Eric Florack on July 17th, 2024

First, I note without attributing much to this, that the shooter was involved in a Black Rock commercial just a short time ago. Youtube, of course, has already banned the video of that commercial. Gee, I can’t imagine why.

As I say I don’t attribute much to that connection but in fairness it does seem to me that Blackrock would be the one to financially benefit the most with Trump out of the way. You’d have to be either a Democrat or an idiot (but I repeat myself) to not at least consider the impact of that connection.

That’s especially true considering the other questions that have popped up, considering the secret service and their initial non-involvement with that event. I can guarantee you there’s going to be Congressional investigations over this but frankly I can also guarantee you that not much will come of it. It does seem a trifle strange though, a 20-year-old guy with a rifle managing to get to a rooftop some 325 yards away from the stage without any of those security people noticing.

Another question that popped up was that the FBI managed to land the shooter’s biometrics so quickly for identification purposes, since he didn’t have any other form of ID on him. That strikes me as just a little too convenient to not be looking at it somewhat askance. My first thought was that the guy had been in the military at some point but I see no references to that. So where did this data come from?

All that said, let’s try a thought experiment. Let us say that instead of this kid taking pot shots at Donald Trump he had decided to take pot shots at Joe Biden. Does anybody suppose that we wouldn’t be seeing riots in American cities right now? Does anybody suppose that left wouldn’t be blaming Donald Trump’s supposed Nazi sympathizers for the attack?

Of course that didn’t happen. What DID happen was Trump’s campaign raised $734m on Monday alone. I’ll be interested to see the totals for Tuesday.

What also happened of course was that many among the left tried to label the event as a false flag that it was all set up by Donald Trump supporters. In the last 4 years I’ve seen an awful lot of stupid statements coming out of the left, but that one has to top everything.

Eric Florack on July 16th, 2024

Eric Florack on July 12th, 2024

Trust me, the people that don’t like you aren’t worth trying to impress. If you actually stand up and be counted, and stand for something, it’s not going to make any difference to them. But it will make a difference to everybody else

Eric Florack on July 10th, 2024

Remember George Clooney held a fundraiser for Biden where Biden had to be led off stage by Obama after he froze?

Then KJP responded and said the video was a “cheap fake” and “manipulated”

Now George Clooney is admitting that Biden was the same man at that fundraiser as he was at the debate. Meaning a senile old man who has brain freezes and can’t string a sentence together.

Will KJP retract her claim?

Yeah I don’t think so either

Eric Florack on July 7th, 2024

I spent some time reading the ruling on Immunity from the USSC…. and the laughable objections to that ruling from the dissenters on the bench.

Personally if I had a military background, I believe I would be seriously insulted by Sotayor’s “seal team 6” argument. Her argument seems to be based solely on the plot of “A few Good Men” where the base commander orders a murder and the military personnel under him dutifully carry out that order.

Seems to me the Victory Girls have this one right::

“Sotomayor’s contention is both intellectually disingenuous and legally flawed. It shows an utterly defective understanding of military professionalism. It also ignores the majority opinion’s express reservation of judicial review for presidential actions which constitute acts of “authority without law.” No serious legal scholar would claim that a president has the legal authority to kill a domestic political opponent. Established law on what constitutes lawful orders includes the stipulation that an order is pursuant to a “military duty” — plainly a domestic political assassination is a political and criminal act. Still, Sotomayor’s inventive conspiracy has sparked fear by some that former President Donald Trump could order SEAL Team Six to kill off his political enemies if he returns to office.

And, I wouold add, the sheep are bleating “Four legs good two lags bad” in unison as a result of the prompting from the supposedly “wise Latina”.

That brings us back to the Delta Force commander’s board question.

Because the answer to that question, at least if you want to retain a shot at passing the commander’s board, is not “I would follow said order.” On the contrary, it is a variation on the theme of “I would refuse the directive on grounds it constitutes an unlawful order” or “I would consult Joint Special Operations Command legal adviser.” The rationale for this question is simple: Delta wants thinkers who can fight, not zombies who can pull triggers. It wants operators with moral confidence and competence who understand that they serve under a constitutional legal structure rather than as heirs to the corrupt traditions of 1st-century-onward Praetorian Guard units. In essence, Delta, DEVGRU, and 24th STS want and provide the exact opposite of what Sotomayor apparently believes they want and provide.”

And there it is, folks.

In the end, Sotomayor’s is an argument founded not in law and logic, (Or God forbid, the Constitution and established precedents) but in the desperate desire to nail someone whose politics she doesn’t like, and therefore she ignores the inherent frailties in her argument. One must wonder what her reax would be if the question of immunity ever came up with a Democrat…. say, Biden for example. I think we both know the answer to that question.

Eric Florack on July 7th, 2024

It is said that the purpose of the Vice President is to make the top of the ticket look good by comparison. I submit that’s how Kamala Harris got the job of Biden’s VP. She was brought in as an insurance policy against Uncle Creepy being taken out by his own party, because everyone knows that bad as Biden can be and is, Harris would be worse…. far worse. Of course now, they’re staring incredulously at the likelihood that Harris is the only option they have for 2024.

Picture the Roadrunner’s Coyote watching that rapidly rising valley floor, and you have the entirety of the mindset of the Democrat party today.

The overall mistrust and disdain for Harris is nothing new, of course. Look, nobody, and I mean nobody…. not even Democrats… wanted this woman anywhere near the oval office, even as a janitor. She never got close to 25% in any primary polling. Even today, as this is written, her approval rating stands at an appalling 37% among likely voters. That’s now the lowest approval rating of any VP since they started tracking such things….. and as Powerline graphically points out, that includes Cheney shooting a guy in the face.

So, now, we have a Democrat party seeing that insurance policy… Harris as VP… of itself becoming a political and electoral disaster. Much as we can be assured Biden will not win in the general election, we can be equally if not more assured that Harris won’t either, should it come to that. The Democrats literally have no recourse to this scenario.

As it looks now that’s exactly what it’s come to. We have a Democrat party faced with the prospect of Harris as POTUS until November if Biden is pushed out, or at least as the candidate since Biden’s performance in the “debate”” proved he’s not up to the task. and showed us clearly that there’s no way Biden will survive politically, …and perhaps literally…. to election day, much less beyond it. I mean, look, call me cynical if you like, but it wouldn’t shock me at all to see Joe Biden suffering a mysterious heart attack prior to the Democrat convention in Chicago.

(As an aside, it wouldn’t shock me, either, were China, Iran, North Korea or Russia to make a military move before the Second Tuesday in November., regardless of Biden living that long, or not. Tell me again how Biden has made us… and the world around us, a safer place.)

It is also said of course that weak men give us bad times. This situation would seem to be a very illustrative case in point.

In an article entitled: The Establishment is Getting Crushed… David Strom points out:

“What seems to be going on is a universal dissatisfaction with how the ruling elite have been running things, and with good reason. Whether it is conservatives, liberals, or ‘moderates,’ the ruling elite has been committed to policies that have eroded the power of individuals and vastly increased the power of the state. Moreover, Western governments have made abundantly clear that their commitment has been to a form of
transnationalism that has grown increasingly unpopular. As borders have opened up throughout the West, citizens have grown restless as crime has skyrocketed, economic growth has slowed, and national cultures have been diluted.”

Of course, that’s exactly what they want to happen.

Long time readers will recall that I suggested this was going to happen prior to the 2016 election, in which I predicted the election of Donald Trump.

After four years of full Court press by the democrats, the populist movement waned somewhat. But after watching the left one it has power, the populists are finding new strength and there’s going to be no stopping it now. It’s as I’ve often said: there’s nothing like Democrat party policy to get people to vote against democrats.

The mess that we saw the other night in the supposed debate revealed Joe Biden’s incapacity for the job he is campaigning for. Even if he can do it now, which I doubt, the level of deterioration of the man’s mind has been ramping down for some time. It’s now to the point where even Joe and Jane average can no longer ignore Joe Biden’s incapacity for the job

But there’s something more sinister going on here, and has been for at least half a dozen years now. Democrat party mouthpieces, the news media, but I repeat myself, and every commenter want to be on Facebook Twitter and wherever else has been building this guy up. The LIE of that buildup was revealed last night.

The emperor’s new clothing proved to be nothing at all, and the people who have been building Joe Biden up in public opinion and in his own mindlessness are now publicly humiliated by their own excesses.

The truth is the prosecution of Donald Trump was politically motivated. The Democrats knew very well indeed that standing on his own Joe Biden couldn’t possibly have won the last election much less the upcoming one. The only way there for to stabilize the situation was to take Donald Trump out of the game at any cost.

On Thursday night, the world found out that even that effort, corrupt as it was, was not going to have the desired effect.

The only coherent line that Joe Biden got off the entire night involved in attack on the supposed immorality of Donald Trump. Thing is even that didn’t work. Given Biden’s personal history and certainly that of his family, Joe Biden is in no position to judge the morality of anybody on the planet.

It’s all come crashing down on the heads of the Democrats and even the Democrat house organ, the New York Times, is calling for Biden to step down.  What the Democrats lose the support of the New York times, they’ve lost completely.

As large as that is, I think the deeper story is that there is no reason for the American people to ever trust the Democrats again after realize that we’ve been fed for so very long.

According to Warrior Maven:

There’s been a show of force in the skies around Taiwan in recent weeks as China underscores its unhappiness with those resisting the island’s reunification with the mainland. According to Taiwan’s defense ministry, there were consecutive double-digit numbers of People Liberation Army aircraft operating around the island in the past week. On Monday, Taiwan said that 23 PLA aircraft and seven PLA ships were detected over the past day.
If China makes a move, it is most likely to occur before November. They most certainly don’t want competency in the White House when they try to take over Taiwan.

Eric Florack on June 28th, 2024
Just a passing thought:

With the power grid suffering under the load of air conditioning and everyday life, maybe this annual heat wave is a good time to reassess the plan of plugging in 30 some odd million cars every night.

A leading indicator of how the Democrats are doing in terms of attracting voters…(if you exclude all the illegals coming over the border) is that CNN had more viewers last night than they have had in the last six months.

Leaving that point aside for a moment, the Democrats have been so busy trying to make Donald Trump problematic that they have forgotten that their own candidate has larger problems than they can deal with.

But at least Joe Biden beat Medicare. We know because he said so.

If after watching last night’s “debate”, you still desire proof of Joe Biden’s mind being gone, your mind is gone, too. Remember, Barack Obama urged Jill Biden not to let her husband run for president.

Joe Biden simply put , is incompetent to the task, and make no mistake… people around the world are recognizing this:


Eric Florack on June 24th, 2024

So, the left is all-in on blaming “Corprorate Greed” for the state the economy is in.

But wait… we didn’t have all these issues 3 1/2 years ago. Did “corporate greed” only start in the last 3 1/2 years? Or is the real problem, Democrat Policy?

BREAKING: The highest ranking Democrat in New Jersey politics has been indicted for running a criminal enterprise to benefit himself & others. According to the indictment, George Norcross, his brother Philip, and four other Democrats are charged with first-degree racketeering

“Norcross Enterprise used its power and influence over government officials to craft legislation tailored to serve the interests of the enterprise… [they used this power to acquire] property and property rights through coercion, extortion, and other criminal acts.”

In one instance cited in the indictment, Norcross is said to have threatened in 2016 a developer who would not relinquish his rights on Norcross’s terms, by telling him he would make sure the developer never did business in Camden again.

“I will f— you up like you’ve never been f—ed up before,” Norcross allegedly told the developer. When the developer asked Norcross if he was threatening him, Norcross allegedly said: “ABSOLUTELY.”


It’s good that this guy is going down, but it’s been my experience that Democrats only go down like this when they become too embarrassing for the Democrat party and it’s agenda. That way lies. Garth Hart, Jim Trafficant, etc. There’s something a little deeper going on here.

H/T: UnwokeThoughts

BREAKING: Congress has issued subpoenas to 15 Biden regime cabinet members over their plot to steal the 2024 election using federal employees & taxpayer dollars

“Evidence already shows that the Executive Order partners federal employees with partisan advocates to register voters ahead of the 2024 elections,” – Chairman of the House Administration Committee

Right after being installed in 2021, Briben signed EO 14019, which required all federal agencies to provide voter registration resources and assistance to Democrats (they say it’s not partisan but give me a break). This meant virtually every Department and Agency created some task force to help Democrats cheat using our money, against Article 1 Section 4 Clause 1 of the Constitution, “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof”

“Examples include the Department of Education’s new federal work-study requirements and the Small Business Administration’s entrance into a voter registration agreement with Michigan.”