Eric Florack on November 2nd, 2022

How many of these mainstream media hoaxes did you fall for?

Eric Florack on November 1st, 2022

Jeff Goldstein compiles what we have on this business thus far:

Here’s what we know: an itinerant and often homeless pedophilic illegal alien drug abuser and sometimes male prostitute with a litany of prior felonies and an extensive history of mental illness — who’d been living in a dilapidated bus just outside a Berkeley hippie commune and known drug den festooned with a BLM banner, a rainbow pride flag modeled on the US flag, dotted with marijuana leafs where the stars normally appear, and featuring a sign that read “Berkeley is no home for hate” — entered the home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi at about 2 am Friday, and then, with police on the scene, struck Mr Pelosi twice in the head with a hammer. Ms Pelosi and her security detail were not in town. No alarm was triggered by the break in, and no security was present at the home at the time of the incident. Mr Pelosi called 911 from his bathroom to report the intruder before winding up somewhere near where police entered the premises, struggling with his assailant over a hammer.

Supposedly the assailant use the hammer to break a window to get in. Only one problem with that scenario is the glass was piled on the ground outside the door, not on the floor inside the door. In other words, whatever broke that window was already inside the house.

And I’m still waiting for the security video.

Eric Florack on November 1st, 2022
Addison Smith nails it:

David DePape is a hemp jewelry- making, drug-abusing hippie nudist from Berkeley who lives in a school bus w/ a BLM sign & LGBT flag in the yard, was a registered Green Party member and is also in the U.S. illegally.

Oh and the media tried to convince you that he‘s conservative.

Indeed, there is absolutely nothing about this story as laid out by the “mainstream” media that doesn’t smell like fish.

Meanwhile, Matt Walsh notices something rather odd:

A guy showed up to Kavanaugh’s house with a gun and a knife, planning to murder him and two other conservative justices. The media treated it like a minor sideshow. Meanwhile this Pelosi story gets days of headline coverage. And we’re not supposed to notice the disparity.

If it wasn’t for double standards Democrats wouldn’t have any standards at all.

I believe that what we’re seeing here is a knee-jerk response on the part of the mainstream media to try and give the Democrats any advantage possible.

It blew up in their faces.

This guy has no clue about reality at all. From The Hill this morning:

President Biden on Monday warned that oil companies would face a “higher tax” on their excess profits if they don’t reinvest in increasing production to bring down prices at the pump.

Of course, the article mentions nothing about Biden’s stated intentions of shutting down the oil companies.

Look, this is nothing more and nothing less than an attempt to forestall the judgment of the American people on his pursuit of green policy. He knows he’s going to be rejected because the costs are just too damned high. Going, hat in hand, to Saudi Arabia and begging them to increase production didn’t work so now he’s going to threaten the American companies with fines for not doing exactly what he told them not to do, that is, produce oil.

You know, maybe declaring war on American energy wasn’t such a good idea after all? Just a thought.

Eric Florack on October 31st, 2022
I recently ran an article here which suggested that Russia was no longer a world power, at least from a conventional military standpoint.

There’s been a fair amount of conversation on that point, particularly given the blatantly obvious fact that Russia is never going to be able to hold on to the territories it’s taken from the Ukraine. The best that Putin can hope for at this point is a standoff.

Enter this discussion,

a website which I have never heard of before … Called The institute for the study of war. Glenn Reynolds mentioned it and extensively quoted it.

I’ll post the quote in its entirety here:

The Russian defeat in Kharkiv Oblast and Lyman, combined with the Kremlin’s failure to conduct partial mobilization effectively and fairly are fundamentally changing the Russian information space. Kremlin-sponsored media and Russian milbloggers – a prominent Telegram community composed of Russian war correspondents, former proxy officials, and nationalists – are grieving the loss of Lyman while simultaneously criticizing the bureaucratic failures of the partial mobilization.[1] Kremlin sources and milbloggers are attributing the defeat around Lyman and Kharkiv Oblast to Russian military failures to properly supply and reinforce Russian forces in northern Donbas and complaining about the lack of transparency regarding the progress of the war.[2]

Some guests on heavily-edited Kremlin television programs that aired on October 1 even criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to annex four Ukrainian oblasts before securing their administrative borders or even the frontline, expressing doubts about Russia’s ability ever to occupy the entirety of these territories.[3] Kremlin propagandists no longer conceal their disappointment in the conduct of the partial mobilization, frequently discussing the illegal mobilization of some men and noting issues such as alcoholism among newly mobilized forces.[4] Some speaking on live television have expressed the concern that mobilization will not generate the force necessary to regain the initiative on the battlefield, given the poor quality of Russian reserves.[5]

The Russian information space has significantly deviated from the narratives preferred by the Kremlin and the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) that things are generally under control. . . . Putin relies on controlling the information space in Russia to safeguard his regime much more than on the kind of massive oppression apparatus the Soviet Union used, making disorder in the information space potentially even more dangerous to Putin than it was to the Soviets.


There are several points that arise from this.

* It has become perfectly clear that Russia cannot hold on to the territories that it’s taken in the Ukraine with its military in the condition that it’s in. Yes there’s the threat of Putin using what he’s got left of his nuclear arsenal. Trouble for him is that that’s suicidal on two fronts.

First, there would certainly be a nuclear response which would assuredly obliterate Moscow, and Putin all along with it. Putin is a lot of things, but he’s not that much of an idiot. So his response to the situation is limited to conventional armed forces.

Secondly there would be a follow-on attack from ground forces on what remained of Russia. If the Russian military in its current state can’t hold on to the territory that it’s taken from the Ukraine… A country that has a military that is at least somewhat questionable, he must know that he’s not going to be able to defeat ground forces from the remaining military force in the world which would surely be Mass against him was he stupid enough to launch such missiles… And by the way, that’s with his military in the current shape it’s in, bad as that is. Imagine the state of his military after a nuclear attack. I think we both know that’s going nowhere.

I don’t consider him going with the nuclear option to be very likely. He knows he’s not going to get anything out of it.

* The indications are that if he continues on this course Putin is in serious trouble at home. Not that the idea of throwing an election bothers him much, but if you’re living in a nation of 146 million people who want to drill a couple of holes into you, eventually one of them is going to succeed. Again, Putin is no idiot. He understands this very well which is why he spends most of his time hiding these days. But it ain’t going to last. Eventually, the ill will toward him from both inside and outside Russia is going to catch up to him. Or as Waylon Jennings used to sing, “Ain’t living long like this.”

That’s assuming he doesn’t withdraw. It’s possible but I don’t consider it very likely. I also don’t consider a negotiated piece to be very likely a long-term solution. And negotiated pieces precisely how we got into this mess in the first place, so I don’t consider it very advantageous either.

So how does this play out in the end? Sometime within the next two years I would guess. The reason is simple enough, as I suggested once before it’s no accident that Vladimir Putin waited until Joe Biden was in the White House to make his move on the Ukraine. He knew that Joe Biden wouldn’t react. With a political tides here in the US swinging hard right… (thank God)… He’s going to have to make some kind of a move one way or the other before such people attain office here in the West.

And finally, as Glenn observes, it’s interesting that the Russian regime is getting more pushback from the Russian press then the regime here in the States is from our supposedly mainstream media. As the website Glenn quotes observes, Putin depends heavily on controlling the message that the media is sending out. Sound familiar?

Eric Florack on October 31st, 2022
David’s got this one right, I think:

Eric Florack on October 29th, 2022
RealClearPolitics is projecting that the Republicans take both the House and the Senate:

So cutting off America’s energy supply, the green New deal, spending us into Oblivion, killing babies and neutering children wasn’t a winning strategy. Gee, what a huge surprise.

But right here and right now I’m going to put the GOP on notice. They will actually be conservative, they will support “America first” policies , they will lose their anti-Trump bias and they will stop playing go along to get along with the Democrats… And they will shut down any hint of the insanely unworkable “green”nonsense including the governmental push for electric vehicles, else they will be turned right back out again.

Your move, GOP. What will it be?

Eric Florack on October 29th, 2022
I’m just going to release my notes on this because the story is still developing. The flow of the post here is going to be a little choppy but such is the nature of my notes. It’s how I develop posts. But in this case, I think it’s best you see my thoughts as they developed.

So Paul Pelosi got attacked with a hammer? That’s okay, Nancy’s been getting hammered for years and we barely noticed.

Look, I’m not buying the reports we’re seeing on this. You see, the one thing that I’m absolutely sure about is it about 20% of this story is true.

First of all, aren’t there guards in this compound? Even assuming there weren’t, it strikes me as interesting that while Nancy Pelosi wants to disarm us, the police couldn’t protect her husband in a rich neighborhood. Funny thing about that, the police refused to comment on existing security in the compound or for that matter how this guy managed to get in… Or why nobody noticed a guy running through the streets of San Francisco and his underwear.

One poster on Twitter put it this way:

My firm served a lawsuit against Paul Pelosi one time in SF after attempting to serve at other residences—Napa, Georgetown. They weren’t home, but staff were, & multiple law enforcement officers were on the perimeter. Break-in is odd given this level of security.

Secondly, at the news conference the police were emphatic about both Paul Pelosi and his would be attacker having hammers in their hands. I can’t even imagine what the setup on that would have been. I suppose we’ll see if that part of the story lasts.

(Update, supposedly there was only one hammer and when the police got there it was Pelosi who had the hammer)

Would this have been set up by the Democrat party? I doubt it, because it runs directly afoul of their constant chant of “Crime problem? What crime problem?” But, it is interesting that it falls so close to election day.

Could have been some deranged right winger? Doubtful. The supposed attacker… One David dePape, is from Berkeley. Not exactly a bastion of right-wing thinking, that place. Supposedly, he’s a Castro nudist protester according to one report. No, I have no idea what that is, either.

Now we’re being told that the guy with the hammer in his underwear was “a friend”. One cannot help but wonder if it wasn’t a friend with “benefits” . It would explain his mode of dress. This is San Francisco after all. Certainly, the motivation for the attack would be explained easily enough that way… If that’s what’s going on here, I think we can rest assured that the two of them were not observing the cdc’s social distancing recommendations.

You know when Rand Paul was attacked, (and very nearly killed by the way), one of the Pelosi kids chirped up, saying that Rand Paul’s attacker was right. Just saying…

Eric Florack on October 28th, 2022
From Blaze:

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk reportedly fired four top executives from the leadership of Twitter on Thursday after completing a deal to buy the company.

Musk reportedly fired the company’s chief executive officer Parag Agrawal, chief financial officer Ned Segal, top legal and policy executive Vijaya Gadde, and general counsel Sean Edgett, according to a report from the New York Times that cited confidential sources.

First off, those confidential sources piping information into the New York Times are probably going to disappear very quickly, particularly if Musk is as smart as I believe him to be.

I very seldom weep for fired executives. The firing of the top brass at Twitter the moment Elon Musk walked in the door is not going to be an exception to that trend. The way you kill a snake is you remove its head. I’m quite sure that Mark Zuckerberg will hire them though they won’t be making the same kind of salary. Zuck simply can’t afford it.

I will also say to any Republican who happens to get elected to any high office, the way this was done, is the way you should do it. Bureaucrat heads should roll before the echo dies from your taking the oath of office. And here’s the thing, for the most part they don’t need to be replaced, either.

As to Twitter itself, it’s going to be interesting cover these next few months. I suspect and suppose that the linkage between the propaganda efforts of the government and big tech in general but Twitter in particular will come to a crashing halt. It’s my judgment that Musk will have none of that.

Eric Florack on October 26th, 2022

From the Milwaukee Journal:

WAUKESHA - Almost a year after a devastating attack on a hallowed city tradition, a jury convicted Darrell Brooks Jr. of killing six people and injuring dozens of others by driving through the 2021 Christmas parade. After being sequestered Tuesday night after about 90 minutes of deliberations, the jury announced it had verdicts early Wednesday.

Judge Jennifer Dorow began reading them shortly before 11 a.m., beginning with the first-degree intentional homicide counts. It took her about 25 minutes to read the guilty verdicts on all 76 charges.

It’s been hastily pointed out by many, that Brooks decided to represent himself in the matter, and that it was a stupid move to do that. While I tend to agree, I’m unconvinced this had any effect on the outcome, and indeed I’ll tell you point blank there wasn’t a lawyer on Earth that was going to get him out of any of those charges. You commit several murders in front of literally thousands of witnesses, you’re going to be outta circulation for several years and I don’t care what color you are.

And speaking of that…

I have argued strenuously in the past against hate crimes legislation because the very nature of such laws is unequal. This case is a prime example of that. Let’s imagine that Mr Brooks is white and the people he was mowing down are black. Does anyone suppose even for a split second that a white person behind the wheel of that red Ford Escape, wouldn’t have been charged with multiple hate crimes?

Well, I suppose they could have pinned it on the SUV.

In the end, Daryl Brooks got precisely what he deserved, but that’s the small end of this particular stick. The larger being the question of who taught him all the racist nonsense was spouting?

And of course the next step in these matters is almost invariably an appeal. The question becomes who’s going to file such an appeal? Is there a lawyer on Earth who would take the case?

Eric Florack on October 26th, 2022
I’ll let Dave Rubin take this one.

Eric Florack on October 24th, 2022
1966. In ten years the planet runs out of oil.
1967. Widespread famine by 1972.
1970. Humanity will exhaust all natural resources by 2000.
1970. City dwellers will need oxygen mask no later than 1985.
1970. We will have a new ice age no later than the year 2000.
1970. Americans will have to ration water and food no later than 1974 and 1980 respectively.
1971. A new ice age will be established in 2020.
1972. The planet runs out of oil in 20 years.
1974. Satellites show new ice age approaching.
1976. Scientists confirm that the planet is cooling and famine is imminent.
1978. Gradual cooling has already begun and will last for 30 years.
1980. Acid rain will kill all life in lakes
1988. The Maldives Islands will be swallowed by the waters in 2018 at the latest.
2002. Widespread hunger will set in within 10 years if we don’t stop eating fish, meat and dairy products.
2004. Britain will look like Siberia by 2024 at the latest
2005. Manhattan Island will be underwater by 2015 at the latest.
2008. All Arctic glaciers will disappear completely by 2018.
2009. Humanity has only 50 days left to avoid a climate catastrophe.
2014. We only have 500 days until climate chaos sets in.
My friends,

with the election season coming on, we all need to hear this.

The patterns that Paul Harvey describes in this piece are a matter of History the history which unfortunately are government schools refused to teach.

We Americans, even those of the leftist persuasion have begun of late to recognize that we are losing what we had. We are in large part desperate to stop that slide. And we can do it. We really can. But to do that we need to understand the historical cycles involved and reverse them.

Please take a few minutes aside and listen to Paul Harvey’s description of those cycles, and tell me that the warning which Paul gave us in 1960 is not precisely what we’re dealing with today.


Eric Florack on October 17th, 2022
Yes, I’ve seen the chatter about Kanye West looking to buy a social media site. Several points here.First, let’s be straight up about this, the guy is an insufferable jerk. He is a prime example of the difference between believing that you are extraordinarily talented and actually being extraordinarily talented.

Admittedly he does get an occasional point right, like for example taking a dump on BLM, and that whole crowd, but the man is such an jerk on the whole that it’s difficult to take him seriously on any subject. I find his swelled head distasteful at least and his anti-Semitism totally unacceptable.

But notice something, please. The denizens of the little paragraph factory in Queens, have decided… ( all evidence to the contrary) that Kanye West is a right-wing figure. You can’t make this stuff up.I’ve got a news flash for the Times, and this news is both actually news and fit to print; he’s nothing of the sort, and your labeling him as such tells me just how far out of touch you are with reality.

Personally I give Parler how about 6 months.