Neil Boortz and I have many disageements.  His take here, is one of them.

I understand that a lot of Americans are now upset that the recent Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas is going to open the doors to the state sanctioning of gay marriages.  I do wonder, though, why these same Americans aren’t just as upset over the cavalier way that the Hollywood crowd treats marriage.  In Hollywood a two-year marriage is considered to be a lifetime commitment.  Is a meaningless and uncommitted relationship between two movie stars just fine because it’s heterosexual, but a lifetime committed relationship between two people of the same sex is inherently bad? 

Bootz is quite correct when he notes that the Hollywood 15 minute marriages are a major concern from a cultural perspective. What he doesn’t factor in is, that we’ve been saying things about that right along. It’s just that when we do, a lot of libertairans, and social liberals (A redundancy) have ben saying we’re extremst reactionaries, and using that BS line to discount us.