For those who were asking, it’s a ratings system for Blogs that looked interesting. There’s a MESS of Blogs using it.
Blogwise has me at above the 50% line of the blogs they’ve listed, so I figured the results would be nice to see on the EcoSystem. So, I put it up.

Well, I waited for 24 hours for my ecosystem status to get raised out of the cellar, and it didn’t happen.
Turns out, it was my fault. I typoed my own URL in the form and so NZB’s database cou’dn’t find this page.

Dumb on my part.

I’ve sent in the fix and we should see some results more encouraging than the rather amusing “I’m a Insignificant Microbe in the TTLB Ecosystem” by Monday, I suspect.


Oh, goodie. Now, I’m a “Slithering Reptile”.
At least the change was fast.