AP is reporting:

“PASADENA, Calif. (AP) – NASA’s Opportunity rover landed on Mars late Saturday, arriving at the Red Planet exactly three weeks after its identical twin set down, and prompting whoops and cheers of delight from mission scientists.
‘We’re on Mars everybody,’ Rob Manning, manager of the entry, descent and landing portion of the Mars mission, shouted as fellow scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory burst into wild applause.”

We watched that on the NASA feed last night.
Nice to see.

What the beep was Gore doing there?

As for Spirit, it’s twin, looks like they may have that one coming back.looks like they may have isolated the problems on that lander to the ‘flash’ memory. Says AP:

Despite its woes, scientists said there is still a chance Spirit can take up where it left off when it began malfunctioning. JPL Director Charles Elachi said other NASA spacecraft, including Voyager, Magellan and Galileo, have recovered from even graver problems.

“I am completely confident, without any hesitation, that I think we will get that rover back to full operation,” Elachi said

Nice to hear.