Daniel Weintraub is reporting a bit of an upset going on in California:

“Dean and Clark are atop what looks like a two-man race for the Democratic presidential delegates from California, but President Bush holds at least a narrow lead in hypothetical matchups with all the Democratic contenders. So says the latest Field Poll.”

The implications to Weintraub’s point, go well beyond California. Consider the money situation. Even with millionares like Soros trying to overcome all the small donors putting their hard-earned money into RNC coffers, they’re going to have a hard time to come up to what the RNC already has in the bank, much less the support being picked up on the fly.  If California stays close, or if (Snicker) W starts pulling away out there, the Democrats will be forced to start spending their smaller bank accounts in California to hold it’s electoral votes. Which means they won’t be able to spend it elsewhere… and thereby even if they pull off an upset in California, the Democrats won’t be in the running anywhere else but NY, and parts of New England.

Meaning, W for another term, no matter what they do.