I’ve been thinking quite a bit on the numbers from that BET polling about ‘the most segregated Cities in America, I posted the other day.

Because of some of the conversational dynamics, it seemed appropriate to spring it into a debate going on over at Dan Drezner’s place, and the comments I posted there do a fair job of expressing my current thinking on it all…

“…..Here all this time, we’ve been led to think it was conservatives… the right… who fosters racism. 

Now, though, we find, by means of the BET polling, that the worst places for racism are those where the left dominates. I wonder if BET will even admit this is the likely conclusion from the numbers posted. I rather doubt it.

But I wonder, looking at the numbers I posted, and considering the source;
Given that at least the unconscious level, the perception of racism being higher in areas where the left dominates seems prevelant, what happens to the Democrats when that thought occurrs to them as a waking, conscious thought? I suspect the electoral impact will be rather large, and it will not favor the left.”

The one person this situation could help in this race would be Edwards, assuming he doesn’t come in lower than 2nd in HN.