Eric Florack on October 31st, 2022

I recently ran an article here which suggested that Russia was no longer a world power, at least from a conventional military standpoint.

There’s been a fair amount of conversation on that point, particularly given the blatantly obvious fact that

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Eric Florack on October 31st, 2022

David’s got this one right, I think:

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Eric Florack on October 29th, 2022

RealClearPolitics is projecting that the Republicans take both the House and the Senate:

So cutting off America’s energy supply, the green New deal, spending us into Oblivion, killing babies and neutering children wasn’t a winning strategy. Gee, what a huge

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Eric Florack on October 29th, 2022

I’m just going to release my notes on this because the story is still developing. The flow of the post here is going to be a little choppy but such is the nature of my notes. It’s how I develop

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Eric Florack on October 28th, 2022

From Blaze:

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk reportedly fired four top executives from the leadership of Twitter on Thursday after completing a deal to buy the company.

Musk reportedly fired the company’s chief executive officer Parag Agrawal, chief financial officer

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Eric Florack on October 26th, 2022

From the Milwaukee Journal:

WAUKESHA - Almost a year after a devastating attack on a hallowed city tradition, a jury convicted Darrell Brooks Jr. of killing six people and injuring dozens of others by driving through the 2021 Christmas

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Eric Florack on October 26th, 2022
I’ll let Dave Rubin take this one.

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Eric Florack on October 24th, 2022
1966. In ten years the planet runs out of oil.
1967. Widespread famine by 1972.
1970. Humanity will exhaust all natural resources by 2000.
1970. City dwellers will need oxygen mask no later than 1985.
1970. We will have a

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My friends,

with the election season coming on, we all need to hear this.

The patterns that Paul Harvey describes in this piece are a matter of History the history which unfortunately are government schools refused to teach.

We Americans,

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Eric Florack on October 17th, 2022
Yes, I’ve seen the chatter about Kanye West looking to buy a social media site. Several points here.First, let’s be straight up about this, the guy is an insufferable jerk. He is a prime example of the difference between believing

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Eric Florack on October 17th, 2022

From Victory Girls:

Wait just a minute, the Capitol has been breached and it’s so concerning by that time that Nancy is only WALKING through the building? And again, she had her daughter there filming a documentary? A documentary about

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Eric Florack on October 14th, 2022
  • It’s not indigenous people’s day any more than it is the governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge.
  • For all the screaming from the left about diversity, can anybody show me a person who is giving up his job willingly to a

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Eric Florack on October 13th, 2022
Let’s try a little thought experiment.
One of the standard complaints from the people that want to kill off the oil companies and cram us all into electric go karts, is that the oil companies once they had us all

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Eric Florack on October 12th, 2022
Tulsi Gabbard has decided she can no longer call herself a Democrat. Watch:

Okay, her reasoning is sound and I find her comments encouraging in that they indicate that even for the staunchest of Democrats, there is a limit to

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