Power Line dismantles the article inn today’s Washington Post in fine style. :

“The Washington Post’s election-year advocacy continues this morning with a news article–not an opinion piece–by staunch Democrats Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus. The article is an attack on the administration’s position that there were connections between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, and that Iraq had active illegal weapons programs, and perhaps stocks of such weapons.

The purported basis for the Post’s story is the fact that Vice President Cheney gave two interviews over a period of nine days in which he answered questions on these topics. But Milbank and Pincus’s article is not a report on Cheney’s observations; it is rather an attempt to refute them. Their method is to alternate between paragraphs that quote Cheney, and paragraphs that rebut his statements. Throughout, they convey the impression that Cheney is being sneaky, and they are a ‘truth squad’ setting the record straight”

Of course as is usual with the hard left, their take isn’t at all true. Read the link.