Tony Perkins says:

The 2021 baseball season isn’t even a week old, and it’s already over for some fans. Why? Because, as Andrew McCarthy so efficiently put it: the Left ruins everything. Sports, entertainment, toys, snack cakes, you name

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davidl on April 5th, 2021

Many politicians, mostly liberal, make a big deal about being Christian. Such is their right.  However I note that their words and deeds all too often fail to reflect their professed beliefs, from Townhall:

Sen. Raphael Warnock, who once

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Eric Florack on April 4th, 2021

# If you’re complaining about the cost of fuel and with it the cost of everything else, and you’re looking for a cause of the problem? I would strongly advise you to check out the Biden -Harris bumper sticker on

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Eric Florack on April 3rd, 2021

A few thoughts that have occurred to me over the last several days.

# The Democrats are wetting their pants over Russia again, for the simple reason that China is wetting their pants over Russia. If the Democrats are doing

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I mentioned yesterday that Naomi Wolf had finally reached the international “enough” line.

Now, it seems, Washington Post is starting to follow suit;

“What I’m worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick. It’s sick … deciding

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Eric Florack on April 1st, 2021

Victoria Taft reports that liberal writer Naomi wolf is about to get denounced:

.Wolf, who started a tech site that she says is meant to bring the right and left together, says the passport would divide people between haves

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Eric Florack on March 30th, 2021

For the benefit of those who don’t understand the reference there was a cartoon strip called Pogo years ago, drawn by the brilliant Walt Kelly.

My Australian friend, Arthur Chrenkoff, at The Daily Chrenk, perhaps unwittingly, brings Pogo to life;

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Eric Florack on March 30th, 2021

The Conservative Treehouse this morning…

Apparently the far-left have a need to reignite COVID weaponized fear. With more states dropping mask mandates and opening up their restrictions, the JoeBama administration is facing a crisis of spontaneous self-reliance breaking out. They

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Eric Florack on March 30th, 2021

We’ve had some problems the last few days with the site, which would not accept postings for reasons that we don’t fully understand yet.

That said at the moment it’s working so keep a close eye on us.

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Eric Florack on March 19th, 2021

How do you explain Democrats?

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Eric Florack on March 19th, 2021

Tal Bachman says:

But just as a rising tide lifts all boats, a sinking tide lowers them, and the Grammy Awards has become just another degenerating institution within our larger degenerating civilization. It now amounts to an orgy of laughably

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Eric Florack on March 18th, 2021

So this 1.9 trillion “rescue” package, borrowed $14, 329 from every single American. It’s funny how the mainstream press hasn’t even touched that salient point.

We got $1400 of it….

Umm…. Well, let’s put a finer line on that. You

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Eric Florack on March 18th, 2021

As usual, the leftist narrative isn’t even close to reality:

Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto
New: Atlanta shooting suspect told police he had “sexual addiction,” “indicators now may not be” racially motivated, says Cherokee Cty Sheriff Frank Reynolds.

More: Mayor Keisha Lances

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For all of the claims that the Trump people have been silent and not been working toward righting the wrong that was last November, it’s interesting to note that the mainstream press has completely ignored this little tidbit:

A Michigan

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Eric Florack on March 18th, 2021

Word on the wire from down the road in Cleveland, this morning that Ford is planning on moving out of Avon Park Ohio to Mexico:

AVON LAKE, Ohio — Ford workers in Avon Lake were notified by letter from

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