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  With all of the attention being turned on  John Kerry, perhaps it’s time we examined him in some detail… and I don’t mean his $90 plastic-looking haircuts. It’s no secret that the majority of support for Kerry comes from people who don’t know much about him, and from the hard left.

For all that John "F’ing." Kerry likes to lay claim to his Vietnam vet status, apparently most vets don’t take him as such. Remember where he spoke at the Vietnam Vets Memorial and the vets turned their backs on him, and walked away as he spoke?

Perhaps it was his publication called "The New Soldier," the cover of which is a photograph of his ragged band of radicals
mocking the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, which depicts the flag-raising on Iwo Jima, with an upside-down American flag. When he wanted to run for election to the U.S. House in 1972, Kerry decided to suppress reproduction of the cover picture appearing on his own book. The cover is a rare look at this man, and to this day, he won’t let it be published. I’ll post it here however.

Perhaps it was his group; "Vietnam Veterans Against the War" one of the most unabashedly anti-American groups to come to life though the period. As an example, Kerry and his group were in Chicago to disrupt the ’68 Democrat convention. This group was founded and funded by Hanoi Jane Fonda.

Says the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

"In the last week of April 1971, some 250,000 protesters were in Washington for massive protests against the draft and the war. They were preparing for their attack on the U.S.government on May 4, when they hoped to shut down the capital. Kerry was everywhere, now promoting the pro-communist People’s Peace Treaty, drawn up in East Germany and developed by Tom Hayden and Rennie Davis. The treaty advocated the communist line to withdraw all U.S.troops from Vietnam and then negotiate with Hanoi for the release of our GIs who had been taken prisoner."

That same week, Kerry
testified before Congress, basically supporting the North Vietnamese dictatorship’s positions..

 The group continue be as far leftist as they were then today. Consider their statements about the September 11th attacks and you’ll begun to see just how far out of whack these people are.

Over the fence


Then, there’s the small matter of Kerry having supposedly tossed his medals over the White House Fence at an anti-war protest…

Should we have as President, someone who demonstrably
gave aid and comfort to the enemy?

Chuck Noe, in writing an exploratory
of Kerry,

"Sen. John McCain revealed that his North Vietnamese captors had used reports of Kerry-led protests to taunt him and his fellow prisoners."

But about those medals he supposedly tossed away in protest…

 New York Times columnist Bill Keller apparently pressed Kerry at one point about whatever happened to those medals. Keller was apparently interested to  find them still adorning his office wall. Keller, to my understanding, no longer works at the Times.  Wonder why, huh?

Kerry before Congress in 71

Kerry’s affinity with the Communists, apparently still exists even today. Noe also reports:

As chairman of the Select Senate Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, created in 1991 to investigate reports that U.S. prisoners of war and soldiers designated missing in action were still alive in Vietnam, Kerry badgered the panel into voting that no American servicemen remained in Vietnam.

“[N]o one in the United States Senate pushed harder to bury the POW/MIA issue, the last obstacle preventing normalization of relations with Hanoi, than John Forbes Kerry,” noted U.S. Veteran Dipatch.

His affinity with the Communists is not limited to North Vietnam. According to an article no longer online at Slate:

“On May 19, 1994, five years after Tiananmen Square, Kerry spoke on the Senate floor against linking China’s Most Favored Nation trade status to its human rights record.

Consider the small matter of Mr. Kerry lobbying for renewed trade relations with Hanoi Now why would he do that?  Records show that at the time,  his cousin, one Stewart Forbes, chief executive for Colliers International,  was busily putting the finishing touches on brokering a $905 million deal, trying to develop a deep-sea port at Vung Tau. Such relationships would in the past have raised howls from the left about ‘sweetheart deals’

than granted, his service to this country when he was in uniform was worthwhile, and should be praised. But I am reminded of the old Janet Jackson tune: "What have you Done for me Lately?"

Vietnam Vets Against Kerry states it as best anyone could:

"Kerry’s betrayal of American prisoners of war, his blatant disrespect for Vietnam veterans and the military, his support for communist Vietnam and his waffling over the issue of use of force in Iraq proves he cannot be relied on to protect the best interests of the United States.
Although Kerry voted to support military intervention in Iraq he is now claiming that he only approved the threat of force by the United States."

Now any such individual would certainly be altogether unworthy of the trust needed to be our Commander-in-Chief. But do not be trapped
into thinking that his stands on the military and on world socialism  are the only ones problematic. There are other inconsistencies which do not involve his military service, but rather bring to light questions about his sanity or his patriotism, take your pick.

Let’s take the CIA for example. After President Reagan succeeded in ending the Cold War, Kerry made lots of noise complaining about all the money being ‘wasted’ on the CIA… money he complained could be spent on domestic socialist programs. But when these cutbacks were viewed in the light of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, he complained about "the gross lack of intelligence capability".

What of the Flight 800 shoot-down?  Kerry has never bothered to explain to us why he not once but twice…. twice… referred on the air to TWA 800 as a terrorist act. More, he never once told us why his Senate Select Committee on Intelligence failed to mention TWA 800 at all in its 1996 or 1997 reports.

Kerry, being honest for a change, appeared on the Larry King show the evening of 9/11/01
and said, in part:

"We have always known this could happen.
We’ve warned about it. We’ve talked about it. I regret to say, as I served on
the Intelligence Committee up until last year, I can remember after the
bombings of the embassies, after TWA 800, we went through this flurry of
activity, talking about it, but not really doing [sic] hard work of

John Cashill of World Net Daily reports that

…on Sept. 20, 2001, one mainstream newspaper
broke the story of how the so-called Gore Commission failed conspicuously to
address airline safety. The paper claimed that this failure "represents
the clearest recent public example of the success that airlines have long had
in defeating calls for more oversight."

The paper traced that failure to a series of
campaign donations from the airlines to the Democratic National Committee in
1996 in the wake of the crash of TWA Flight 800, donations likely solicited by
Al Gore himself. That newspaper just happened to be John Kerry’s hometown Boston

Flight 800

Cashill also points up that Kerry made this reference
again. Read the link.

Here it is: Kerry KNEW about the threats posed against us, KNEW Flight 800 was an act of terrorism. Yet, he not only covered the facts about 800 up, but also then proceeded to distort the facts as regards the terrorist threats against us once Mr. Bush was in office. All for his own political gain, and that of his party.

Can you imagine anything like this getting by when a Republican is the culprit?  Why is the question not being asked: "What
did Kerry Know, and when did he know it?"

Even fellow Democrats admit inconsistencies exist.  Consider a recent New York Times write-up:

"When it was popular to be a Massachusetts liberal, his voting record was that," said Jay Carson, a Dean campaign spokesman. "When it was popular to be for the Iraq war, he was for it.  Now it’s popular to be against it, and he’s against it. This is a voting record that is a big vulnerability against Republicans in the general election. He’s all over the place on this stuff."

I find it interesting that none of this has shown up in the press in the past few weeks; almost as if they’re reluctant to question him on these points.

Because the press isn’t doing it’s job, I had to dig up all of this from older WebPages and reference works. It was pretty easy to find, including the pictures… all of it, from the dateline to the end line.

Thing is, such searches are nothing that the supposed mainstream press couldn’t have done, had they bothered. They didn’t.

Now, ask yourself; Why?

You know why.