Matt Hoy asks a question as regards Kerry’s constant blather about a ‘fraudulant coalition’.

“Sen. John Kerry again repeated his mantra that the United States went to war in Iraq with an ‘illegitimate coalition.’ Kerry has also used the term ‘fraudulent’ to describe the 34 nations that have sent troops to Iraq, including Great Britain, Australia and Poland.

Someone, anyone, please get Kerry on the record of what impact his description of Great Britain, Australia, Poland, et. al., will have on the relationship between the U.S. and these countries should he become president. They casually toss insults the president’s way for political gain and also end up hitting foreign countries with their slime.

Kerry should be forced to be specific about his comments. Kerry wanted France, at the least, Germany and Russia to be part of the coalition. Say that. Of course, it diminishes the impact of the charge (34 nations vs. three), and might cause it to disappear from the stump speech.


But why isn’t anyone in the media asking this question? “

Matt; it’s the same reason nobody’s been asking a miriad of questions about this slimeball.