginia is more, far more than just an eddy current in the prevailing wind from the left. If it isn’t, we can kiss America goodbye.

Eric Florack on November 24th, 2021

Arrested for shooting at his nephew, released on $500 Bail.

Accused of hitting the mother of his child, and then running her over with that red SUV of his, released on $1,000 Bail

Arrested for murdering 6, injuring 50 after driving that SUV into a Waukesha Christmas parade: held $5000000 bail.

Uh huh.

Boy, it took quite a while for that “systemic racism” to kick in, didn’t it?

Interesting though, how the authorities up there in Wisconsin decided that it wasn’t a terrorist event. I suspect and suppose that they were trying to say that it wasn’t Islam related, and that may or may not be true. But he was a BLM supporter a Biden voter and a never Trumper, so there’s that. And I’m willing to bet that if you honestly looked at the band of criminals known as BLM, you would find that most of the boxes are checked, in the column “terrorist group”.

There’s only one answer to this situation and it does not involve making excuses for this animal, saying that he was oppressed.

But there’s something else I also want to see. I want to see prosecution against office. Jail time, at least. Let’s disabuse ourselves of the notion that our legal system needs to make excuses for animals like this.

As I have said previously, if the government was actually doing the job it was charged with, Kenosha wouldn’t have happened, and neither would that event at the Christmas parade… Based on his previous crimes he would have been in a cage where he belonged.

Eric Florack on November 24th, 2021

The so-called Facebook fact checkers have been showing their leftist bias for some time now. Since the beginning, in fact. So it was no surprise when are you supposedly explosive allegations showed up on Capitol Hill, essentially demanding that government oversight of Facebook be run by unelected bureaucrats who share this woman’s view of what constitutes a security issue for as she calls it our democracy.

Well, first of all of course, we don’t have a democracy we have a representative republic. Her use of that phrase in that manner exposes her true goals essentially she wants the left to be able to control Facebook and what gets posted there.

They already do that of course, but she wants those overseers to have governmental powers. It’s called criminalizing opposition to the radical left.

Her bleating about Iran and the Taliban and so on was designed specifically to gain support among centrists. But the fact is that beyond that headline maker she has never understood nor cared about it previously.

Remember also that as I keep saying anything that government puts its hand to is certain to become a political football.

There is a common theme running through the election results, everywhere you look. No more pronounced is it however then in the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, and notably it’s a theme that’s being ignored by the usual pundits.

I don’t have the party affiliation figures to hand but I’m going to assume for the sake of this piece that Virginia is running about 60% Democrat and New Jersey closer to 90%. New jersey, particularly is a state where Democrats are absolute slam dunk regardless of what office they’re running for it, so heavily is the lean to the left.

So then, how is it that Terry McAuliffe is packing his bags, and how is it that the New Jersey race got supposedly unpredictably close?

In Virginia, Republicans and independents may well have been totally turned off by Terry McAuliffe telling them they have no right to direct their children’s education but given the sheer numbers of the thing, there’s no way that they would be able to mount a successful effort to remove him from office over it. Similarly, Republicans and Independents in New Jersey may have been turned off by Phil Murphy’s unconstitutional and dictatorial mandates but there’s no way that they’d be able to mount a successful effort to remove office over it. They just don’t have the numbers.

Were these vote numbers caused by racism has so many on the left have charged? That charge would seem problematic on its face, given that the same vote that turned Terry McAuliffe out of office installed Virginia’s first black woman in a statewide office and installed a Hispanic as attorney general the controversial CRT May well have been a motivation but racism in its raw form this boat most certainly was not.

With the kind of majorities that the Democrats have in the rank and file of those respective States there’s only one way for the kind of thing we saw in that election to happen. That being a goodly number of Democrats reaching the international enough line with the leadership of their own party. That’s the only way those kind of vote totals are going to happen.

But do the leftist pundits learn anything from this? No, they doubled down I sat and watched as mega moron Joy Reid tell us that the whole thing was because of racist parents who don’t want to turn their children over to the government

Van Jones played the same line.

The fact is they drag these arguments out because they don’t have anything else. Again if racism is the problem how do you explain the lieutenant governor and attorney general elect in Virginia?

It’s clear that the leading voices of the left absolutely refuse to learn the lesson taught by the election results the evidence is right in front of them, and the leading left is voices refused to see it, despite the fact that so many of the Democrat rank and file have, at least for now, learned the lesson of how hollow and meritless the Democrat party has become

I’ll say this is clearly and concisely as I can, the election results show clearly that rank and file members of the Democrat party have become disgusted by the actions of their own party and voted accordingly.

I will tell you this also, the situation for the Democrats is going to get even worse. The events of the last year have set the stage for an electoral bloodbath for the Democrats like this country has never seen before.

Now that someone has had the honesty of the courage to point out that the emperor doesn’t have any clothes on oh, there’s only one way that this is going to go.

I note a bill going through the New Jersey legislature that offers a $250 tax credit for taking out a subscription to the newspapers in the state

Stated reason for the bill is to keep the newspapers afloat, all apparently forgetting the idea that the reason that the newspapers are going under is nobody believes them anymore, the people have long since begun to recognize that the mainstream media is nothing but a wholey owned subsidiary of the Democrat party.

I observe that the New Jersey legislature is overloaded with Democrats. Now why would these Democrats be interested in keeping the mainstream media afloat and coming into American homes I wonder?

Eric Florack on November 23rd, 2021

There’s something in all of this that isn’t being talked about much. That’s the idea that the left seems to be operating under the notion that the people who burned Kenosha, along with many other places of course, are somehow justified in their violence.

That’s certainly the message being sent by the government of the city of Kenosha and the state government as well. They basically sacrificed Kenosha. The question, of course, is why?

The only answer to the question if there’s any honesty involved, is that the people with the power of government in their hands used that power in the way they did… Sacrificing a goodly portion of their cities because they thought that was political advantage to it. Specifically, they’re unspoken goal was to put a Democrat in the White House. Accomplishing that goal was of greater worth to them them maintaining law and order, protecting private property, and the truth.

Those in denial of this point, ignore one salient truth that I’ve spoken before….Again, I point to the fact that the rioting ceased the moment that goal was accomplished…. Not not just in Kenosha but across the entire country. Almost like it was orchestrated.

It was orchestrated, of course.

All through last summer I watched these riots occur and I watched the arrest records of the people who were being arrested, or who are otherwise identified as being rioters in the various cities. And I was struck with a parallel.

Perhaps you remember Blazing Saddles, where a corrupt government official (portrayed admirably by Harvey Korman)…. Well, perhaps it’s best if you see it yourself

Think about it. Does it strike anyone as being beyond coincidence that the people who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse as an example, all of them were known for being multiple felons?

And to push it even further beyond coincidence, the animal who drove through that Christmas parade is also a multiple felon, and it’s becoming clear that he did that because he was annoyed at the not guilty verdict in the Rittenhouse case.

None of this would have happened was the government actually doing its job instead of aiding and abetting a band of thugs…

Hey, antifa?

You sure you want to defund the police?

You just keep pushing for that. Let me know how it works out.

Eric Florack on November 22nd, 2021

By now you will have seen a goodly chunk of this story. For those who haven’t, a little backfill

As we reported earlier, there was a horrible attack Sunday night in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in which a man driving a red SUV mowed down more than 20 people who were participating in the town’s Christmas parade. There were multiple fatalities but officials announced at a press conference that they won’t be releasing more specifics about even the number of deaths until the families have been notified.

well, that was last night. since then we’ve identified five dead so far, and we’ve also identified the driver of the SUV.

This report hasn’t been confirmed by the police yet. If you search the name provided by Markowicz, though, the person is a convicted felon with a long criminal record who was released on $1,000 cash bail for his latest charges on November 19, just two days ago.

The name given in all these sources is Daryl Brooks, Jr. This information has since been confirmed.

He considers himself among other things, a rapper and goes under the name of “Math Boi Fly”. Before his Facebook account got closed, this was lifted!

My, my. That’s not racist, or anything. Do you suppose this will be labeled a hate crime?

Personally, I’d like very much to know the name of the judge who put this animal out on the streets for $1,000 bail. I don’t doubt that at the time he made that call he thought he was being fair.

And the DA involved with the case…

Who was he, and is he yet another one of the apparachics attached to George Soros? Remember here that the prosecution against this critter is being organized by the same band of clowns that thought Rittenhouse should be prosecuted. must be that “white privilege” thing they keep talking about.

And by the way, why is the mainstream media so deathly quiet about this incident?

Eric Florack on November 21st, 2021

Yes, the traditions of the last several years on this website will continue to be observed, but I have one more thing, one more thought to pass along to you.

Given that this is going to take some preparation on your part, prior to Christmas, I’ll tell you my thought now, instead of waiting until Christmas has come, because at that point it’ll be too late.

I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t remember the gifts that I found under the Christmas tree that Christmas morning back in 1961. I’m willing to bet that you don’t remember the gifts you were given at age 4, either.

What I do remember is the family get togethers, the smells coming from the kitchen which I can smell to this day and yes the sound of the church bells ringing across the valley on the cold night air and the feeling that it all was so very special.

In a way that we all are, or were, I was an impressionable youngster, and those memories helped to make me what I am now.

WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan noted years ago about some of the qualities of children:

“They are susceptible to wonder. A child can look at a red toy car in the red-green glow of Christmas tree lights and imagine an entire lifetime. A child can play with a new doll and smell good things being cooked and hear sweet music and it can make that child imagine that life is good, which gives her a template for good, a category for good; it helps her know good exists. This knowledge comes in handy in life; those who do not receive it, one way or another, are sadder than those who do.”

So said Peggy Noonan.

My friends, those are the memories that were supposed to be making.

It helps us to understand the difference between good and evil for one thing. It lets us know what’s important and what’s not. It Spurs the imagination as Peg says, imagining an entire lifetime. And believe it or not it gives a life direction. It’s part of the very foundation of what young people will be when the future comes.

Creating that moment, creating that environment, creating that memory, is the task of you and I now.

So many of the people that I have celebrated Christmas with over the years are now gone. Family, friends, loved ones one and all.

Yet I can still see them in my mind’s eye, hear their voices, their laughter, and remember their Joy, and yes, how it fed my own joy for the season.

As Bob seger once wrote..

Sometimes at night, I see their faces
I feel the traces they’ve left on my soul
But those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul

If you want to give somebody a lasting gift this Christmas you’re not going to do it by spending gobs of money for something to put under the tree.

Instead, I will urge you to focus on making the memories.

Eric Florack on November 20th, 2021

The riots that we were all witness to, happened l because Democratic politicans told law enforcement to stand down. They defunded their police departments, and generally disparaged the idea of law and law enforcement. Had those officials actually done their job, or more correctly, allowed the law enforcement people to do their jobs, none of this would have gone down.

And why did all this happen? Why did they consider it desirable to disable law enforcement? Because they didn’t like Donald Trump, for one thing. They saw power slipping away from the Democrat party. They wanted to create a situation that they thought they could blame on their opponents. But the American people saw through that as evidenced by the overwhelming reaction to the vindication of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Those politicians should be held liable for the resulting damages. These elected officials with delusions of being community organizers should be financially drawn and quartered, permanently. And frankly in most cases jail time is appropriate as well.

As I said on the blog the other day…

Think about it now: when is the last time you heard of anyone in government paying for screwing up somebody’s life unjustly? No I’m not talking about government coughing up taxpayer money to make the problem go away. Talking about actual jail time for the perpetrators who supposedly represent the government. I don’t recall anybody, any prosecutor anywhere being sent to prison for such an act.

All they need to do is waive the magic wand of government over it, and all the guilt goes away. We’ve all seen it happen.

There’s a lot of people going around this morning saying that justice has been done in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse but I submit to you that it’s not completely so.

I celebrate the jury finding. But the task is not complete.

I submit to you that it’s time that we brought those responsible for these situations occurring, to Justice. Let’s start with the governor of wisconsin. We can bring in the city officials including the district attorney and the ADA.

Let’s not forget the CNN’s and MSNBCs of the world. They too, bear responsibility here.

And let’s bring Joe Biden into the mix. He who famously called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist… which of course was not true.

The only way that Justice will be done with any of these creatures is to either bring them to heel, or put them under the heel. And we’d better do it soon, we have a country to save.

Eric Florack on November 19th, 2021

Several thoughts here.

First, without the street photographers continuously taking pictures of what was going on, the videos on the subject would never have come up. For example the FBI video. We would have been forced to conclude that what the news media was telling us was the truth. It wasn’t, of course.

Alec Baldwin was unavailable for comment.

Kyle Rittenhouse is probably in larger danger now than he was during the riots last Summer. We all know that the left’s temper tantrum is going to continue.

I’m reasonably sure the Kyle Rittenhouse is going to come away from this a very rich man once the civil suits have been run through process. Even Nick Sandman told Rittenhouse that he should sue the pants off everybody involved. I think he’s got a point. It’s my guess that the mainstream media won’t be paying much attention to that particular story. But it’s my view that he was defamed by several people and every blessed one of them should be sued including Joe Biden who called him a white supremacist.

Of course it wasn’t true. If it was, the prosecution would have had immense amounts of proof to that point. In fact they had months to develop that case. They never did. And yet the idiot in Chief decided for reasons unknown to most of humanity that shooting three white guys is a racist act.

Christmas shopping in Kenosha begins this evening precisely at sundown, and will most likely continue every night until there is no more downtown left. They’ve already got a pretty good head start.

Somebody needs to tell Stephen King to shut up.

I can’t help but wonder when we’re going to see attempted murder charges leveled against the prosecution’s start witness. We all know that’s not going to happen despite the fact that he had a gun pointed directly at Kyle Rittenhouse’s head. All on video with np question about the evidence. It doesn’t mesh at all with the left and it’s agenda…. Therefore it charges will never be filed.

It’ll never happen but it would be absolutely precious to see the look on the Jury’s face when they find out the criminal record involved with the people that Rittenhouse shot… This was information that was kept from them during the trial.

Along those lines..

This trial was not about Kyle Rittenhouse per se. This was about the ability of Joe and Jane average to defend themselves against groups of Communists threatening to burn loot pillage and kill.

Since I declared Kyle Rittenhouse innocent some weeks ago, Facebook has put a limit on my account.

As it turns out I’m not alone. Obviously, they’re not tremendously interested in the idea getting out the Kyle Rittenhouse actually had more support than they ever did… If Facebook has never tried to silence you, you had best step up your game.

This fight is not over yet.


Jurors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Friday declared Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts, capping off an intense trial surrounding the deadly unrest in that city last summer.

So reports Fox News, who, notably, didn’t get kicked out of the courtroom.

The judges comments to the jury are worth noting:

“I couldn’t have asked for a better jury to work with and it has truly been my pleasure,” Judge Bruce Schroeder said after delivering the verdict. “I think, without commenting on your verdict, the verdicts themselves, just in terms of your attentiveness and the cooperation that you gave to us, justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed in you so I dismiss you at this time.”

It will be interesting to see how the government in the city of Kenosha and for that matter the state government in Wisconsin reacts to What will undoubtedly be a childish temper tantrum from the left.

The message being sent by this verdict is clear.

Eric Florack on November 18th, 2021

The left doesn’t want you to hear this.

But every real American should, and they should react accordingly.