In my Predictions for 2004 column of the beggining of this month, I suggested:

“Given court rulings allowing any two persons to “marry” we’ll see the ACLU come out in support of the legalization and normalization of all kinds of kinks, including bestiality and necrophilia, incest, polygamy, pedophilia, and so on. They will argue that such restrictions are unconstitutional, and will use the pro-homosexual rulings as their basis for motion. “

So, it should come as no shock when we see in the paper today:

First cousins want right to marry; science agrees

Indeed, quite a lot of the predictions I posted that day are already well on their way to cming true. Perhaps an examination of that list is in order when I have some time.

In any event, I’ll leave this ‘cousins’ thing to you to decipher.