I’ve decided to join BITSBLOG to the MILBLOGS webring for a while. 

I want to make something clear to my readers up front; I’m not military, nor was I.  My brother’s a 20 year man, but even exclusive of that fact I’d have joined it anyway. Milblogs has opened it’s doors to BitsBlog because of a level of military related postings that are on this blog. I’d like to thank them for that courtesy.  Admittedly, most of the mil related stuff these days is connected to the Middle East at the moment…. (how could it be else of late?)….  though there are other military subjects that come up.) I join this ring because I want to do what I can to draw attention to this webring and their writers, many of whom ARE military. Call it one way of mine, to show respect for all they do for us.

I will urge you to visit the 50 some odd sites involved with MILBLOGS. You’ll find the ring link near the upper right corner of this page.