Eric Florack on April 30th, 2021

These are questions that I’m pretty sure we’ll never get a straight answer for.

# why do we suddenly need to spend multiple trillions of taxpayer dollars for a supposed jobs program, when before the current administration took over, we

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Eric Florack on April 28th, 2021

From a friend, too good not to share

Someone told me you have to choose which hill you die on: Get ready to fill out your reports on me, cause I’m going to vent here. Frankly I expect some “unfriending”

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This is precisely what I said would happen, though this prediction was easily made:

.One defense witness already had the bloody head of a pig left on what intimidators thought was his front porch in punishment for testifying on behalf

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Eric Florack on April 26th, 2021

And so National Review makes an obvious observation:

Everyone knew this was coming, given how pathetic the ratings were for the Golden Globes and the Grammys, but even so, the viewership numbers are a shocking disaster for the Academy

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davidl on April 26th, 2021

Everybody good for something, even if only as a bad example.  Meet the newest conservative darling one LaBron James:

Even if

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It’s time to follow the science

Bazant and Bush question long-held Covid-19 guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization in a peer-reviewed study published earlier this week in Proceedings of the National

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Eric Florack on April 23rd, 2021

Take a look at these…

So maybe Facebook would be interested in explaining how speaking out against leftist political extremism goes against their supposed community standards?

I’m posting this here because I know full well that they’re going to try

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Eric Florack on April 23rd, 2021
As a friend observes, what have we become when you can’t stab a woman without being shot by the police?

This is what they’re turning into a racial issue? Tell me again about how this isn’t a desperate move for

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Eric Florack on April 22nd, 2021
There was a shooting yesterday morning in the Breinigsville section of Lower Macungie Pennsylvania that the majority of you will not see any news reports about, unless you happen to live around Allentown, PA.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A man

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Ask yourself a question… If George Floyd was white, would this trial have gone down this way? The obvious answer is “no” .

The jury was operating under threat of violence from the rabid left. Most of you don’t know

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davidl on April 19th, 2021
It has come to this, a late night comic, who will never be mistaken for Johnny Carson, to wit one Bill Maher is giving better medical advise the Dr. Anthony “the Fraud” Fauci”, from Red State:

To continue this

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Eric Florack on April 19th, 2021
From the New York Post this morning:

President Biden is finally calling the chaos at the southern border what it is — a crisis.

The startling rhetorical turnabout came Saturday in an off-the-cuff conversation with reporters in Wilmington, Del., as

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From Spiked

No decent human being could disagree with the assertion that the lives of black people matter – and if they don’t currently, then they should. But to agree with the claims made by protesters, activists and campaigners marching

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Eric Florack on April 13th, 2021
Let’s look closely at the press conference in Minneapolis by way of The Federalist:

During a press conference on Monday, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon sparred with the press after a reporter tried to stop him from calling

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Eric Florack on April 13th, 2021
I’m watching, as is the rest of the nation, the events in Minneapolis. For example BLM threatening to tax the police and come kill their families. Ladies and gentlemen this is what Joe Clueless calls “mostly peaceful”.

Can you

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