Am I the only one starting to wonder about this guy?

Sorry, gang, but the more I read him, the more I’ve got to wonder if it all isn’t just getting to be a bit much for Sullivan. He’s on one of his NPR/Begging for dollars broadcasting kicks again, begging donations, for what is, or at least, was, arguably one of the more commercially viable sites on the planet.

I’ve come to the point where I admit to paying less and less attention to him, perhaps hitting his site every third day.

As I’ve suggested previously, his own internal conflicts are causing logic failures. Sad to see, frankly.

While I’m on the subject of Sullivan, the case, I think that broke my trust of the man, was this one.

I caught a wrap on that story from WIRED today, though I don’t have the URL handy; system crashed in the process of reading it in… some kind of script error, I think.

Anyway, wired is reporting that they’ve nullified the polling they did on the question of Homosexuals and their supposed “right to marry “, becuse the test had been tampered with.

I said at the time:

“The Homosexual groups have been watching places like this for a long while, waiting for an originzed attack on such things. They have a history… a LONG history of doing so. This is merely one more example of such. And Sullivan, being generally a smart guy, knows this. Here it is; I can think of no other path, than Sullivan passing off a lie as an indication of massive support for homosexual ‘marriage’. It’s called self-justification in the face of overhwhelming opposition. Why has every other properly controlled poll ever taken on the matter, shown a massive support for blockage of homosexual ‘marriage’? “

Which of course is exactly what happened.
(read the link)

Out of curiousity about a week after I posted that, I decided to look at the site,and cast a vote myself.  What do you know; both my usual mailing addresses had already voted, despite the fact I’d never been to the site before.  You can imagine, I was curious about that, so, I read the fine print, and it turns out that the AFA wrote the page to make sure the mailing address existed, but other than a ping, never bothered to confirm that the addressee was the one actually casting the vote. as such it would have been rather simple to pick my two mailing addresses off, say, USENET, or the web, for that matter, and use them. To test this theory, I went back in with an addres I keep in reserve and that nobody but myself knows about, and bingo, the vote went in.

So, clearly, the vote was tampered with by people trying to swing the public’s perception of reality, and AFA was justified in removing the poll; it was tainted.

Alas, that won’t stop the Sullivans of the world from trying to claim their false victory, in spite of all logic.