Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough in the Washoington Times this morning:

” A senior Defense Department official tells us one of the alarming after-action intelligence reports that reached the Pentagon is that the communist government of Cuba shared intelligence on the United States with Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The reports stated that Cuban intelligence, which is known to have extensive ‘coverage’ of U.S. military bases, supplied information to Saddam’s intelligence service on the movement of troops and other military activities.

The intelligence ties are believed to be an offshoot of Cuba’s covert oil-purchasing arrangement with Iraq under Saddam. Those deals have been under way since the late 1990s and involve oil tankers that were sent to Mexico. The oil then was pumped from the tankers to smaller boats for delivery to Cuba. “

That’s an interesting and potentially dangerous dynamic to all of this. I can see why the left is annoyed Saddam is gone.