Byron York suggests that Kerry is not the moderate he claims:

“Kerry’s liberalism, when he is present for votes, matches or even exceeds Kennedy’s and those of other liberal icons in the Senate. For example, Kerry has earned a lifetime rating of 93 from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action, which selects key votes each year and rates lawmakers according to a perfect liberal score of 100. Kerry’s rating puts him in league with Kennedy, whose lifetime score is a slightly less-liberal 88, and other liberals like Vermont’s Patrick Leahy, with 93, and California’s Barbara Boxer, with 96.”

And dedication to the job?
“The publication Congressional Quarterly examined 119 recorded votes held in 2003 in which the president had taken a position. CQ found that Kerry was present for just 28 percent of those votes.”

Looks like this won’t be as easy as “I have a scream” Dean, but with Kerry’s record, he’ll be easy enough.