BREAKING: The highest ranking Democrat in New Jersey politics has been indicted for running a criminal enterprise to benefit himself & others. According to the indictment, George Norcross, his brother Philip, and four other Democrats are charged with first-degree racketeering

“Norcross Enterprise used its power and influence over government officials to craft legislation tailored to serve the interests of the enterprise… [they used this power to acquire] property and property rights through coercion, extortion, and other criminal acts.”

In one instance cited in the indictment, Norcross is said to have threatened in 2016 a developer who would not relinquish his rights on Norcross’s terms, by telling him he would make sure the developer never did business in Camden again.

“I will f— you up like you’ve never been f—ed up before,” Norcross allegedly told the developer. When the developer asked Norcross if he was threatening him, Norcross allegedly said: “ABSOLUTELY.”


It’s good that this guy is going down, but it’s been my experience that Democrats only go down like this when they become too embarrassing for the Democrat party and it’s agenda. That way lies. Garth Hart, Jim Trafficant, etc. There’s something a little deeper going on here.

H/T: UnwokeThoughts

BREAKING: Congress has issued subpoenas to 15 Biden regime cabinet members over their plot to steal the 2024 election using federal employees & taxpayer dollars

“Evidence already shows that the Executive Order partners federal employees with partisan advocates to register voters ahead of the 2024 elections,” – Chairman of the House Administration Committee

Right after being installed in 2021, Briben signed EO 14019, which required all federal agencies to provide voter registration resources and assistance to Democrats (they say it’s not partisan but give me a break). This meant virtually every Department and Agency created some task force to help Democrats cheat using our money, against Article 1 Section 4 Clause 1 of the Constitution, “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof”

“Examples include the Department of Education’s new federal work-study requirements and the Small Business Administration’s entrance into a voter registration agreement with Michigan.”

A couple of years ago, Legal Insurrection looked at events happening then, and suggested:

pursuit of Net Zero by continually raising the cost of living is going
to cause populist revolts that will make Brexit and Trump look like
minor blips”

To which I responded:

It’s true. The backlash that’s coming will be a game changer.

We’re not just talking about energy, although that’s a large part of
the issue certainly. We’re talking about the food shortages that we’ve
been seeing because of the green agenda.

The psychological effect of empty grocery store shelves has already begun to show up in Joe Biden’s approval ratings as well as the rest of the people pursuing this green insanity.

And ss the …( Legal Insurrection)… article points out, the Canadian truckers strike, the Dutch Farmers striking, etc indicate that this is not limited to these United States. The backlash against the Green is worldwide, and growing in strength.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings have not improved since those days in fact in many areas they’ve gone down. But now we’re seeing concrete evidence that the green agenda is being ditched by the European people as well.

Michael Walsh has been watching what’s been happening over there the last couple of years, and says just yesterday:

Back in the days when real writers instead of gay teenage-girl ideologues wrote motion-picture scripts, and were concerned not only with plot but theme and character development and the three-act form and finding an emotionally and artistically satisfying ending to a memorable film, they often used to include something called the “cheer moment.” After enduring humiliation after humiliation, insult upon insult, and abuse after abuse, the long-suffering protagonist finally turns on his or her tormentors and gives them what they’ve been asking for all along. Here’s one now. . . .

All of this and more happened across Europe yesterday as voters went to the polls and delivered a well-deserved and long-overdue thrashing of the malignant Left in voting for the European Parliament. In France, Germany, and Italy, the heart of the E.U., patriotic parties — contemptuously referred to by the international state media as “far right” — made significant gains against their institutional opposition, rattling bien-pensant sensibilities and demolishing the various neo-communist “Green” parties everywhere. Savor it.

(Emphasis is my own)

Oh yes, complaining about the “far right” has become something of a national sport here in the US, too. It’s become something of a knee-jerk phrase among the leftist extremists and the RINO GOP establishment both desperately trying to hang on to what power they have. But it won’t work.

The backlash is also underway here, you see, as the Real Clear Politics polling data tells us.

Eric Florack on June 9th, 2024

One of the biggest fears we see coming from the Democrats is over what they call “MAGA revenge“. They keep propping Biden up to keep Trump from gaining governmental power…. the power they’ve been so blatantly abusing for so long.

Here’s the thing about that: People only seek revenge when they have been severely wronged, so in reality, the Democrats saying are openly admitting that they have done something extremely wrong and are now, not only are they afraid of the consequences of their actions, but in the doing are trying to make a case that it is wrong to hold them responsible for what they did.

I think we have a working definition of “Cowardly”
There is a word for revenge.
It is “Justice”.

Eric Florack on June 4th, 2024
Eric Florack on June 2nd, 2024

I’m on record years back, as labeling Glen Greenwald the least honest blogger in existence. Then, just a couple years back, he finally hit the international “Enough” line, because even he couldn’t stand what the left was doing anymore. I’ve always suspected the change was a long thought process in the doing.

But now, he comes up with this, via Ed Driscoll:

He goes on to say in a follow-up tweet….

“That episode single-handedly destroyed trust in public health officials, proving they’d politicize their expertise when convenient. Corporate media celebrated a douchebag-lawyer shaming families at deserted beaches, then — overnight! — cheered densely packed street protests.”


Well, yes, I said so at the time. But we must also remember that the virus, as is becoming clear, years after the event, was created by portions of the US government, in cooperation with the communist Chinese, and paid for with US Tax dollars. (Yes, the Republican led House is on the case.. Though I wonder if any real consequences will ensue for the perps The NIH, particularly, has been stonewalling. Particularly, Fauci.)

Remember Fauci getting up on his hind legs in a CNN interview, after Trump won the election, but before he had even taken the oath, saying that Trump would face a pandemic?

How would he know? Because he FINANCED it. Increasingly, this is looking like what Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were texting hopefully about, about how they were going to “stop Trump”.

Make no mistake, these events are connected. And Greenwald is quite right when he suggests that Covid was political. At the time, I passed it off as mere opportunism. But increasingly, I am now persuaded that the function of the release of Covid was to serve the purposes of the Chinese and their puppets in the Democrat party.

Yes, I know very well folks died from it, the world over, particularly those with more fragile health.  But they didn’t worry about that. It all served their purpose. Besides the older folks who died would have voted Republican, anyway. No loss there, insofar as the plan goes. Dastardly? You bet. But when you’ve got a conservative to politically cripple, it’s a small price to pay. Make no mistake, here. I’m quite aware of the inhumanity required. But after watching these people operate, I wouldn’t put it past them.,

All of which brings us up to today and the sham trial in New York where The George Soros bought DA, the far left judge and the deep blue Jury…(What else can you expect from Deep Blue NYC?) leveled bogus convictions on the man whose only real crime was threatening the power of the Democrat party, and thereby the plans of their puppet masters in Beijing.

Look, I’m not claiming any special insight, nor am I claiming any clairvoyance, here. I do, however, have the ability to recognize patterns.

The pattern holding true, the trial was not about justice. It was about politics, pure and simple.

Ask yourself…. if they used Covid for political purposes, and clearly, they did... do you really put bogus trials like what we saw in NYC past them?

Eric Florack on May 30th, 2024

Just go and read this.

Eric Florack on May 28th, 2024
Just about every polling service now is showing that this is going to be a runaway election for Donald Trump. Even top Democrats are beginning to acknowledge this. As an example, David Axelrod:

RealClearPolitics looks at this and provides the numbers to back the assertion:

So what’s going to happen when he wins?

Anyone who’s ever had to pull a toddler out of a Chuck E. Cheese knows that nothing about Nov. is going to be peaceful. They’re going to have a twist in their bra strap and their panties in a bunch. And that’s just the “trans” men.

Consider the overt temper tantrums that we have been witness to as regards israel. I’ve been saying all along those protests are not about Israel… they are about a warm-up for a supposedly grassroots reaction to an inevitable Trump victory.

Sorry, guys, there’s no other way to interpret this. The Democrats, led by Joe Biden are fighting for the enemy.

Eric Florack on May 27th, 2024

They didn’t believe Juanita Broaddrick.
They didn’t believe Tara Reade.
They didn’t believe Ashley Biden.
They didn’t believe Lucy Flores.
They didn’t believe Vail Kohnert-Yount.
They didn’t believe Amy Lappos.
They didn’t believe D.J. Hill.
They didn’t believe Caitlyn Caruso.
They didn’t believe Ally Coll.
They didn’t believe Sofie Karasek.


They believe Stormy Daniels, who literally had sex for a living.

They believe E. Jean Carroll that said on air that “rape is sexy”.

Textbook cognitive dissonance.

Blue no matter who, right Dems?

Eric Florack on May 26th, 2024

It’s always been a special day for me, because honoring our vets has
always held special meaning for me; it’s a lesson my parents instilled
very well, indeed. It was brought home to me, as I was recently looking
at pictures from a trip we made through the Gettysburg PA area some
years ago.

It’s a particularly meaningful thing, when you’re standing on that
field…. Something that goes well beyond the cold facts and figures about
who died from what company, how old they were, or even where they were
from. It’s more a feeling you get…. You can sense it… not unlike being
at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, or visiting Arlington National
Cemetery. I’m told Omaha Beach, and Pearl Harbor and many other sites
are the same way. I’ve been at the funerals of firemen and policemen who
died in their line of duty, and that was also remarkably similar.

In each case, we’re dealing with places and concepts of death. But
death alone doesn’t do it; doesn’t create that solemn atmosphere that is
so unique to the above places. After all; there are lots of mass
casualty accidents have happened over the centuries and their sites are
well marked, and revered, or at least held apart, and yet, their impact
doesn’t approach that of an Iwo Jima or a Pearl.

Even under the shelter of the time that has passed since the events,
as you stand in each place, you can still feel it; Lives were lost there
that were willingly (And in the case of the civilian deaths at the
towers, unwillingly) sacrificed toward a higher ideal.

Our feelings and conclusions can be far different from what those
lost experienced. Yet, their lives and their sacrifices still count for
something. And the thing is, it doesn’t take much for us to out
ourselves in their mindset.

Think of it this way; Every single man who died at Gettysburg, at
Normandy, at Pearl and all the rest, has meaning for us because each of
them, had their own lives, just as we have our own lives. These people
loved, they laughed, they cried. They had a favorite food, a favorite
color, a particular bit of music, or of poetry stirred their souls, like
none other, just like we, ourselves. Every bit as much as you and I
love our lives, they loved theirs. Their lives were as precious to them,
as yours is to you. Their loss was as keenly felt by their loved ones
as yours would yours.

And yet, they gave their lives up, for something bigger..

….something they considered to be larger than themselves.

I have a neighbor, whose father just a few years ago needed a liver
transplant. This neighbor willingly gave up part of his liver to be
transplanted into his father. A noble action, certainly, commendable,
and impressive. But with all respect to my neighbor, the choice to do
that is comparatively easy to make. He knows and loves his father, and
the risks and sacrifices were fairly light by comparison.

How much more noble is a sacrifice of one’s life for people that one
will never meet? Well, the people we honor today, those in uniform
particularly, but some who were not, gave of themselves for the benefit
of people they would never know…. you and I, and countless others from
many nations. If not for their sacrifices, you’d not be reading this,
because I’d not have written it…. we’d be living in a very different
world, possibly, one not nearly as good to us as it has been.

That gift, that sacrifice, is what we memorialize today. Look upon
those actions, those sacrifices, and know what you’re seeing is
strength, courage, and nobility in measures that should not… can not, be
ignored. It must be honored by us all; it was made, after all for our

Think about that as we deal with the solemn proceedings for their day.

So why are we chasing these ghosts?

Another situation where somebody who checks all the boxes gets away with crime.

The former top prosecutor in Baltimore, convicted of fraud for lying about financial hardship during the pandemic in order to buy a beach house with money from the federal government, will serve no prison time.

Marilyn Mosby, 44, was sentenced to 12 months of house arrest, 100 hours of community service and three years of supervised release Thursday, Erek Barron, United States Attorney for the District of Maryland announced.

No prison time??

Oh, of course. A black woman, a Democrat. I keep forgetting when those boxes are checked, you’re protected from the consequences of your actions.

Now, about Willis….

Eric Florack on May 24th, 2024

Look closely, here.

“The day after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg took the bench wearing a black necklace with crystals. It was a piece she
typically wore to express her displeasure while reading a dissent from the bench. But Ginsburg, who had called Trump a faker ahead of the election and then apologized, had no dissents to read. . . . If you’ll notice, Justice Alito is not wearing a MAGA hat. In 2020, after RBG’s
death, The New York Times praised her sense of style.”

I don’t recall the left screaming for RBG to recuse herself.  Another Democrat double standard.

Eric Florack on May 22nd, 2024
“And in the end, Piglet, all it took, was a 28 year old Catholic professional football placekicker to make the left remember what a woman is.”