Insight has some interesting ideas about what Soros is up to:

“‘Soros believes that if he can force the market down, he will have an effect in the real world,’ Luskin says. ‘If it happens on Oct. 31, people might go into the voting booth with fear in their hearts.’

Insight put two questions to Luskin and to private investment adviser Jim Klima of Klima and Associates in Ellicott City, Md. Should Soros decide to make a power play on the eve of the November 2004 elections, how would he do it? And what is the likelihood he would do so?

Luskin believes Soros could choose to sell stock index-future contracts massively. If Soros succeeded in driving the market down and keeping it down for several days or more, then his early trades would make a profit. ‘With this strategy you only lose at the bottom,’ Luskin says. But when the market turns, Soros could lose big, just as he did during the October 1987 crash.”

Ah, yes…. The Democrats, the party of the little guy….