Eric Florack on November 17th, 2021

Well this was probably the only thing that was left to cover. Billy back passes along a bit of intrigue:

EDIT: the authenticity of this data in the disputed files is now in dispute. This is not clear yet.


The Rittenhouse drone video file presented to the defense and the court is marked internally by the Handbrake trans-coder. This, after ADA Kraus stated to the court that it had not been altered, and that “none of [the prosecution team] would even know how to do that.” This is not ordinary image metadata and must be discovered with a hex editor.

If this is true, then people conducting that prosecution must be criminally charged, beginning with ADA Kraus, on whose evidence laptop computer the Handbrake software is installed.

Oh, it gets better…

It looks now like the files that were distributed in the court including the somewhat lower resolution video given the defense wasn’t created on handbrake, but was in fact created on Apples QuickTime, though it had been run through handbrake at one time, possibly in the original conversion from the format supported by the drone.

Fox News at this point is reporting:

Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys, Mark Richards and Corey Chirafisi, said prosecutors gave them a 3.6-megabyte version of a drone video, while the version they kept for themselves had amounted to 11.2 MB. They said the resolution of the file they received came in at 480 by 212 pixels, compared to 1920 by 844 in the prosecution’s file.

Which probably means that neither file is the original.

Somewhere along the way also, a conversion was done from an iPhone to an Android.

I have to tell you, I smell a fish here. Given what else we have seen from this prosecution, it would make total sense to me to find the evidence being tampered with.

Given the crowds of animals outside the courtroom threatening violence, given the bleatings we’ve been seeing from the leftist press and given the amount of importance the left as a whole puts on a conviction in this case, are we truly to believe now that shenanigans weren’t involved on the part of the prosecution?

After all, tampering with data works so well in the case of elections….

The case needs to be dismissed with prejudice, Rittenhouse needs to be freed immediately, and a criminal investigation needs to be mounted here against the prosecutors. Based on the noises the judges making at the moment, I don’t see that happening without an additional development.

It makes me wonder how many times the judge has to be beaten about the head and shoulders with evidence before he acts accordingly.

And I will make the rather obvious prediction that Rittenhouse once the civil suits are out of the way is going to be a very rich man.

Eric Florack on November 17th, 2021

So they’re sending National guard troops into Kenosha. You know if they had done that last summer there wouldn’t even be a trial now. In short, if the government had actually been doing its job and stopping crime others wouldn’t have felt the need to step in.

Has Merrick Garland directed the FBI to investigate the multiple death threats against the judge and the jury, in that case? Or is he, as I suspect, too busy harassing parents who object to CRT being taught in schools?

Based on the evidence presented, there is no deliberation necessary. Free the kid and jail the star witnesses of the prosecutor, and throw the prosecutor himself in there with them

If the Rittenhouse lawyers are of any value at all, we are about to see a flurry of civil lawsuits from them.

Eric Florack on November 16th, 2021

Okay, yeah, it’s a little dated. This graphic was actually from last january. But still, it raises the point that I’ve been making all along. BLM are criminals. Criminals of the worst kind. They should be treated as such. But because Democrats think they get votes from these animals, they get supported by Democrats.

So we’re all busy watching a trial which is in essence trying to determine if Kyle Rittenhouse had the right to defend himself against BLM supporters who were trying to kill him. These are individuals who all had extensive criminal records as shown below.

Meantime we have the leaders of BLM in New York City saying that if the new mayor starts cracking down on crime that the reaction from BLM will be violence.

One of the obvious conclusions to draw from all of this is that if government was actually doing its job in controlling crime instead of aiding and abetting it, individuals like Kyle Rittenhouse David Dorn, who by the way lost his life wouldn’t have felt the need to step in.

Ask Tucker Carlson says when government refuses to do its job citizens will rise up.

This trial is not about Kyle Rittenhouse per se. Rather it is about your ability to defend yourself from criminals that the government has been aiding and abetting. There’s no longer any conclusion to draw.

Eric Florack on November 15th, 2021

A fairly decent piece from Anna Rose, in which she gets some things right… but hardly everything.

I’ll leave you to read the article yourself but I’m going to warn you to be careful where you step with this thing.

The first thing you need to understand is with Democrats it’s all about advancing the leftist agenda. You can get away with damn near anything so long as the agenda isn’t damaged. The only time Democrats will turn on their own is when they become too big and embarrassment, and an impediment to the forwarding of the leftist agenda. That way lies Jim Trafficant, for example. On the other hand consider the Democrat defense of Bill Clinton. Menendez, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, and infinitum. Calling these people out on their misdeeds would have caused greater damage to the advancements of the leftist agenda, so they basically got away with it.

If the number of nursing home deaths behind Cuomo were to get the attention that they deserve, it would certainly be an impediment to the leftist agenda. Still, they needed to get Cuomo out of the way. How to do that? Oh yes, a sex scandal. It’s always works for the Democrats before.

With Anthony fauci it’s a slightly different scenario. With him it’s all about hiding the fact that under his leadership the US was cooperating with the Chinese government to do gain of function research. Biological weapons. Keeping in mind anything that gets developed at that lab is already in the hands of the Communist Chinese who aren’t exactly our best friends.. which on its face strikes me as a major security matter, the question becomes why Faucci and company were going so far outside the law.

The fact of the matter is covid-19 was developed in cooperation with the Chinese communists on our time. Your taxpayer money developed covid-19 and is directly responsible for all of those deaths including the ones caused by Andrew Cuomo.

I suggest that of the two Anthony Faucci is the bigger fish, because without him doing his illegal research and handing the results of that research to the Communist Chinese while we paid for it, Andrew Cuomo would still be playing grab ass with his subordinates and all those covid-19 deaths in the economic destruction that the virus caused would never have happened.

So…..Why isn’t Anthony Faucci in jail at this very moment? Again, doing that would damage the leftist agenda. Why isn’t Andrew Cuomo in jail? Same answer.

That’s the lesson here. It’s always about the leftist agenda.

Eric Florack on November 15th, 2021

Enough with the arguments about Rittenhouse being a vigilante and how vigilantism is bad etc.

Sorry, I’m not buying it.

I don’t have the figures to hand but I’m willing to bet that in the end, the vigilantes are doing a better job of it because they have a greater risk.

Think about it now: when is the last time you heard of anyone in government paying for screwing up somebody’s life unjustly? No I’m not talking about government coughing up taxpayer money to make the problem go away. Talking about actual jail time for the perpetrators who supposedly represent the government. I don’t recall anybody, any prosecutor anywhere being sent to prison for such an act.

All they need to do is waive the magic wand of government over it, and all the guilt goes away. We’ve all seen it happen.

We can get into the specifics of government malfeasance on a number of levels at some point in the future, and I don’t doubt for a second that that subject will come up over the next year or two given who we have in Congress and in the White House at the moment

But let’s put all the other arguments aside for the moment and concentrate on this glaring fact:

If the government were actually doing its job in the city that day, Kyle Rittenhouse and others like him wouldn’t have felt the need to respond as they did.


Eric Florack on November 9th, 2021

I’ve been saying all along that Rittenhouse, justifiably, will walk away from these charges. That was confirmed in testimony yesterday, when the prosecution’s own witness was forced to admit that the kid fired in self-defense.

Defense attorney Chirafisi: “It wasn’t until you advanced on [Rittenhouse], with your hand down and gun pointed toward his head that he fired, correct?”

Grosskreutz: “Correct.”

Show’s over, fade to black. If you’d like you can watch the video here.

The reaction of the prosecutor to the truth actually coming out was priceless;

It’s both amusing and instructive to note that the collective is left has used the same tactics here, that they were using against Donald trump. Keep screaming wise Volume 11, allow the press to repeat those lies endlessly as if they were Stone Cold fact.

Oh, and let’s make sure that any exculpatory evidence doesn’t make it in front of the jury. Like for example, the fact that the prosecution is witness that apparently remarked into a friend about how we regretted not killing Rittenhouse. Meanwhile, it came out yesterday that the prosecution was planning on casting Grosskreutz as the hero. Apparently when you’re a prosecutor, particularly a Democrat, the truth need not apply because the narrative is more important.

Dear reader, here we have yet another example of the actual truth exposing the left as narrative for the lie that it is.

The remaining problem is the same one that we’re dealing with as regards the charges the left has been continuously making against Donald trump. Into their hands for so long that they can’t accept it’s not the truth even when the evidence is directly in front of them as in this case. As a result, as with the case of Donald trump, the leftist chance of guilty will far out last being disproven.

Oh, one more thing…

Eric Florack on November 8th, 2021

I’ve already written my piece on the FBI some days ago. But if you want confirmation of what I wrote back then, you need look no further than Powerline. Somebody has apparently directed the FBI to go after Project Veritas.

There is a context to this story that goes well beyond the sadness of Joe Biden’s deeply troubled family. The FBI’s once-stellar reputation has been badly tarnished in recent years, and many millions of Americans now see the Bureau as a politicized agency that has become, in important ways, an arm of the Democratic Party. The Case of the Missing Diary may be trivial in itself, but the fact that the FBI is now executing search warrants on the homes of political opponents of the Biden administration, with no national interest at stake other than the reputation of the Biden family, lends support to that suspicion.

And once again the only people that benefit from that, are Democrats.

Boy, there’s a shocker, huh?

Eric Florack on November 5th, 2021

Friend to Billy Beck comes up with an interesting quote this morning

“All of this convinced [him] that the technology industrialization had made possible — automobiles, movies, radio, mass-circulation magazines, the advertising that paid for them — was creating an exaggerated desire for privacy. It was making an English upper-class evil a vice of American society. It was, ‘the sad climax of individualism, the blind-alley of a generation which had forgotten how to think or live collectively, of a people whose private lives were so brittle, so insecure that they dared not subject them to the slightest social contact with the casual stranger, of people who felt neither curiosity nor responsibility for the mass of those who shared their community life and their community problems.'”


Can you see the general ethic?

Guess who.

Answer in comments.

And in the comments as promised he reveals the origin of the quote, and adds a thought or two:

George Kennan in 1938.

This makes perfect sense, to me, when I consider Soviet “containment”.

Kennan was a moral coward. He didn’t have the spine to come out for the Soviets, he certainly was not going to fully condemn them, and containment was the original “Third Way”.

I tell him:

Billy Beck you suggest that he was arguing for the Soviets, albeit limp wristedly. Not knowing much about the man I’ll take your word for it but it strikes me that the ethic he’s arguing for could just as easily have been the Nazis. Given the time frame of the quote it works just as well because so much of their ethic was precisely the same. And then, over on the edge of the map is Spain at the time. So many social political evolutionary cul-de-sacs to choose from, from that time that his comments mesh with rather nicely.

The sad part is, it also meshes rather well with the Democrat party here in the states, today.

There’s a prediction in there, somewhere…

And that is the reality of the situation. Every one of those offshoots of socialism including what the Democrats of the United States espouse today attempt to limit if not eliminate the rugged individualism of this nation was founded upon.

As I told billy, there is a prediction in there. I am increasingly persuaded that the Democrat party will fail in its attempt to make socialists of us. The question then becomes, will we allow them to drag us down with them?

A blast from the past:

The good news, to relieve all this gloom, is that a democracy is inherently self-correcting. Here, the people are sovereign. Inept political leaders can be replaced. Foolish policies can be changed. Disastrous mistakes can be reversed.”
— Theodore C. Sorensen

So he said, back in Kennedy’s time.

The trouble, of course is that Sorensen never figured on the Democrats of today. I can’t help but think that he would have been sounding the alarm when he saw the huge number of votes coming in for the moronic Murphy in New Jersey at 11:57 p.m., which is something that has yet to be explained and I doubt it will be.

Alas!, however, that kind of Democrat doesn’t exist in today’s Democrat party. My fear, given the cheat that was successfully implemented in the 2020 election, has been that the Democrats pragmatists that they are will continue using that particular tool indefinitely to remain in power. What we saw in new jersey, and we all saw it, is an indication that my prediction was right on the money.

Having friends in the media doesn’t hurt their cause either. Observe this graphic from election night on MSNBC:

So let me understand this.

MSNBC refuses to call the Virginia race because it’s too close to call, with a 7% Delta between the challengers…. And yet in the case of New Jersey they’ve called it for the Democrat on a less than 1% Delta, when the Secretary of State in New Jersey doesn’t even know how many votes remain to be counted?

Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along.

At what point is something going to be done about Democrat cheating? That’s the question that’s been forming in my mind for about the last month. The thought was certainly amplified by the evidence of law breaking vote stealing that we saw in the case of new jersey.

At what point will America finally get angry enough at what’s been done to it by its government, to take action?

The more that we hear about the events of January 6th and the government’s involvement with that, the more I am firmly convinced that January 6th was a preemptive strike created solely for the purpose of sending a message to those who would dare to oppose liberal Democrats. They knew very well what the reaction of the American people would be to Democrat party policy, and somebody decided to put together a charlottesville-style false flag event to root out some of the organizers.

We know for example that the FBI was involved and in my estimation the FBI doesn’t take unilateral action without someone in the doj either ordering an action or at least sanctioning it.

However that may be, the situation, as a result of the grandstanding on January 6th is that we have people who are less likely to respond to protect their freedoms then they might otherwise have been. If I’m right on my supposition that January 6th was a false flag event (and the evidence is mounting that I am in fact correct) then that part of the plan is going swimmingly for them.

And before you start labeling this a conspiracy theory, remember that everything, and I mean absolutely everything that we were told was only a conspiracy theory… Proved in the end to be the truth.

So with all this as a backdrop, one cannot help but wonder what will the event be that finally pushes the American people over the edge. If not this, what is the event that will cause them to take action? What is the torch and pitchfork moment?

Eric Florack on November 4th, 2021

It amazes me that the left has gone from”critical race theory is a right-wing fantasy” to unleashing the FBI on any parent who objects to it being taught in government schools… And the guy who unleashes the FBI on those parents? The father-in-law of someone responsible for spreading CRT. Why isn’t Merrick Garland in jail? Oh, that’s right. Democrats are running things. Forget I asked. The question though is for how long. Parents across the country are finally woken up to what’s happening in government schools and their voices are being heard. This does not bode well for Democrats.

And watching this global climate nonsense in Scotland, it occurs to me how much in the way of fossil fuels got burned flying jets into Scotland. You would think that such a get together would better serve the stated purpose if it was all done virtually, online.

We still have people stranded in Afghanistan. Funny how you haven’t heard anything about that.

davidl on November 3rd, 2021

From my favorite North of the Border Blogger SDA:

robbystarbuck – The New Jersey state senate president (D) is about to lose to a Republican truck driver who spent less than $200 on his campaign. What an amazing story.

With the Delaware Dimwit’s war on the American worker, a job just might come in handy.


Eric Florack on November 3rd, 2021

So the race that everyone was watching was the Virginia governor’s race.

Yes the 50,000 McAuliffe votes that appeared at 10:57pm is interesting, and is suggestive that there is still cheating going on on behalf of Democrats. Given the links to the clintons, that should be no surprise at all.

Probably has something to do with the problems in Fairfax county, (wow, what a shock!) …which it is claimed to have something to do with outdated memory cards.

Interesting though that that happened in one of the few counties in Virginia that the Democrat actually won. Also interesting that the problems were not reported by the board of elections there, but by McAuliffe’s campaign.

I will label the Republicans in Virginia fools if they don’t investigate what happened in Fairfax county, particularly with the Republican win because they now have the ability to mount such an investigation.

The leftists are in the process of melting down on this one. Amongst other bogus claims, they are saying that the election was about critical race theory, white backlash and so on.

Yeah, sure. Virginians vote for a black female for lieutenant governor, and Hispanic attorney general because they’re all a bunch of racists.

As an indication of just how bad things are for the Democrats, mega moron Phil Murphy is about to go down in flames in New Jersey. That’s barring any last minute “found” votes, of course.

Eric Florack on November 2nd, 2021

There are two means by which you can go from having 81 million votes to put you in the office of POTUS. First, you really didn’t get any 1 million votes or two, you’re the worst president ever, or as a bonus, three, both.

Eric Florack on November 2nd, 2021

Friend Billy Beck mentions yesterday:

Five hundred and four years ago, this day, modern individualism began with every bang of Martin Luther’s hammer on the door at All Saints’ Church, Wittenberg, Germany.

I was quick to point out to his readers that this is an argument that he and I have both been making for years, now. To the point, America, as conceived by the founders, could not have been so conceived absent the work of Martin Luther hundreds of years before.

As fate would have it, an event happened on the same day which I was quick to mention…

And you know, come to think of it, what we have here is a rather interesting juxtaposition… just yesterday, we had the supposed leader of the Free World crap his pants in the midst of an audience with the same Catholic hierarchy that Martin Luther stood up against.

Profiles in courage versus profiles in diarrhea.

Now, you know what happened. The Cardinals in the Catholic church here in America are gathering to decide whether or not Joe Biden will continue to receive communion given his very unchristian stance on abortion.

The pope meanwhile, being a devout communist, recognizes that the interest of Communism is served by Joe Biden continuing to have the bully pulpit in America and so reinforces Biden’s membership in the Catholic Church with this meeting. Apparently, that’s why Biden needed to bypass that bathroom visit.

Yet, understanding how it all came about doesn’t change the questions that the event raises.

Consider the total package, consider everything that we’ve been delivered by this president in just the eight short months that he’s been in office.

In less than a year, the man fell up the stairs, pooped his pants in front of the Pope, and fell asleep at what he deemed a meeting relative to the biggest crisis in our history.

If Trump would have done just one of these things, Mind you, just one, the Democrats would be out for blood. Okay, let’s face it…. they’d be out for blood anyway but you know what I mean.

And certainly the supposed mainstream media would be all over these events and questioning his ability to lead and they would be working tirelessly to end his presidency. But because the guy has a large D after his name….