Eric Florack on March 19th, 2021

Tal Bachman says:

But just as a rising tide lifts all boats, a sinking tide lowers them, and the Grammy Awards has become just another degenerating institution within our larger degenerating civilization. It now amounts to an orgy of laughably misguided self-congratulation; cliché-ridden social justice pontifications from multimillionaires living in Beverly Hills mansions; packaged rage; racist guilt-tripping; and pathological female autodegradation.

The most recent example of that last thing, of course, was the pornographic exhibitionism of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. That so many of our cultural overlords have applauded it, and similar Grammy performances over the years, as an expression of “female empowerment,” only shows how perniciously insane our culture has become. I await any intelligible explanation of how women publicly depicting themselves as nothing more than wank fodder “empowers all women, everywhere.” By this dysfunctional standard, Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine was the best friend your precious daughter ever had.

Of course, this wasn’t the only off-putting thing about the Grammys. The geniuses running it decided to tacitly endorse America-hating, Israel-hating, and Jew-hating by inviting Hate Queen Tamika Mallory to do her standard “Angry Shouting” routine during an anti-cop number (for more on Mallory’s career in hate, see here, here, and here). As if that isn’t nauseating enough, the same geniuses also broadcast—in the same show—a statement condemning hate and anti-Semitism. Nothing like your plate of hate slopped over with an extra helping of hypocrisy.

Even if we could get past this sort of obnoxiousness, the fact would remain that much—perhaps most—of the music now showcased on the Grammys just doesn’t resonate with a lot of people anymore. Ask a hundred ordinary folks to watch any recent Grammy Awards show, and most of them won’t even have heard of 80 percent or more of the increasingly niche nominees. (By contrast, quite a few of those people would have appreciated more respect shown to the late Edward Van Halen, a Grammy winner who revolutionized pop and rock guitar playing, and whom I’ve written about elsewhere. The Grammys all but ignored his recent passing).

Look, let’s not kid ourselves here… Bachman is being gentle with this subject.

The overriding fact is that 99% of the “music”produced today is absolute crap. Then again, it does have the advantage of being a platform for, as Bachman says, American hating individuals.

There’s a reason why the Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues, REO Speedwagon, Def Leppard, and even bands whose personnel have almost totally flipped like Boston, Fleetwood Mac and so on, are still touring, and it has very little to do with nostalgia, and has everything to do with the quality of the material produced…coupled with the fact that nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, is coming close to that level of performance. Sorry, they just aren’t getting it done. There’s a reason why 60s 70s and 80s channels, yacht rock, etc are the biggest draws that satellite radio has.

And I won’t even discuss rap, or death metal or anything of the sort.

Personally, I have found myself diving into deeper tracks, of late

.. of 60 60s 70s and 80s artists both familiar and unfamiliar and finding musical Q gems along the way.

Yes, occasionally I find a current track worth listening to, ones that haven’t discovered the non-musical ease of Auto-Tune, (can anybody actually carry a tune without computer aid any longer?).. and artists who don’t sound like pure imitation of other artists, who aren’t spewing hatred for America and it’s people, who actually understand what a Melody is and what Harmony is. I promise you, such an artist will always get my attention.

And no, an answer to the inevitable, this is not merely a grumpy command to get off my lawn, but rather a lament for the actual music that’s gone missing these last 20 years or so.

It was observed in the 60s by several pundits then observing the phenomena that was the Beatles, pop music is the direction America is headed in.

(Alas!, Even that has to some degree fallen victim to this new wave, becoming a caricature of itself in its attempts to stay “relevant” and be seen as “woke”. And yes, I’m talking about Paul McCartney.)

If that statement made back then is true, then based on what’s being produced today I greatly fear for our country, our nation, our culture.

Eric Florack on March 18th, 2021

So this 1.9 trillion “rescue” package, borrowed $14, 329 from every single American. It’s funny how the mainstream press hasn’t even touched that salient point.

We got $1400 of it….

Umm…. Well, let’s put a finer line on that. You get $1,400, IF you don’t count the income tax they’ll take out of that money, and the sales tax from whatever you buy.

On what basis does anybody approve of this nonsense?

I’m telling you truly folks, giving your money to the government, especially when the left is running it it’s like flushing it down the toilet and hoping some of it floats back up.

Eric Florack on March 18th, 2021

As usual, the leftist narrative isn’t even close to reality:

Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto
New: Atlanta shooting suspect told police he had “sexual addiction,” “indicators now may not be” racially motivated, says Cherokee Cty Sheriff Frank Reynolds.

More: Mayor Keisha Lances Bottoms says suspect was “on his way to Florida”, possibly “to carry out additional shootings”.

So it wasn’t racially motivated at all. But you know the narrative on this thing is not going to change, and the actual facts here, be damned.

In any event, it’s clear that the leftist narrative has gotten beyond the control of the racists who were pitching it.

And the question that I asked 20 years ago remains… Is there anything that the Democrats attach themselves to that even remotely resembles the truth?


Chicago talk radio host Stephanie Trussell adds :

We all agree the attacks on the spas were acts of evil. There are those who are trying very hard to label the murders a hate crime. We shouldn’t be surprised.

What I haven’t heard are calls to crackdown on those “spas”. We see them in strip malls. Blackened windows with a neon “SPA” sign. We know what’s going on inside but we tell ourselves it has to be legal since they are operating out in the open.

No kidding.

I interviewed 2 women who run a ministry that rescues women from the sex trade industry. They said many of those women are brought here illegally. Some live in the spas. The oldest woman they helped was 76 years old. Those women are victims.

I have always wondered what would happen if a group of moms entered a spa and requested a massage. Who frequents those places?

People like our suspect. he wasn’t doing this based on an assumption he was doing it based on personal experience. He knew what was in there.

For all of the claims that the Trump people have been silent and not been working toward righting the wrong that was last November, it’s interesting to note that the mainstream press has completely ignored this little tidbit:

A Michigan judge ruled last week that Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson violated state law by unilaterally altering absentee voting rules ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

At issue is a now-invalidated directive Benson issued to Michigan clerks in October relating to the signature review of absentee ballots. In the guidance, the secretary of state reportedly directed clerks to conduct the signature review “begin[ning] with the presumption that” the signature on the absentee is valid.

The directive went on to say that if there were “any redeeming qualities in the application or return envelope signature as compared to the signature on file,” clerks should “treat the signature as valid.” Such “redeeming qualities” allegedly included “similar distinctive flourishes” and “more matching features than nonmatching features.”

But that “presumption is found nowhere in state law,” State Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray wrote in his ruling, issued March 9. “The mandatory presumption goes beyond the realm of mere advice and direction, and instead is a substantive directive that adds to the pertinent signature-matching standards.”

It should be noted that this was precisely the argument that the Trump team was making before the votes had even been counted and in many more places than just Michigan.

The Constitution quite clearly states that election law is the preview of the state legislatures.

But in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, and several other states, some 20 of them by my count, that power was usurped and it is beyond all logic to suggest that that power being stolen did not affect the outcome of the election.

It seems to me we have two alternatives. Invalidate that election removing the Democrats from power, else let the Democrats try and fight this one in higher level courts.

Eric Florack on March 18th, 2021

Word on the wire from down the road in Cleveland, this morning that Ford is planning on moving out of Avon Park Ohio to Mexico:

AVON LAKE, Ohio — Ford workers in Avon Lake were notified by letter from United Auto Workers leadership in Detroit that the automaker is not planning to bring a new line to their Ohio Assembly Plant (OHAP) but instead moving that production to Mexico.The letter from UAW Vice President Gerald Kariem stated that at the heart of the last contract with Ford signed in November 2019 was to increase job security and Ford, in turn, responded with a commitment to invest $900 million into the Ohio Assembly Plant, some of which was for “next-generation product to be added in 2023,” he wrote.

Didn’t the UAW just go all in for Biden as of last April?Ed Driscoll over at Instapundit answers that question.And it occurs to me that not one single union leader or politician is going to lose one red cent over this Mexican move by Ford.Do you understand yet, union members? The union has never been about you.

Eric Florack on March 18th, 2021

So Dan Bongino and Cumulus have reached a deal.

It looks like Dan Bongino is getting a new show during the 12-3pm time slot on Cumulus radio stations:

I’ve been watching this one develop for the last several weeks. I’m happy for Dan. He deserves the bigger platform… but frankly the management at Cumulus has always left me a little cold. Lew Dickey junior is not the radio guy his old man was. (Full disclosure… I knew and worked for his father.) If you doubt this, look at the disaster that WABC in New York has become.

I’ve noticed that some consider that this is a move to replace Limbaugh and to a certain extent I suppose that’s true, (same time slot and all) but he’s not going to have nearly the number of stations. Remember that the Limbaugh deal was between Premier and Iheart, and Cumulus was secondary to that deal… And what Iheart is going to do at this point is just about anybody’s guess.

davidl on March 17th, 2021

Slow Joe’s blonde, Jen Psaki. who pretends to be Press Secretary, has announced that Slow Joe, the shadow of man who pretends to be President, will pretend to hold his first press conference of his pretend administration, in nine days:

Dana Perino, a real blonde and press secretary to a real President, Dubya opines why the Delaware Dimwit, who imagines some eighty-one million vote4d for him needs some nine days to shift his sleep schedule, have his staff cheery pick the questions and memorize the staff’s answers.  What Dubya did in one day, Slow Joe needs over a week.

Eric Florack on March 16th, 2021
From the “things I wish I’d written” department, at American Thinker:

Are you a recent college graduate who can’t find a job because you majored in gender studies, art history, or interpretive dance? If so, you should consider an exciting and rewarding career as a Facebook fact-checker!

Fact-checking has become one of the fastest growing specialties within the booming tech industry. There’s just so much disinformation out there, including things we disagree with, things that might make people less likely to vote for progressives, and things we just find icky. That’s why good fact-checkers are in such high demand!

But don’t worry — fact-checking doesn’t require a great deal of knowledge or actual education, much less critical thinking skills. That’s why it’s perfect for today’s college graduates. In fact, there’s only one real job requirement: you must have spent the last five years in a progressive bubble, where literally everyone you know believes things like “a man can have a baby,” “climate change will destroy the planet in 12 years,” and “Joe Biden in not suffering from dementia.”

Look, everyone knows that this is precisely what is happening. And it’s not just Facebook. The mainstream media too, has fallen in line with the leftist lockstep, on the order of a Pravda, as Matt Taibbi points out.

But you know, the case of Facebook (and for that matter Twitter, I suppose,) are far more egregious given that they directly attack the individual. As Matt Taibbi suggests in his piece, very few Russians actually read property without laughing, but it being out there to laugh at is precisely the point.

In the case of Facebook however… when these idiotic “fact checkers” go to work, it’s entirely impossible for the public to even discuss the matter much less laugh at it, social media, thus controled,

You may remember big tech execs being hauled up before Congress over free speech issues. The threat was that they were going to be broken up

Well all that’s changed now..

With the Democrats at the reins of all three branches of government, that’s no longer the case. Do you know how I know that? Simply put, big tech is eliminating from their platforms all opposition to Democrats.

The Democrats recognize a good political weapon when they see one.

Personally my thinking on that subject is those show trials were intended to scare the management at Facebook and Twitter and whatever else into liberal lockstep. The tool, having performed its task, gets dropped like a wrench. There is now no more to talk about raining in big tech since they have fallen into line.

As I say, the Democrats recognize a good political tool when they see one… Facebook is more effective in turn, at controlling the population than Pravda ever could be, to the point where I have to wonder openly if a free society can survive such an entity.

Eric Florack on March 15th, 2021
BitsBlog now has a new address:

Http://bitsblog. com

The old address still works on redirect of course, but you’ll probably want to change your bookmarks.

We’ll have some style changes coming along shortly as well.

Eric Florack on March 12th, 2021
The Biden speech of the other night is nothing, if not a Target Rich environment.

Nothing says “military readiness” like
“Maternity Flight Suits”.

Well yeah, and Tucker Carlson addressed that.

(Repeated appeals for unity)

Understand this, if nothing else: the left isn’t demanding unity, they’re demanding conformity with their ideas.

“Put trust and faith in the American government”

People, Biden either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand that the founders put this country together based on the idea that government should never be trusted and should always be controlled and limited.

When he came up with this line, I immediately flashed on Voldemort saying “henceforth you will put your trust in me.”

And I won’t even address his use of the word “faith”, past noticing that this is from the party that booed God at their most recent convention.

Joe Biden says if we keep doing what the government wants us to do we might be “allowed” to celebrate July 4th with our friends.

So let’s make sure we understand this. A multi-millionaire with half a brain that’s still functional tells me that I might be able to enjoy the 4th of July… Independence Day… when we celebrate limited government if I behave myself?

Again clearly indicating that he has no clue whatsoever about the foundations of this country. I mean, just let that sink in for a moment or two.

Has anybody noticed that Biden has repeatedly refused to comment affirmatively on demands for the resignation of Andrew Cuomo?

Well there’s a reason for that of course. All the photographic evidence of Joe Biden doing precisely that would cause people to insist that he resign as well.

won’t hurt my feelings, but given the level of coordination of these attacks on Fredo, I’ve got to wonder if what will end up with should Biden disappear will end up being even worse.
Hard to imagine, I know, but still…

Here’s a writer who has a firm grasp of the obvious:

Today’s ascendant leftism means that I’m doing exceptionally well in the prediction business. When leftists have power, if you always assume the worst, you will seldom be wrong.

After all, leftists are nothing if not predictable. No matter the means they choose, the ends are the same: Anti-liberty, anti-unity, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Constitution (and, specifically, anti-First, Second, and Fourth Amendments)…I could go on but you get the point. Whether they use class, economic disparities, race, sex, or imaginary genders, the point is to destroy liberty in all its manifestations. Easy to predict.

Yeah, no kidding. Frankly I came to that conclusion two decades ago.

There’s lots more here, and I suggest you go to the link. That said, I must put this into this post:

Last year, the media didn’t just lie about Trump (claiming he was incompetent and criminal) and Biden (claiming he was sentient and honest). They also didn’t just suppress news, such as the proof that Biden was pimping his drug-addled son to the Chinese and the Ukrainians while he was working in the White House. Instead, the media also bent their will to purveying corrupt news about the Wuhan virus to increase panic, change voting norms and, quite possibly, to hide evidence about medicines that could have blunted the virus’s impact. Cuomo wasn’t the only one who killed people for political ends.

Now you might say this is harsh, but I think the author here is under selling it. However bad you think the situation is, it’s actually worse.

The problem of course is not only that our educational systems (mostly government-run and populated by an 8:1 margin by people who consider themselves to be leftists) and our media (again,mostly populated by leftists) have been lying to us, there are far too many among us who believed the propaganda they’re being fed by these entities.

If you question that any of this is true, I will point out to you that there is evidence that propaganda has value. That’s how the advertising industry, for example, makes its money.

What we are dealing with is the manipulation of the American mind.

None of what we were told by the Democrats about Donald Trump was true, and the evidence is mounting that what they sold is about the competency of Joe Biden was equally untrue.

The question is of course, what to do about all this.

Ponder the fences in and around Washington DC in the monument district.

there is a great truth that we need to consider here…

A True king can walk among his people without fear of harm…

But an evil ruler has to have an army and walls to protect them!

When we are talking about Joe Biden, we are talking about someone who couldn’t draw enough people to his election rallies to fill a phone booth:

On the other hand, President Trump couldn’t seem to find a big enough place to hold his events. There were always people waiting outside:

So even before the election the signs were there that Biden simply wasn’t getting any support.

That should be the first clue that the election last November was illegitimate.

The second clue is the paranoia that we’ve all been witness to these last few months. There does seem to be something in the air which speaks rather loudly to a lack of consent of the governed.

The Democrats sense this too, thus the fences and military surrounding the capital these days.

(You know it’s odd, the military is the only government expenditure, the only government program the Democrats have traditionally disliked. yet now suddenly they find them of some degree of worth although from what I’m hearing the way those troops are being treated is nothing short of shameful.)

Add to the list of evidence the frenzied hurry in which the Democrats are passing and forcing down the throats of America their wildest political wet dreams. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt of the recognition that if they don’t hurry this garbage through they’re going to get more and more opposition to it.

My friends, these are not actions of people who have legitimately won an election.

And I’m not buying it for a second.

Eric Florack on March 5th, 2021
Lots of notes from around the globe on my notifications list this morning.

# Harry and Megan have just completed their 1 millionth interview about how all they want us to be left alone.

# More than 100 “migrants” released by the Border Patrol into Texas since late January have tested positive for the coronavirus following their arrival, officials in a city on the U.S.-Mexico border tell Fox News. (it’s funny how the Democrats don’t seem to be concerned about this new viral threat… Which in many ways is the same as piling covid-19 positive patients in the nursing homes.)

# Texas Mississippi and of all places Connecticut have started resuming normal life as regards Mask requirements, restaurants being closed etc. Joe Biden calls these people “Neanderthals”. You would think he would be better at recognizing Neanderthals than that, given he comes from that era.

# How screwed are we, when we spend so much time reassigning the sex of a plastic potato? And how empty must your life be when this is important to you? By the way, Hasbro has changed their minds on that one. Still…

# I’m not sure I want to know…

# Do you suppose it’s an accident these so-called “migrants” wearing Biden t-shirts at the border? Of course they’re public statements indicate they want “clearer policies”. Frankly I don’t know how much clearer you can be then saying.. “Go through the established process. You want to enter the country? Fine.. do it legally.”

# Just wait until Disney corporate figures out that Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh don’t wear pants. And somewhere, old Walt is turning somersaults in his grave at what they’ve done to his company.

# I probably don’t want to give anybody ideas, but…

You know, it’s odd, how the mainstream press hasn’t even mentioned this yet. I somehow doubt they will.

Once the vote of the Governors reaches Mitch McConnell, he’ll have 10 days to initiate a trial for impeachment. Rumor has it they’re already building their case and that Giuliani and Dershowitz will be the legal minds arguing the case. That spells disaster for Pelosi.

As the article mentions, this has never been done before in our history but then on the other hand Pelosi is historically corrupt… so, it fits rather nicely.

The question now becomes assuming that this goes through as such, who ends up as speaker? Certainly, not Stenny Hoyer.  It seems reasonable to wonder if AOC is our next speaker.

Eric Florack on March 4th, 2021
Joe Biden continues to sell us out to China…

President Biden’s nominee to run the CIA, William Burns, is the head of a think tank that has routinely received large donations from groups linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Folks, the biggest enemy of the United States is not china, it’s not russia, it’s not cuba, it’s not global warming, it’s the Democrat party.