Eric Florack on April 19th, 2024

So it would seem. I’d say offhand that karma is running over the Democrats dogma.

Mind you, this is not due to a conscious effort on the part of Donald Trump or his supporters. This was not an organized effort to keep fighting off the ballot. Just typical stupidity on the part of Democrats.

Eric Florack on April 18th, 2024

Found this in the commentaries at instapundit this morning. I’m going to take the unusual step of reposting it here because it’s very important that this be understood:

The whole point of the J6 insurrection narrative, the fact-checkers on social media, the deplatforming of and attacks on anyone who dissents from the narrative, and skin-suit gutting of any institution that Americans are interested in, is to keep us from rallying together to put an end to the Deep State corruption.

Time and again, voters stepped off the “reservation” of being mindless drones to the Leftist narratives, electing Richard Nixon as a slap in the face of the war mongering Democrats of the Vietnam era; then electing Ronald Reagan, even after the Left had basically effected a successful coup to depose Nixon and supposedly had tainted the Republican Party. Then voters elected George W. Bush, despite their best efforts to cast him as a combination of Hitler and someone as incompetent and mindless as…well…Joe Biden is today. During Obama’s first term, outrage over the devastation to the economy caused by Obamacare led to the grassroots Tea Party, but the Left was able to quash that by weaponizing the IRS against it, while propping up Democrat grassroots organizations.

By the time Trump came around the Left was pretty much over trying to convince us to vote their way. Their efforts against Trump really *are* efforts against the pendulum swing of politics for voters in America. The Left fully believes that if they push a little bit harder, and insert themselves into a little bit more of our lives, they can prevent us from voting against them and from pushing forth leaders who are more and more willing to challenge their corruption. Ultimately, it could come down to how much farther the Left can push, and how many people are willing to push back.

From the article:

The ‘whistleblower’ who sparked Donald Trump’s first impeachment was deeply involved in the political maneuverings behind Biden-family business schemes in Ukraine that Trump wanted probed, newly obtained emails from former Vice President Joe Biden’s office reveal.

Well of course this should be a surprise to absolutely nobody except for the true Biden believers who have been clueless, frankly since day one.

Well Donald Trump was visiting with the family of the slain NYC police officer, Biden and company were hobnobbing with New York’s rich. A big deal was made out of how much campaign money was donated.

Then the fundraiser for Donald Trump came along, and suddenly the Biden campaign was silent on available cash for the campaign

Eric Florack on April 17th, 2024
Good question:

If a belligerent state launched 186 explosive drones, 36 cruise missiles, and 110 surface-to-surface missiles from three fronts against civilian targets within the United States, would Joe Biden call it a “win”?

The answer of course is, probably.

As I said yesterday, Iran attacking Israel was always part of the Biden plan.

Rick Moran gives us the obvious news

Eric Florack on April 16th, 2024
From the oversight committee:

President Joe Biden formally REFUSED our invitation to testify in public about his knowledge of and participation in his family’s business schemes.

It appears the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Biden family. Like his son, Hunter Biden, President Biden is refusing to testify in public about the Bidens’ corrupt influence peddling. This comes as no surprise since President Biden continues to lie about his relationships with his son’s business partners, even denying they exist when his son said under oath during a deposition that they did.

It is unfortunate President Biden is unwilling to answer questions before the American people and refuses to answer the very simple, straightforward questions we included in the invitation. Why is it so difficult for the White House to answer those questions? The American people deserve transparency from President Biden, not more lies.

Eric Florack on April 16th, 2024
Some thoughts as things go by:

  • All that I need to know about the left has been shown me once they started cheering for Iran.
  • Speaking of which, Iran attacking Israel was not a Biden policy failure. It was always the Biden plan.
  • 18% inflation? Welcome to Bidenomics. And remember, when they give you a number it almost invariably gets worse, after the initial headlines are gone… “Unexpectedly.”
Eric Florack on April 15th, 2024

Georgia”s board of elections finally has admitted what we’ve been saying all along. Trump was right, election law in Georgia in the 2020 election was violated

And they admitted it in writing.

Eric Florack on April 14th, 2024

I can recall a time watching Candidate Biden telling the world that if Trump was elected, we’d have a war with Iran. Think I’m kidding? Look for yourself. Gee, THAT aged well, didn’t it?

It is now pretty clear that Iran’s attack on Israel was, from a military perspective, an abject failure. According to the reports I’m seeing, Most, or Iran’s drones have been shot down. Oh, make no mistake, here… there was certainly massive firepower in the attack…. but the defense was unquestionably better. And of course there were civilian casualties… but not nearly what Iran hoped.

Interestingly, the design of the drones appear to have a similar design to the “buzz Bombs” used by the Nazis back in the day. How appropriate.

Anyway, it all came to very little. It’s what comes of practice, I suppose. Israel has had lots of practice defending itself from the crazies, of necessity.

But now, what do we have here?
A failed policy.

Like Putin, Iran waited until Biden was in the White House to make their move. At least in this sense, they are sensitive to the political goings on here in the States. They recognize that Trump is the likely winner of this next election, and they know what that means for their conquests. So if they were going to do anything at all, now was the time. You may recall I suggested Iran would make a move like this prior to Biden leaving office.

Like it or not… like HIM or not…. the fact is Donald Trump had Iran broken.

Biden reestablished them with Billions in cash and the removal of sanctions, despite his promises of being in control of those funds. And so, we have the current situation. The attack on Israel was paid for with the money Joe Biden, in his abject weakness, sent them.

As to how this plays out, let’s consider Iran, first. On their own, Iran certainly cannot invade Israel. That’s why the drones, of course. They simply don’t have the ability to do much more, lacking both manpower and equipment. The most likely attack beyond drones would be an air war. and Iran simply doesn’t have equipment or manpower that can do more than scratch the surface of Israel’s defenses. IIRC, the most recent fighters they have are MIG-29’s and F-14’s. Not going to cut it. So, onto other states in the region which Iran my try to call on to aid them.

It’s noteworthy that most Arab states have a large hatred for the Iranian government. No shock then, that the Jordanians and the Saudis are reportedly prepared to shot down any Iranian drones in their airspace. Joe Biden tried to credit himself for them doing that, but the fact of the matter is that have done it anyway. It’s been long established policy for those people. Notice also that they’re not willing to intervene on behalf of israel. Again no surprise.

The only real ally in the region that Iran has is Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, and he’s barely able to hang onto the territory he’s got, much less engage in a hot war with Israel even with the Iranians fighting alongside him.

Which of course does not of itself suggest Iran won’t make the attempt. But when they do…(Notice please, I didn’t say “IF”…) they’ll get spanked, The question becomes, however, how many lives did Biden Bugling cost? Biden and the Democrats have yet to realize that Iran uses that weakness…. that propensity for negotiated settlements, as they do any other weapon… against their enemies… including US. This attack is another example of this.

When will the lesson be learned?


“None of this money goes to the mullahs. None of this money goes into Tehran. The sanctions relief that is provided actually goes to vendors that provide humanitarian assistance to the Iranian people”

The Biden Administration Gave Iran Billions in New Sanctions Relief Exactly One Month Ago

Sure, joe. Sure

Eric Florack on April 12th, 2024

Says Byron York:

A new poll by Axios and Noticias Telemundo found that 42% of Latino Americans support building a wall or fence along the entire U.S.-Mexico border. When pollsters asked the same question in December 2021, the number was 30%. That’s a significant increase as the border crisis created by President Joe Biden’s policies worsens.
I’m guessing that when the tipping point is finally achieved, we will see the Democrats suddenly being in favor of finishing the wall and reinforcing it.

It all comes down my friends to what does and does not threaten their power.

Eric Florack on April 11th, 2024

And yes in part we’re talking about Anthony Fauci… The guy who made Dr Death look like a rank amateur.

And frankly it’s going to take some doing to convince me that creating a situation where the country doesn’t survive isn’t the goal here.

Yeah, unexpectedly. Right.

Turns out there are actually consequences for Democrat policies. Well, what do you know?

So says Fox News.

I would suggest that anyone who takes the oath of office then is recorded chanting “Death to America” or encourages others to do so should immediately be summarily removed from office and jailed before the echo dies from that removal. They’re supposed to be protecting and defending the Constitution, not standing idly by has others try to orchestrate its demise.