Anyone who doesn’t understand that Dr. King’s call for racial equality is being twisted, need look no further than the reaction of the idiots running WestSide High in Omaha, as depicted at

“A small group of Westside High School students plastered the school Monday with posters advocating that a student from South Africa receive the ‘Distinguished African American Student Award’ next year.

The students’ actions on Martin Luther King Jr. Day upset several students and have led administrators to discipline four students.

The posters, placed on about 150 doors and lockers, included a picture of the junior student smiling and giving a thumbs up. The posters encouraged votes for him.

The posters were removed by administrators because they were ‘inappropriate and insensitive,’ Westside spokeswoman Peggy Rupprecht said Tuesday.  “

The problem?

The students were suggesting a WHITE African student get the award, and apparently went to some lengths to describe this student’s merits, of which there were many.

Apparently, the Omaha kids making this suggestion were more grown up then the ones running the government school, there.  Dare I say they were racist?