Eric Florack on September 30th, 2023

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So the reports are in, Dianne Feinstein has died.

It probably won’t stop her from voting.


What did I tell you? Word is Dianne Feinstein vote “yea” yesterday on the Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act….

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MSN appears to be engaged in actual news gathering. A bit surprising, but here we go:

Dr. Anthony Fauci was secretly “escorted” to CIA headquarters where he attempted to “influence” the outcome of the agency’s investigations into the origins of

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Eric Florack on September 26th, 2023

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Glen Reynolds has noticed a trend, and writes about it in the New York Post:

…it’s interesting to see Gates softening his tone; it feels as if climate outrage has passed its sell-by date. Oh, sure, there are still

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Read this one through twice.

Evidently the new progressive virtue signal is grousing about those who are grousing about rioters breaking windows and pulling people from cars for their overdue beatings.

Because white privilege. Seriously. Though it’s phrased as “the

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Eric Florack on September 25th, 2023
Years ago the Democrats had the KKK as their military wing, to burn churches, houses, women and children business and generally raise hell with established society.

Later on, they got the civil Rights movement to do that for them. That’s

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Eric Florack on September 24th, 2023

Hater: I can’t wait to get Donald Trump out of office.

Me: Why?

Hater: Why?!?! Don’t tell me you don’t think he colluded with Russia!

Me: According to Robert Mueller’s exhaustive, multi-million dollar investigation, there was no evidence of that.

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Eric Florack on September 23rd, 2023
So, now we see Bob Menendez has been indicted again.

Look, we’ve known for many years now the guy is among the dirtiest in politics. The DOJ has known it too. I will remind you he’s been brought up on

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Eric Florack on September 20th, 2023
I have made no secret of my admiration over the years for Paul Harvey what he gave to this nation, what he gave to my former profession my forever avocation.

It’s been years since I heard this and upon hearing

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Eric Florack on September 20th, 2023
Can you guess why?

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After years and years of being told about how racist we are because we want the border closed, it seems the moment that the left gets some skin in the game, things change rather dramatically:. The Daily Wire reports:

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Eric Florack on September 17th, 2023
The height of conceit is believing that we can control nature… That we can damage it or protect it.

The height of idiocy is believing that government is a cure for anything

That’s your “Green New Deal”thought for the day.

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Eric Florack on September 17th, 2023
Well the Democrats tried, but failed.

I will guarantee you there’s a sense of panic settling in on the White House right now.

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Eric Florack on September 12th, 2023
9/11 is an occasion to reflect on the monsters that seek to destroy America – from within and without

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